Monday, February 26, 2024

State of the Oceans - Feb. 26, 2024

 Ocean currents - Feb 24.

We are at the end of the smooth flow in the Pacific and that is breaking up.  We'll soon be at that very jagged turbulent flow.  We really need a 3d picture here.  The tiny return current that formed the phoney El Nino is gone.

You can start to see the turbulence in the thermal plot.  The equatorial belt is very cold, and is the exact opposite of El Nino.

Here is the plot that they'll never show.  It was the graph they were using when they were all agog about EN, but now, there is nothing.  However, over in 'Influencer Space', it is as hot as ever.

I have no idea what the change to turbulence will do on a small time scale.  The longer time scale shows that there is no heat for us from this belt.  My concept of Arctic spills coming down on us was only good for one spill, and I was expecting 3.  But for this summer, we will have stagnant air, which will be a very hot June and July.  We will have record one-day heatwaves.  This is the weather that drove everybody out of Toronto to cottages in the 50's.

The big weather change is up by the UK

This was great for them, as the Thames didn't freeze.  However, they got endless storms, following the Gulf Stream, and they will get more.  We have to wait for next winter to see what the GS will do, as the end is very unstable.

ps.  the world dailies are on a big dive, but it is unstable, and if we are lucky, they'll catch a peak again for the monthly nooa plot.

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