Friday, June 7, 2019

Canadian Startups


I'm happy with this article.

The real problem with Canada is the return of a big risk and big reward.  It is taxed to death.  The East Coast is trying to cultivate startups by being totally bureaucratic.  These guys never take risks.  Any direct gov't invlolvement is always corrupt.  Trudies should make a five year exemption from tax for big risks.  Or something.  Dougie should try to loosen up the money.  All the bank money goes into housing bubbles. 


Anonymous said...

Single focus company that requires other startups to exist, now owned offshore. Original shareholders made wealthy, zero sustainable economic effect inside our borders as morgan S moves all of the ops to some 3rd world hole. Hmmmmmm The capital gains and tax on the 1b sale are probably all CDA is ever gonna see. Need a law - born here - stays here.

Harold Asmis said...

Bezzie has two fireplaces -- Dreamers and Builders. Another one is needed - workers. We need a plan where dreamers in Toronto start things and builders and workers in the outher boonies.

Anonymous said...

And thus subsidized by our regs and tax breaks, said dreamers and their backers can sell it off to the highest offshore bidder. Leaving us at the same disadvantage we started with. The oil and the trees are fixed to the continent the intellectual capital and the servers are portable. Gone in sixty seconds.