Monday, June 3, 2019

Natural gas prices submerge under the ice

At the Henry Hub, which is the price of the eastern US.  It has gone below the chart.  I had thought that extreme cold would put up the price, but now the demand is for electricity for air conditioning.  Nobody needs that.  So, the price is rock bottom.

We may expect it to come up again in the Fall, when there is a winter demand.  Who would have thought that an ice age was so much fun.

Warmie Survival:  Yeah, you got the Alberta fires, and the Midwest flooding.  And I just read that giant beavers were wiped out by climate change at the end of the last ice advance.  Keep going, the Press is your butt-boy.  :)

ps.  a very powerful near-hurricane is coming up from the Gulf, giving Toronto real June weather.  Yeah!

pps.  oh man, warmies, this will do it. 

Yeah, The Zombie Apocalypse!


Penny said...

I thought we were already in the zombie apocalypse- lol

what do you make of this?

Harold Asmis said...

I went through all this with earthquake predictions. The most you can do is look at the energies. So, with this you cannot predict the timing of the next warm interglacial in a reasonable manner than would affect us. This is all give or take a few thousand years. Also, there is no physics to suggest the Sun is so horribly unstable. All the fun stuff with glacials and warm periods can be explained with plate tectonics and ocean currents. I find that everybody likes to preach and gain a following, for extra money. Nobody goes with the Scientific Method where you can fall flat in the mud. However, once something like an earthquake has started, then you can observe. Just like I observe the oceans turning over on us. No magic involved.

Harold Asmis said...

Further thought leads me to believe that it is easier to construct a convincing argument with the Internet. The old days, when Chariots of the Gods was a big convincing fantasy, were tougher. Now, anybody can cherry-pick from huge amounts of data. Nobody will want to confront fanatics. Can't wait for the next one!