Monday, February 12, 2024

Weather -- Nothing is as nothing does


A fine state of no energy.  I think it may be too late in the season for the Arctic to really charge up, but it is trying.

You can see that the Arctic is getting over the 'super plume'.  There is still time left for another big chill.  

ps.  so, no more comment to get dry guy to rise from the dust and activate the keyboard.

I'm going to have a new career as 'prompt engineer'


Neil T said...

I've given up farming. No water and everything is dying. Farmers across Europe are on strike.. Too much paperwork, too little rain and poor sale prices. Joined Medium yesterday, so I'm now an apprentice wordsmith. Tractor in its shed for the foreseeable.

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, just saw their web page. Your headline can be 'Mummification in Real Time'. I'll read it if I don't have to pay anything. :) Is your Amazon water package coming in soon?

Neil T said...

I'm applying for "green" grants. It's the only type of agriculture that pays these days. As for water, I'm getting my dowsing sticks out. Anyhoo.. Saw this and thought of you..

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, I was making fun of that Gulf Stream thing, and, of course, you. Green grants are a perfect way to preserve the dust, and do nothing. I wish you luck with that.