Monday, June 3, 2019

Northern cold is causing Arctic ice to linger

The ice volume was following a normal path to the minimum.  Now, because there is not a speck of heat in June, the curve is veering to the old band.

However, the summer decline is where all the bands converge.  We'll only know if it breaks out of the pack at the minimum.  The maximum thickness in winter has the most variation.

ps.  there has been no change in the ocean currents or ocean temperatures.  All the heat is going south.

pps.  the Southern Hemi is experiencing a severe cold snap.  Where is the heat going?  What happens to those guys during the northern  ice age? 

No good warmie news from there.  At least they had the Alberta fires.

Anything hot -- climate disaster
Anything cold -- ignore.


Penny said...

Don't know what the temps were for you at the cottage, but, this a.m it was 6c or 43f at 5:45 am. June 03/2019.
That's cold
and right now it's only about 13C or 56F..
that's cold and all week looks like it's going to stay below the norm- until the week end.

We're getting out garden planted this week end- come hell or high water.

Harold Asmis said...

Under the covers, our garden is doing well. Even the beans have popped out, and cucumbers were planted in the greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

Snowing in Queensland Australia - maybe the cold does south too.