Wednesday, February 21, 2024

State of the Oceans - Feb 21, 2024

 ocean currents from Feb 19

The Pacific still has a very strong and cold return.

We no longer have to worry about phoney nooa anomaly pictures, they have given up, and just declare, El No-no, verbally.  They should use my Gemini AI.

The big excitement is that Arctic ocean currents are finally chewing up the warm waggle of the Gulf Stream.  This leaves the UK open to cold again.

Note the weirdness over South America.

All the Atlantic belt warm air is curving south, and it is just the middling Caribbean air that is coming over.  I have never seen this pattern.

For NA, we are getting a huge amount of Pacific air coming over the mountains.  A week Arctic spur will hit us for a day.

The 50 below air has settled over Canada, and could come down, blowing away the Pacific air.

ps. an abstract of the cold hitting NYC

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