Sunday, June 30, 2019

Cold air ends our summer

I was expecting stagnant air which would give us a hot July.  But we are getting lots of cold air coming down on us.  At the cottage we call it 'working weather'.  Yuck.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Self-Igniting Manure Will Kill Us All

In a new development for warmies, it has been projected that in the next 10 years we will all die of manure explosions.  These models are never questioned and use the stuff from 10 years ago.

There is no explanation of this model, nor what computer it ran on.  That's all.

The fish have all left the lake

So on the May long weekend, the fish were jumping into the boat.  We got stuffed on splake, then the weekend after, the neighbour family realized they liked splake.  I thought that was an absolute horror, since when would I get fish?  However, after that he got skunked all the time.  He can't catch a thing.

The lake is jam-packed with fish, but sometimes they get lots to eat.  So you can't catch anything.  I got two nibbles the other day.  Yeah!

Nice weather, not really that hot, but the water is still ice.  We only have a month to get really hot weather, then its back to winter.  Yuck.

ps  on the long weekend I caught a small bass to throw back.  Someone on the lake caught one of the 30 pound monster lakers.  Took him 30 minutes to bring it in. 

Ice melting curve shows we are having a nice hot summer

The current melting is following the inside of the curve.  Summer melt is so rapid and intense that all the curves come together at this point.  My hypothesis of an ice age would predict that the curve breaks out of the pack by August and stays above, which means thicker ice.  We'll get more stories about supply ships not getting into ports.

The warmie trend would be that the ice gets thinner and thinner.  That's not happening, and we'll never see that in the press.

All the predictions from my hypothesis have held so far.  Warmies -- zero.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Enjoying July Heat

Here I am at the cottage enjoying the hot weather.  Due to a cold June, the water is ice cold, which is good for a 3 second dip.  The nights are still cool, due to the water.

This is our 'stagnant air' phase.  The big tropical plumes are avoiding us.  We get the full heat of a land-locked mass.  Yeah.

ps.  the UK is getting a one-day hit by a plume and they are going ga-ga over it.  :)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yeah, Bruce engineers want a better contract


I wish them the best of luck.  I know Bruce brings in consultants to do all the interesting stuff, like seismic.  The local engineers do the factory running.  Yuck.

This is the first time the Union has mentioned doing more interesting work.  They were always just into pay and such.  Must be really really boring up there.

I always did interesting stuff until the last 10 years of intellectual prison.  Happy efforts.

ps.  watch out engineers, you could get replaced.  :)

Friday, June 21, 2019

Toronto watermain replacement

So, when they come to your door, it is best to appoint a block captain who is a retired engineer, or some such thing.  Otherwise there is going to be a lot of anger on the street.

When they do the pre-assessment make sure they have inspected your main street sewer so that it isn't full of silt.  That stuff loosens up during the construction and makes a big mess for some houses.

Alma Drive watermain replacement

Harold Asmis 

(2 days ago
Thank you for your previous help with the sewer, it is all fixed now.  Now, all the neighbours
 seem to be upset that there are small sections of the road that have not been resurfaced.

As you can see in the attached photo, the section of road opposite my house is as cracked
 and damaged as any section they did.  This section will have potholes by next year.
 The neighbours seem to be upset about a false economy here.  I'm sure this will be brought
 up in the next election.  All the equipment is still around the area and this is a half day's work.

Many thanks.
Attachments area

to me
Good afternoon Mr. Asmis and thank you for your inquiry. The resurfacing only takes place
 where the watermain work was completed. General resurfacing and watermain work are 
not necessarily paired and cannot always be coordinated.

I completely understand your concern and can appreciate that Alma Drive appears to be in
 need of resurfacing. However the side that didn't have watermain resurfacing is still in
 state of good repair, even though there are visible cracks and deficiencies.

I will however ensure that staff are aware of your concern and see to it that it is in line for
 resurfacing in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Kind regards,

Dion Angelini
Office of Deputy Mayor Stephen Holyday
Councillor, Ward 2, Etobicoke-Centre
Phone: (416) 392-4002

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Attachments area

Harold Asmis 

to Councillor
Thank you very much for doing this.  The confusion with the neighbours came from the work
 done on Leggett nearby.  That pavement is the same age and it was all done.  Leaving
 small patches here on and there, on Alma, is ugly, but I understand that it is difficult to
 coordinate these things.  I'll try to calm people down, since somehow I've become the block
 captain on city engineering matters.
The final issue is that they wave a magic wand and now decide which little patches of road to leave un-resurfaced,
 where they used to do all of it.
Try to get them to promise to do the whole street.  Little patches are ugly and make everybody angry.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nuclear plants are sad


It's funny that this was created by the top people who ruthlessly browbeat underlings.  If you are an engineering graduate of a second-rate school with second-rate marks, and you want to live way out in the suburbs, then this is a job for you.

Focus all your brains on community and home, and use strong meditation (or strong medication) to give yourself a lobotomy for work.  Then you'll be fine.  Do not have any ideas, or work too hard.  Everybody will blame you if things go wrong.

The top priority is a big clamp on any leaks, and that goes all the way down.  Swallow everything they give you with a smile.  Then, after 30 years, you get a pension, like me.  :)

ps.  fuel going in.

It's a bit funny that I discovered that the main design flaw of Darlington was the fuel bundles.  At the water flows they used, the bundles went into chaotic behaviour.  This was barely handled by smoothing the pump flow so that they just badly vibrated instead of smashing.  Fun stuff.

No, Greenland isn't dying


However, the slowdown of ice flow at Jakobshavn Isbrae (and for other glaciers) for the past two years may imply slowing of mass loss, which may persist for several more years.

The popular press has other ideas.

That's because there was a spike in ice melting due to very warm plumes hitting Greenland.  You can see it in the chart above, and the spike is quickly dying.

This is just more fun in the war of selective facts that goes on.  :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Plate tectonics and the atmosphere


Yeah, first ever scientific paper linking the 'Great Mush' of continents to baking the co2 out of the deep crust.  I came to that conclusion a long time ago.

These guys are leaving out the Mesozoic, but I supposed they will come to it soon enough.  Also they are leaving out global temperature changes as the continents shmoosh and separate.

Ocean current report - June 16, 2019

Yeah, the guy took a vacation for two weeks.  But the new shots are amazing.

This is the far view and it shows a lot of heat going down.  But the close view is amazing.

The entire lower side of the main current is peeling off South.  You can trust me that I have never seen this.  The ocean temp maps seem to be quite slow in updating.

But the heat is going south.  Lucky for us we have July when the solar heat is so great that we swelter, no matter what.

The Pacific is the same -- weak currents going west, no sign of a reversal.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We're setting up for a typical 70's July and August

This is what they used to call a 'Beta Block'.  A zone of dead air over North America.  You can see that the ocean plumes are grinding to a halt.  This will give us a nice extreme July that the warmies will be salivating over.  Before air conditioning became common, we used to sleep in the basement for this weather.

Lots of people will die of overheating.  They could have had air conditioning but all that money went into windmills that will be still.

So, for those with central air, tape up all your vents in the basement and first floor, and let all the air go to the top floor.  It will then cascade down like a fountain.  Enjoy the heat.


Denver is slightly cold.

Monday, June 17, 2019

The life of a major ice advance

This snow will eventually melt away.  In a major ice advance it won't, and then it will build up.

We are going into a major ice age cycle.  Lucky for us, the land is still depressed from the last one, so the ice won't build up.  But in 5000 years we won't be so lucky.  :)  Then we will just go underground.

ps.  and cbc is doing a major thing on the climate crisis.  Bet they won't go here.  Everything they mentioned is 5 years old.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Europe plumes are an absolute mess

It's neat that all the heat energy for Europe and the UK are in these plumes.  But what a mess!  In the old days when the Gulf Stream was a thing, the plumes would go straight to the UK, bringing lots of warmth.  But now, who knows?

The UK tabloids keep predicting a huge heat wave, and the next day they forget about it.  No heat wave coming, sorry boys.  I hope you get July, at least.  Otherwise, it is cold and rainy all time.

There were also some really good plumes coming up from Africa, making most of Europe extremely hot in the summer.  I don't see them yet.  

The plumes are also all over the Arctic in a swirly mess.  The conditions there are generally warm, and, yes, the Arctic ice is melting, along with the Greenland glaciers.  That's what all the news headlines are saying.  It's freakin SUMMER! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cottage news

We have a full contingent of dragonflies now.  You can actually walk outside without a bug net.  The Mosies are still hiding in the dark corners though.  Takes a while for the eaters to enter the shadows.

Bell keeps changing the frequency for the lte here.  For a while they had 700 mhz, band 17 and then they went to 850 band 5.  I had to get a new 850 booster.  Works great, and I get 4 bars lte and about 200 kbits of data.  Yeah!

The 700 was better but I bet it takes a lot of power.

ps it is so cold and miserable here today half way through June

pps.  so now you know that if you ever run into a warmie fanatic, just smile politely and put on another sweater.

Yeah!  We the cold north, slaughtered you Americans with out Americans.  :)

final:  went home early because the weather was so yucky.  Drizzle with a million mosies.

Arctic ice volume to follow last year

This is amazing.  The Arctic ice volume curve is following 2018 which was a huge year for ice.  But you can see how last year dove under the pack in November when our little El Nino hit.  Then it was struggling with a downward offset in 2019.  Now it is Trumpy Unfettered as the summer comes in.

There is no warmth in the Pacific and no sign of an El Nino.  So I expect it to go above 2018 come November.  But we are still going to get 'Arctic Melting' news articles for another year or so.  Who reads these charts anyway?

ps.  a cold wind from the NW threatened to make us quite cold for the next week or two.  But suddenly, a pulse of warmth from the Gulf blocked it, like with football.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dear Dog

Dear Dog,  as you are aware there is a baby groundhog living in our garden.  It has eaten all the kale, peas, and lettuce.  You are a dog.  As part of your employment agreement, you are required to act as a dog and kill this thing.  I realize that you don't like salad, but your master does, and that should be good enough.

Dear Master.  Get over it.  I am a pet.  I am cute when required, I fetch frisbees and bring them back.  I tolerate the snotty little kids you keep pushing on me.  I keep the squirrels from attacking the house.  I do enough.

Lake Erie Earthquake - felt in Ontario

This was a neat earthquake, shallow thrust with all the energy going to Ontario.  This is an area with a lot of earthquakes.

There have been M5's.  The earthquakes are caused by a seep of Lake Erie water.  The earthquake energy rate is quite low.  Had this been the same mechanism, but an M5, then things might have been knocked off the shelves.  Tack down your valuable knick-knacks.  Both the Lakes Eire and Ontario zones could produce an M7 at 1 in 10000 probability per year.  As I have said before, this sort of event would cause a large radiation release at Pickering, and I have to hope the wind is going the right way, although radiation is good for an old man like me.  :)

ps.  if you live in ZONE RED for earthquakes, you won't worry about a little radiation.

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Stone Cold

Once again you'll have to rely on my faulty memory, or look up the past temperatures.  There are no really warm spots of 30 C or more.  I haven't seen the oceans so cold.

This isn't something that can happen overnight, as with sunspots, this is deep-seated and a regular cycle.  What I can't figure out is if the oceans are a heat energy storage system or they merely divert heat from north to south.  For that you need a history of total volume measurement.

With the heat storage model, some cycles store heat so that both the northern and southern hemispheres are cold.  With diversion, the south gets all the heat from the north.  We don't know what happened to the south during ice age cycles.  Maybe somebody can find out.

Monday, June 10, 2019

June is going back to being cold

We had that little pulse from the Gulf of Mexico and it's gone.  Now we are back to Winterjune.  Man the bugs are horrible at the cottage and the dragonflies are thin.  It's gone back to truly horrible 70's cottage conditions.

I'm opening comments again.  I was punched in the nose and fell down.  Hopefully, the Inquisition has given up on me, they've got bigger problems.

I won't be the forum for the Fanatical Left vs. the Bible Trumping Right.  We hope for better things.

I still think that the air will go stagnant in July and leave us sweltering. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Global temps down, northern mid collapses

This is just proven and well-established data.  Nothing that the Inquisition can rant about.  Global temps have gotten over the little El Nino and going down.

Neato.  What's really weird is that Northern mids are going down when we are supposed to have freakin' summer.

When I come back, I hope the zealots have found someone else to torment.  They'll just say: Carbon up, temperatures up, end of story. 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The House of Geofish Falls

I always counted on the fact that nobody read me.  Now, I have the whole Spanish Inquisition on me.  As such, I will do what everybody does - no money, no comment.

Now that we are having a very hot July,there is no denying Climate Disaster, as defined by the consensus of people being paid to speak.  They can all go to town now.  Perhaps I shall be remembered in the coming winter.  Stock up on your root vegetables.

ps.  since I am hiding like a rabbit, all comments are stopped.

pps. I'll still put out the global temps June 11.

Poor fellow crucified for blasphemy


Storms are caused by the difference in temperatures.  So, a storm can be caused by extreme cold zooming down.  The carbon hypothesis assumes even warming.  No storms.  But, anything hot or wet or severe is blamed on the climate crisis.

Poor fellow.  As we go into an ice age, you won't find anybody 'official' saying anything.  We will freeze and everybody will say we are getting warmer.  Fun stuff.

ps.  David Evans showed up in the comments.  I repeat, I am not denying anything in their world of Aristotle Pronouncement Science.  I am in my own little world of the Scientific Method.  And I am enjoying the warmth right now.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Canadian Startups


I'm happy with this article.

The real problem with Canada is the return of a big risk and big reward.  It is taxed to death.  The East Coast is trying to cultivate startups by being totally bureaucratic.  These guys never take risks.  Any direct gov't invlolvement is always corrupt.  Trudies should make a five year exemption from tax for big risks.  Or something.  Dougie should try to loosen up the money.  All the bank money goes into housing bubbles. 

Scientific Methodists should lie low


They are bringing out all the big words now.  I'm surprised we don't have:  "Breathing is Murder!"  Maybe next week.  The Arctic ice volume is doing very well, but every article starts with 'The Melting Arctic"  Hey. it's supposed to be melting now, it's summer.

Right now I'm dying of heat, and I can't go swimming because the water is near freezing.  But it's all climate change.  Keep on smiling.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cottage bugs

Yeah, the first dragonfly showed up.  There will be a bunch by tomorrow.

Friday - we now have a bunch of dragonflies.  The bugs are fearsome but are now being cut down.

Saturday - hot with a good breeze from the lake.  No bugs and the dragonflies have moved elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Animal spirits hit Toronto housing

This is fun.  I mean, if Bittycoin can zoom, so can Toronto housing.  Here I thought all the laundry houses would tumble 50%.  Fun stuff, and it's good to be wrong, which I always am, and that's why I don't have a following.  :)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Natural gas prices submerge under the ice

At the Henry Hub, which is the price of the eastern US.  It has gone below the chart.  I had thought that extreme cold would put up the price, but now the demand is for electricity for air conditioning.  Nobody needs that.  So, the price is rock bottom.

We may expect it to come up again in the Fall, when there is a winter demand.  Who would have thought that an ice age was so much fun.

Warmie Survival:  Yeah, you got the Alberta fires, and the Midwest flooding.  And I just read that giant beavers were wiped out by climate change at the end of the last ice advance.  Keep going, the Press is your butt-boy.  :)

ps.  a very powerful near-hurricane is coming up from the Gulf, giving Toronto real June weather.  Yeah!

pps.  oh man, warmies, this will do it. 

Yeah, The Zombie Apocalypse!

Northern cold is causing Arctic ice to linger

The ice volume was following a normal path to the minimum.  Now, because there is not a speck of heat in June, the curve is veering to the old band.

However, the summer decline is where all the bands converge.  We'll only know if it breaks out of the pack at the minimum.  The maximum thickness in winter has the most variation.

ps.  there has been no change in the ocean currents or ocean temperatures.  All the heat is going south.

pps.  the Southern Hemi is experiencing a severe cold snap.  Where is the heat going?  What happens to those guys during the northern  ice age? 

No good warmie news from there.  At least they had the Alberta fires.

Anything hot -- climate disaster
Anything cold -- ignore.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Cold June, Hot July

There's the set-up for the summer.  Almost no tropical plumes.  Right now we have cold air from the Arctic hitting us.  In July, all air movement stops and we will sweat.

It is interesting that no matter how much we sink into an ice age, we'll have a hot July.  Yeah!

ps.  sheesh, it was cold on the dog walk tonight.  I can't wait for a warmie story to keep me warm.