Thursday, February 29, 2024

The world gives up on electric cars


I think we can put the shovel of dirt on this.  I said it was physically impossible and it was.  Now, we go on to the hundreds of other things that are physically impossible.  

Wind mills, solar, and ev's never saved a speck of carbon.  That's because they all caused more 'carbon pollution than they ever saved.  Could you run a solar cell factor on solar power?  No.

The leftwingers always go strong on something, and never consider the long-term consequences.  It's not in their nature.  They go out and protest the 'Tyranny of the Laws of Physics', and then go home to their comfy lives.  No 'solution' proposed by them ever works.  I find it amazing that there is no memory of anything, and they go onto the next thing.

When the first bit of physics is funded again, we will realize that carbon doesn't do anything in a convective atmosphere.  Law of Physics.  Then we will go on to reasonable alternatives for the next generation of car.

One day the media will ask 'What law of physics are they breaking today?'  But I won't hold my breath.

New nuclear now officially called 'Bruce C'


I thought they were avoiding that name, but there it is in full headline glory.  It's hilarious that even the NDP can't object to nuclear because of all the nuclear workers.  

But who could object to this glorious project?  

It's the most congested site in the world, but that's okay, because they'll just put in deep tunnels for both the intake and outflow.  Easy-peasy, in the worst rock in the world.  This will be a fun project to watch.  I have no objection to it whatsoever.

El Nino still alive and kicking

 With absolutely no charts showing it, El Nino was being gently lowered into the grave.  La Nina was standing on the sidelines.  

Now, the heat is going to be lifted from the Amazon to Alaska.  Do we need a mechanism for that?  Nope.

Anything that can not be proven by the Scientific Method is magic.  However, we live in a world where magic exists (at least in Influencer Land).  Everybody believes in magic.  We have Christian Science, Influencer Science, and Trumpy Science.  It's all good.

Note to Influencer Science:  Don't bother using geophysical charts and maps.  You don't need it, and those things turn on you in a short time.  Far better to just get the AI to write things.

Heavy doom for AI


During a long, cold winter, there just aren't any good stories about one-day heatwaves.  Australia is a sog, so nothing there.  When we have an ice cycle, the Southern Hemisphere just gets rain.  This is merely a consequence of the arrangements of continents.  Summer will come to the north, and all will be good again for the climate doomers.

To analyse this AI doom, we have to go into the history of automation, and the jobs that nobody wants.  It started with mindless factory assembly.  Off to Japan, Korea and China.  Now, the depression is hitting them.

Are they depressed because AI took their jobs?  No, they don't want those stinkin' jobs.  But there's no way they can upscale because of sexist and racist attitudes.  Even China has problems.  They lived on all the girls coming in from the fields, and now that they have made it, these women are depressed.

Right now, the influencers are making great claims about how AI eliminated 700 jobs in their tiny companies.  Years ago, all the 'back office' jobs went to India.  You had to argue with an India guy on the need to expense a Big Mac.

In essence, all the boring jobs went overseas.  Productivity improved with automation.  The doomers can focus in on one thing, but you need your GDP to grow at the same rate as population increase.  The leftwingers don't care about this.

I find that the argument 'It's all happened before.' doesn't wash with influencers and their fans.  There is no memory of history.  Anyway, the Grand Stupidities will keep us employed with disasters for quite some time.

We will continue to upscale and everything will be as boring as ever.  We have a Ukrainian family here now, and the little boy is so happy to go to a normal school without bombs.  Will he take somebody's job?  No, he is absolutely brilliant and will create wealth in Canada.  But, he's not going to Japan.

As an aside, I read that the invention of a new electron beam welding method can do a year's worth of nuclear welding in a day.  There go all those mindless welding jobs, but we can have more nuclear reactors for energy.  With cheap energy, we lead the world.  Sucks for the welders, but they can go into 3d printing.  Anyway, all these things take decades to work out.  Look at the paperless office!

ps.  I was reading about the Toronto Library coming back to computing after being out for 4-6 months.  Think of all the jobs getting those books out of truck trailers!

So neat that they will replace it with the exact same MS system, but with 'increased security' that will last one day.  No bureaucracy can resist the MS schmoozers when they come to town.  History doesn't have to be rewritten when it is never written down in the first place.

Cold shoved over as a one-day clipper

 Ah, I had my moment of gloating, but it is late in the season.  Reminds me of playing cards with the family.  We only play Euchre which is all luck.  So, the game is loud, filled with gloating and moans, and it all changes on the next hand.

Like the card game, we just wait for the next deal.

ps.  meanwhile with Influencer Science, we have 'warm' producing cold.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Doomers go to the Atlantic now

 The temperature anomaly plot of the ocean temperatures is one of those things that you should be careful about.  It does not reflect the actual temperatures, and is normally used as an indicator.  However, the poor thing has been abused lately.

Nooa did the bad thing, and made it a big issue to prove 'El Nino'.  It promptly did its thing and vanished.  That's the problem, the anomaly map has no physics, it is just a construct.

Now we are happy to get the whole doom thing with the Atlantic.  The Pacific is cold, and is no longer newsworthy.  

The Atlantic belt has about 10% of the heat energy of the Pacific, if they are both at the top of their game.  I have never seen anything in the Atlantic affect the world temperatures.  It is all motion in the Pacific.  The currents in the Atlantic just slosh back and forth, and there is such a small space between the points of S. Am and Africa.  To make this a doomer story is a stretch of the desperate.  

Fun with earthquakes - Part 2


That's it.  All the physics for earthquakes is at the point of contact of two quartz crystals.  

In order to keep their jobs, all the earthquake people will tell you traditional stories.  About plate tectonics, giant faults, etc.  Although all the physics is at that contact, there is a heck of a lot of physics.

All of the earthquake money in California is zoomed in on their faults.  This is tradition from the big study of the 1906 earthquake that started the USGS.  They can no more abandon their origins than you can.  This is their existence.  In fact, the whole world is tied up with institutions and their traditions.  That's because all money for science comes from politicians and the need to be popular.  We cannot entertain original thought, unless there is a disaster.  Then all the money goes into forensic hind sight, and head-rolling.

It also all comes down to water, and I was about to continue to bitch about the lack of the Scientific Method, and no original thought, when I saw this.

The article is an empty AI husk, but the concept of going down to the electronic interaction is fantastic!  We need that modelling for earthquakes.

- to be continued by dribs and drabs.  My time window for original thought is decreasing.  If I try to do it outside my morning hours, I get tremendous pain (imaginary).  So, bear with me.

ps.  I only find original thought in the science porn articles, about 2 times a year.

pps.  I am stopping, simply because I can't get around the 'Sacred Truths' of the us-gus.  We can wait for the next earthquake, and it won't follow any of their truths, but they will be able to easily talk around it.

Chaos slaps me in the face

Dull warmth turns to cold,

Brilliant frost paints the window,

Winter's chill descends.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Thinking I could live without cold by my side
And after spending nights
Thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong
And I learned how to get along

Ouch, just the other day everything was stagnant.  We even had a Spring pattern.  All the media picked up from me :)

I'm sorry, people.  

Now, the Arctic is resurgent.  Tomorrow, it may be dead again.  Those joggers better bundle up.

ps.  Arctic daily ice extent is now past the whole 'post 2016' thing.

Arctic spill goes all the way


This is as good as the January spill.  

ps.  I think these guys are a bit off.

pps and natgas pokes up.  We'll see a good rise today, as all the warmie myths shatter.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Incredibly strong Arctic spill

 This is an 'Extra Extra -- Read All About It', from our 1930's movies.  I'm just putting in the pattern right now, because tomorrow, it is all different.

I'm just going WOW!  The strong cold spill is up against a California 'over the mountains' spill, and a Gulf plume.  The snow will be incredible.  I'm rooting for the cold to break through and get to Texas.  That will make 2 big Arctic spills for the winter.  I don't think we'll get to three.  Anyway, the severity of the cold is all determined by the media.  Maybe people will once again question 'clange', and maybe once again the clangers will say 'It doesn't matter how cold it gets.'.  I love those guys!

Fun with earthquakes - Part 1

 I've stopped reading the news.  I just doom scroll the headlines, and then imagine the story.  It is much less disappointing than reading the AI-written trash.  

So, I am writing from my back-catalogue.  Our world Stupidity Cycle has a while to go yet, so I'll talk about earthquakes.  That is in a massive peak of stupidity, and will only be cured by the next big earthquake.

I start with my hypothesis that everywhere on the Earth is exposed to the exact same earthquake risk.  The concept of 'Earthquake Risk' is different from 'Earthquake Hazard'.  To explain, we have to dip into one major stupidity.

That's the issue on how we rate earthquakes.  For most of our history, it has been stories.  Tales of destruction, etc.  Those stories still go on, and there is no place for the Scientific Method, it is all 'tradition', and controlled by influencers who need to make money.  Just like the weather people, we have a holy priesthood, kept in business by jargon.  Once again, in order to not get all these people all huffy, we will talk about 'alternate universes'.  Mine is the obscure 'Cult of the SM', something that will never appear on your local tikkytok.

Why do we have earthquakes?  The surface of the Earth moves a lot, and every single piece of bedrock (not the top crumble) is stressed by the energy of this motion.  The crust moves by the power of convection, a most powerful force, ignored by the influencers.  People forget that the earth would be quite happy just deforming like a jelly roll, it doesn't need earthquakes when quiet strain would be sufficient.  The fact of earthquakes is quite a different thing altogether.

- to be continued

ps.  I may or may not continue this.

pps.  Ha, who am I kidding?  I'm not opening up another front against a power group.  And I had a lot of original thought pouring out.  But, original thought is the enemy of all established powers.  That's why we don't see it any more.  

What a difference a day makes

 We now have cold air crossing the border.

A very powerful Arctic spill.

Lots of 50 below, and Greenland has full headlights at 60 below.  Yesterday, I was giving up on all this.

Yeah!  Texas or bust!

Monday, February 26, 2024

State of the Oceans - Feb. 26, 2024

 Ocean currents - Feb 24.

We are at the end of the smooth flow in the Pacific and that is breaking up.  We'll soon be at that very jagged turbulent flow.  We really need a 3d picture here.  The tiny return current that formed the phoney El Nino is gone.

You can start to see the turbulence in the thermal plot.  The equatorial belt is very cold, and is the exact opposite of El Nino.

Here is the plot that they'll never show.  It was the graph they were using when they were all agog about EN, but now, there is nothing.  However, over in 'Influencer Space', it is as hot as ever.

I have no idea what the change to turbulence will do on a small time scale.  The longer time scale shows that there is no heat for us from this belt.  My concept of Arctic spills coming down on us was only good for one spill, and I was expecting 3.  But for this summer, we will have stagnant air, which will be a very hot June and July.  We will have record one-day heatwaves.  This is the weather that drove everybody out of Toronto to cottages in the 50's.

The big weather change is up by the UK

This was great for them, as the Thames didn't freeze.  However, they got endless storms, following the Gulf Stream, and they will get more.  We have to wait for next winter to see what the GS will do, as the end is very unstable.

ps.  the world dailies are on a big dive, but it is unstable, and if we are lucky, they'll catch a peak again for the monthly nooa plot.

Stagnant air over North America


We will just have our 'default' weather for a while.  That's dominated by the energy of the Sun, latitude, and season.  

World plume action is weak.  

Sunday, February 25, 2024

AI becomes boring and takes over all news writing

 The last written news available to me was the Canadian news channels, with a written blurb under the video.  These are now written by AI.  You can just feel it, and they have horrendous written errors that no human would make.

It doesn't make much difference, since all available news was written by the 'new guy'.  Now, these poor people are gone.  I never watch the news, and this will be taken over by AI video.

I've given up watching news, and I'm living on the few places that still write news. I can read the three free articles.  I've also given up playing with the AI pictures, they lack interest.  I'll just skim headlines with my doom scrolling.

The people that live on doom are not constrained by the laws of physics, and will have to get wilder and wilder.  At least the headlines are fun.

ps.  I am declaring that stupidity has won this round.  We will have to wait for the next cycle, after a lot of troubles.

Arctic is probably done

 Done as a source of weather impact on the rest of the world.

The Arctic spill has run into the Sun, and the Pacific air.  It's not going to make it over the border, and thus, not into the media.  

No more 60 below, and the 50 below is fading.  Welcome to Spring!

In Toronto, we'll see another cold night, and then I'll start the plants indoors.

I was thinking there would be at least 3 of the 'Great Spills' like we had in January.  But then we had a heating event in the Pacific, and a huge Pacific plume.  We might get some more of these weak Arctic spills, but nothing dramatic.

ps.  we can call this a clipper, and it should bring snow.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Another promising cold Arctic spill


This new one ticks all the boxes, but it is fighting against a stronger Sun.  

Lots of air still coming over the mountains, but the spill is shoving it away.

It has a huge amount of air behind it, and is the only spill going on right now.  Very interesting.

ps.  wow, that was a cold dog walk!  

pps.  as of this afternoon, it is still going strong, crossing the border and should, at least, hit the mid states.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Everybody giving up on climate change

 This is interesting and has nothing to do with the physics showing the whole thing is quackery, as the Victorians would say.  

Since the leftwingers can't come up with anything that works, the news is now full of people giving up.  Heat pumps are the latest thing, and lithium cars.  Unfortunately, it just seems to be going into depression.  The doomers did too good a job saying it's the end of the earth, and everybody believes them.  They are now forced to say "It's not that bad." just to keep making money.  Nobody gets money from suicide.

I can't wait to read the next headline.  

ps.  this is so phoney, and when nothing happens, nothing happens.  I love it!

One day cold for Toronto


The Arctic bulge hits Toronto for a day and then is swept away by Pacific air coming over the mountains.  This is a spring pattern.

We have very weak Pacific plumes, but they are pouring over the mountains.  Obviously, we are missing some physics here.

However, a strong Arctic spill is visiting the UK.

The world dailies are finally plunging, but the other graphs are going up.  Very unstable.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

El Nino to La Nina Whiplash


Giants once so strong,
Now with a gentle wisp,
Brought to their swift end.

Those within the 'Cult of the Scientific Method' know that it was a continuous La Nina with a vapour trail of El Nino.  It was listed at the 'strongest ever' and went in a puff.  

Both of these are now extinct.  There is no cycle.  We will just have continuous cold water.  

ps you can see that the great thing about Influencer Science is that it has no memory.  It is totally 'in the moment'.  I wish I could be like that, it's very healthy, and I admire them for making money at it.

Heart of coldness at 50 below, slowly coming down


Very weak tropical plumes being generated by the Pacific.  

You can only see motion of that cold with the next shot

It resembles a clipper, pushing the air that came over the mountains.  This is a new pattern and I can't figure it out.  

Not much enlightenment with the air streams.

Now I got the ai to write a haiku

Cold air softly falls,
Frost glitters in swirling waltz,
Winter's song descends.

It's amazing how brilliant I am....

ps and this will be our Spring

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Linux -- Horrible Google News bug is finally over

 For weeks, it has been impossible to doom-scroll Google News on Linux.  That was with all browsers, and the complaints were everywhere.  Googs kept calling it a rare, individual problem, and finally with 1.22 Chrome, it seems to be gone.  Still starts up the fan a bit, but it is mostly calm.

ps.  it is still stuttering, but nothing like was.

The Physics of Doom

Boom, Boom, Boom

All they talk about is doom, doom, doom.
The world's too heavy, trapped in this gloom.
News on repeat, it's a downer parade,
The future looks bleak, the colors all fade.

But all I want to do is go boom, boom, boom
My heart beats loud, let's fill up the room.
Forget all the worries, the problems we face,
Tonight's about feeling the beat and the bass.

Verse 2
Turn off the noise, the voices so cold,
The negativity's story is getting real old.
We need an escape, a place to let free,
Where the music takes over, and joy sets us free.

'Cause all I want to do is go boom, boom, boom
My heart beats loud, let's fill up the room.
Forget all the worries, the problems we face,
Tonight's about feeling the beat and the bass.

Some say it's shallow, to crave this release,
But I find my power, a sense of sweet peace.
The world keeps on spinning, troubles remain,
But right now this moment, it's all I can claim.

'Cause all I want to do is go boom, boom, boom
My heart beats loud, let's fill up the room.
Forget all the worries, the problems we face,
Tonight's about feeling the beat and the bass.

Boom, boom, boom, my heart starts to race
Boom. boom, boom, alive in this space.
Boom, boom, boom, gonna dance 'til I'm numb,
All I wanna do is go boom, boom, boom.

There is no physics in doom stories.  They just pick things out of the mess.  Now, inert plastic particles are the big thing.  It used to be chemicals.  They come up with the headlines because they can go down to parts per billion.  What were we doing when we were breathing smoke?

All written by AI.

State of the Oceans - Feb 21, 2024

 ocean currents from Feb 19

The Pacific still has a very strong and cold return.

We no longer have to worry about phoney nooa anomaly pictures, they have given up, and just declare, El No-no, verbally.  They should use my Gemini AI.

The big excitement is that Arctic ocean currents are finally chewing up the warm waggle of the Gulf Stream.  This leaves the UK open to cold again.

Note the weirdness over South America.

All the Atlantic belt warm air is curving south, and it is just the middling Caribbean air that is coming over.  I have never seen this pattern.

For NA, we are getting a huge amount of Pacific air coming over the mountains.  A week Arctic spur will hit us for a day.

The 50 below air has settled over Canada, and could come down, blowing away the Pacific air.

ps. an abstract of the cold hitting NYC

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Sun Also Rises

 We are now entering the Northern Hemisphere summer.  That's when the sun becomes a powerful force in stagnant weather.  In Toronto, we go from -10C at night, to +5 in the day.  Tremendous power.  The sunshine on my dog walks lifts my spirits.

It also tells us that the earth can rid itself of all sun heat in a day on continents.  The only heat persistence comes from bodies of open water.  

We are stagnant.  

The Arctic spills are surrounding us.  That darn Gulf Stream waggle gives the UK warm weather.  Californians should remember that a mere plume does not a storm make.  You need that good hunk of cold coming down.

This is the Arctic daily plot.  You can see we had our heating event and the temp is going down like a rock.  I'm sure that will give us a long heating season, as defined by heating degree days.  

The tropics are settling down, as shown in the video where I outlined 2016.  The gap is narrowing, but this slight rise doesn't seem to have much energy, as the Arctic is in a record drop.

This is just a report of the obscure Cult of the Scientific Method.

ps, the maple tree evolved to take advantage of this tremendous day/night temperature contrast.

By increasing the sugar content, the tree is a heat pipe that thaws the earth around it faster than other trees.  

pps.  Dear Sir, thank you about your inquiry to join the Cult of the Scientific Method (COSM).  However, cosm is an oxymoron, or non-sequitur.  We are thinking of starting up Fans of COSM for financial considerations, just like FIS, fans of influencer science.  As with fis, the requirements are that you have never had an original thought in your life, and you are happy to throw your money around.  The mere thought that you could join by buying me a cup of coffee, is absurd.

more:  The Gulf Stream Waggle has caused the Arctic spills to go back to Asia and the Bering Straight.  Very sad.  We did have our one predicted huge Arctic spill before the waggle.  Indications are that it may be waggling back south, hence the Arctic temp dive, or that is the indication, so it's all circular.