Saturday, November 20, 2021

Standard plume pattern comes back for a while


A long time ago, before 2016, this was our standard plume pattern.  A plume would start from the Pacific and then hit the Yukon.  It would then come down on Toronto from the North West.  Those were the good old days when we had 'prevailing winds' creating cute trees in Algonquin.

And so, we are getting standard cold air.  No clairslides, or direct hits on BC.  Neat.  This pattern causes drought in California.  But we can't tell how long it will last.

That's the nice thing about chaotic ocean patterns.  You can't predict anything in advance, but you can note the pattern, and when it is changing.  From a physics point of view, this is what controls our weather, and climate.  The energies are 10 times anything else.

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