Saturday, May 28, 2022

La Nina is the opposite of climate change


This is cute.

Scientists are noticing that in the past 25 years the world seems to be getting more La Ninas than it used to and that is just the opposite of what their best computer model simulations say should be happening with human-caused climate

So, these guys are questioning climate change, because it runs counter to the actual facts and measurements.  Up to the warmies to send the ball back.

ps.  and if you look up the anxiety merchants of death, you will find all the headlines -- 'Totally anonymous scientist says we'll all burn up tomorrow.'  And that sells.  The point being is that you couldn't publish good news if you wanted to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Continuous battle between warm and cold mucks up our weather


Our temperature is going up and down like a yo-yo.  A new cold air glacier comes down and wins a bit of territory, and the warm air comes up to hit it.  I put my new furnace on 'auto', which is air conditioning and heat.  

Monday, May 23, 2022

No lithium, no tritium.


The solar cells are all made by slave labour in China.  That same labour mines lithium, which is mostly a Chinese monopoly.  Now, we have a tritium shortage for fusion.

The yearly output of wind turbines in Ontario is 26% of rated capacity.  That's not enough to keep up with wear and tear, which is high with these things.

In Toronto, solar cells do an average of 50% of capacity, but peak output never hooks with peak demand, even for a house with solar cells.  The only solution is to buy a lithium battery, but those go out fast, and cannot be recycled.  So, useful capacity is probably 10%.

Our wonderful philosophers (phillies and warmies) preach a good sermon on 'sustainable' power, but it doesn't exist if you count the cost of maintenance, and world security concerns.  All our 'savings' from wind and solar go to fighter jets.

Although world temperatures are diving, the group-think (urban myth) can go on for a long time.  Big heat waves still occur, even though they are shorter.  They can barely pack the place with reporters before its over, then all those people have to fly to next heat wave.  Think of the carbon!

If you want to stick to the laws of physics, then carbon dioxide has no effect in a convective atmosphere.  The heating only works in bottles.  However, the phillies have great hope that the laws will change.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tornadoes hit Toronto


That coloured blob is now heading to the cottage.  blah.  Lots of trees down around us, and the bigger evil twin sister is coming down the road.

I'm only able to report because we have power, even though something is sizzling up the road.  I'm sure worse areas can't report because of no power.

This is not 'climate change'.  The severity is dependent on the contrast between hot and cold.  Since the hot was fairly normal, it going to be the cold.

ps.  now there will be endless discussion on how these weren't tornadoes, but 'blowdowns' etc.  Who cares?

pps.  Yeah!  the next storm is being shoved under us by the cold air.  You freeze, and no branches hit you.

more:  now it feels like snow.

even more:  we're saved from a late frost by a curl of the North Atlantic plume.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The world is cold


This is a map of the variation from the average, for each location, and date.  The heat wave in India is gone, but the media is still spouting nonsense, like 100 times more likely.  That's pure philosophy, in that it can't be measured to confirm.  It's just hand-waving, which dominates the world these days.

As I have predicted, we are just getting fewer and fewer heat waves, shorter and shorter in duration.  There just isn't the heat energy any more.  A 3-d map of 'media coverage intensity' would show narrow skyscrapers on a few spots.  Maybe Spain is next. 

In the Toronto neck of the woods, the big cold blob is being shredded by hot plumes.  That gives us cool and rainy.  The west coast air glacier is bouncing off the Pacific plume.  All our warmth comes from the Gulf of Mexico, and that is unreliable because of the lack of heat energy.  Our weather has always been dominated by the Pacific Ocean, which can have 10 times the energy, but now has none.

No physics will be done to figure out why we go into these cycles.  I always had a faint hope for Alberta, but now they are consuming themselves.  What a waste.

ps.  Spain it is.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

State of the oceans - May 17, 2022

 Ocean currents dated May 16.

The Pacific has become unbelievably cold.  It has never been like this, since the good maps came out at about 2015.  This is so far beyond 'La Nina', it makes me laugh at the warmies.  They can't see the big smash coming because they are self-absorbed.  The Atlantic looks very weak, so we can't expect it to save us.  

The world temps are holding flat, which I find amazing.  I really expect them to dive.  I just like registering these observations so, when they lift their heads, there will be a history.  Group-think can only end in disaster because there's no other way to end it.  Without a disaster, it goes on forever, always feeding on itself, like the mythical snake eating its tail.  I just love to watch it and laugh.  I would never stand in front of the tanks of stupidity.

A quick summary:  After a successful flim-flam with the ozone thing, noosa decided they could do the same with 'climate change'.  They took the concept of a greenhouse gas from Venus and applied it to the Earth.  After that, they could never back down, and doubled-up all the time.  I can't envision any type of cold cycle that would knock them off their horse.  No matter if all of Europe freezes like the 'Little Ice Age', they will talk their way out of it.  This is true dogma.  As well, the ozone holes could get bigger than ever (temperature dependent), and the PR department will get down and dirty.  Good luck to them.

Russians start the Apocalypse

 No, not that one, this one.

Poots isn't going to press the Big Red Button, when he has the Big Green Button.  He just has to destroy the world food supply.  This was one of the causes of the 70's stagflation, and the Club of Rome doom story of mass starvation.  Then India got it's grain act together.  All was saved.

Nobody believes the Clange doom story any more.  We've got new ones coming at us, like a big hail storm.  

New cold air glacier zooms for us

 Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, we have another freeze.

We're getting hit by twin blobs.  The one hitting BC, I saw a while ago.  However, the one hitting Toronto, I thought the Gulf air was going to stop it.  

Looks like a big freeze for the north on the long weekend.  Out of the Great Lakes zone, I had mentioned to hold off planting tomatoes until June.  Or get the plastic ready.  

Natgas is starting another zoom.  I've turned off my air conditioning.  I had hoped this was over, but Gulf heat is weak and unreliable.  We may have another brutal June.

ps.  pooey. had to turn on the furnace, probably for the next week.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pacific plumes keep up summer


There's not a hint of a cold blob coming at us.  As well, the Atlantic belt looks to have a lot more heat energy per linear km, than the Pacific.  I'll put away my emergency plastic for the tomatoes.  BC looks to be having more cold air coming down.  Sucks to be them.  Of course, they can laugh at us for the leafs.  :(

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Inflation is really at 100%

 Inflation is being masked by unavailability.  For instance, I was looking at a new induction stovetop, and last year had lots of models at reasonable prices.  Now, there are only knock-offs and nobody likes them.  When the new ones come, they'll be twice as expensive.

I was looking at a glass tabletop for a wine barrel.  The one I bought before was not available and I looked for more.  I ended up getting a bit bigger and thicker - 32 inches.  When I looked at the 30" from the same company, it was twice as expensive.  They are clearing the old stock at the old price (no gouging), and pricing the new at twice.  They are probably keeping the same margin, all the inputs are twice as much.

I've run into this all over the place.  Cars will come out eventually at twice the price.  I lived through the 70's and it wasn't like this, but they had to jump the interest rates to 20%.  The central banks will start jumping at 1% per call, but this won't be enough.  Maybe they'll decrease the time between interest rate rises.  I'm thinking it should be 1% per month.

Don't hoard, but start buying some things for 6 months use, and I think that will pay for itself, if you have the space.  Cooking oil is one thing.  Paper products should be good because lumber prices will dive due to the lack of houses being built.  Cheap drones from China are going down in price.  The baby formula thing is in the US only.  Dog food is probably good.

Friday, May 13, 2022

NOAA shows world temperatures are down for April


Nooa doesn't produce an official map in the normal 'hockey stick' format, like above.  You have to jiggle the parameters, and they can deny they have anything to do with it.

You can draw any straight line through this that you want and you can think the temperatures are rising.  But drawing lines is all philosophy.  There is no meaning to extending the line.

The sea level was up a bit, spencer was up, and this is down.  We'll see what rss has next week.  

That's a cheap bridge


A nice story concerning the amount of brains in the remote country-side.  A real bridge would have cost 1 million, and they would only pay 300K.  Instead, the opted for the same cost, but made out of soggy cardboard.  The rules seem rather loose in Sask, and they don't really have much on the guy, who made a legal bridge, according to their sappy rules.  Screw piles would have been fine, but they have to be driven down to refusal, which might be 50 feet.  Instead, they probably went with deck screws.  

And would this stand up to a flood?  Fat chance.  I'm glad it didn't kill anybody.  No engineer stands under the bridge when it first opens.  :)

I estimate this will cost Sask 5 mil in reputation damage.  We can bust our sides laughing at them.

Toronto housing officially falls by 20%


We saw this a while ago, everybody backing out of housing sales.  That costs them a pretty penny.  Housing prices only fall if people are forced to sell, or the buyer drops out.  There has to be distress in order for a housing crash.  Then everybody whines, and things are propped up.

I think they have propped things up as much as they can.  Nobody has paid their mortgage since covid, and no bank has foreclosed.  That means are covering up 'bad loans', even though they have to bury the statistics in paper.

We've been through '3 bedroom madness', which means every standard house in our neighbourhood was selling for 1.4 million exactly.  It finally blew with a very tiny house selling for 1.6.  No monster houses are being built around here.  For the last 20 years, there have always been a few going up.

Just before covid we had a 'mini crash' where country houses went down 50%.  Then we had 'flee Toronto'.  Huntsville was a mad house of construction.  Who knows?

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ocean report - May 12, 2022

 Ocean current map dated May 11, 2022

No change over the last few months.  Oceans take a long time to change.

The ocean temp maps shows no change.  A cold Pacific, and not much in the Atlantic, yet we are warm from the Gulf plumes.

The happy dreaming from the warmies has 'clange' destroying the oceans.  We are talking more than a thousand times the energy difference, yet 'tail wags dog' is common philosophical talk.  I mean, it could happen in an alternate universe, right?  And why not here?

Slashing Pacific plumes bring us Summer


The pacific plumes are too weak to reach us.  It's the 'slashing pinwheel' pattern, and it brings up the Gulf plumes.  It's lovely heat, and you can plant the tomatoes.  No sign of any cold air blobs coming down on us.  For natgas, it's right into the air conditioning season.  

You can see that everything is chaotic, so there are no predictions for the weather.  However, if the Gulf plumes stop then it's stagnant air for us.  In June and July, this is stifling heat.  Then we go into the 'silly season' with all the warmies at full blast.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Arctic ice volume continues to rise


With just philosophy, we can have a great argument on the meaning of this curve.  Does the past out-weigh the present?  I'm staying out of that, but the ice volume is doing well.  The volume is the best indicator of whether the world is getting colder, but this chart is a totally made-up thing.  There is no satellite radar that can determine the thickness of the ice for a volume calculation.  They just integrate the temperatures to get the product. 

When the summer comes, we'll get lots of news on how the Greenland ice sheet is melting.  Fine, let the warmies have their fun.  


pps.  nooa has not come out with the world temps.  If they don't like it, it takes a week to 'work out the kinks'.  :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

US April very cold


There's no fun in this any more.  Nooa's PR department can't do anything to dress up this oinker.  I don't even think it's in the 'top third' any more.  Perhaps they just won't say anything.

ps.  and yet, the faith is solid.

pps.  nooa puts it in the 'middle third' and calls it 'average'.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Ocean current report - May 9, 2022


The ocean current chart popped in late.  The Pacific current is once again totally shattered.

The Pacific is stone cold.  The Atlantic has some warmth.  The phillies are going on and on about how La Nina has come back for a record-breaking term, like poots.  They will never admit anything is wrong about their firm beliefs.  

I'm amazed that the Pacific still generates plumes.  Expect that to stop for summer, and then we'll have standard land-locked heat waves, that the warmies will be all ga-ga about.

Cold diverted toward Vancouver


The cold blob is like jelly running on a plate.  The warm plume has hit it , and it squishes over to the west.  

Some of it might droop over to the east.  It's a big air glacier.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Battle at the North Pole

 Here it is, straight out of the 50's.  The ruskie air force comes over the top, and the heroic forces of Justice, come to defend.

In reality, we have a very cold air glacier trying to freeze us.

But we have a huge Gulf plume coming up like an arrow.

Hopefully, the plume wipes away all threats.  We'll see tomorrow.  go leafs.

ps.  I'm still keeping the poly tunnel on the tomatoes until June.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Toronto weather in Goldilocks zone


Amazing.  Toronto is in a balance between a cold air blob, and Pacific plumes.  This is giving us dry, cool air.  Looks like the US northeast is still using natgas to keep warm.  

This is a cool drought for us, and I have my soaker hoses on for the tomatoes under the poly tunnel.  We are still expecting another bad frost at the end of May like last year, simply because....

ps.  what you want to see is the Pacific plumes drifting straight over us.  What you don't want to see is another air glacier starting at the very top, over the North Pole.  I didn't see it!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Natural Gas Fracking Frenzy Foofaraw


I'm expecting a tiny dip due to warmth.

However, I expect fracking rigs to zoom up.  Invest in fracking sand.  :)  The mountains are clear now for fracking.  They can't work when it's freezing.  Soon, giant trucks full of frack water are going to Texas and Okie.  Expect more earthquakes.

ps.  the storage is starting to fill with very expensive natgas.  They are assuming the prices will be even higher when they draw on it.

Cold air pushed over to Europe


They can have it.  You can see the cold blob being shoved away from Toronto.  I'm usually in a snit with Europe because of the great support for climate change group-think, and buying ruskie stuff just because they don't want to freeze to death.  They caused all the wars because they closed all their nuclear plants and went with natgas.  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Climate models don't cut the mustard


The climate extrapolations are all over the map, and the climateestas are getting worried.  It's a matter of philosophy on what models they pick or how they average them.  They all have the carbon sensitivity injected into them, and that's around 5degC for a carbon dioxide doubling.  Physics tells us that the real number is zero in a convective atmosphere.  This could easily be tested.

These models all grossly overshoot the current world temperatures.  And we experienced their failure this winter.  Was it cold and long?  The models do not include a 'temporary' dip in temperatures.  

I was going to title this that climate models are garbage, based on 'garbage in, garbage out'.  but that was too harsh.  Ha!

All the noosa apologists are out in force.  One is accepting a 2c rise and that's still 'horrible'.  As the temperatures go down in our current ice cycle, we shall see more such fun.

ps.  the noosa lady continued to say that 'any' temperature rise is horrible, leaving her room to go to less than 2.  We Canadians wouldn't agree.

Spring has arrived


End of the air glaciers, I hope.  The one I thought could hit us has been blown away by a direct Pacific plume.  When they start hitting Vancouver, and go straight east, then it's spring.  It's summer when the plumes stop and let us stew in our own juices.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Cold spur continues to work its way down


This will hit us, but probably just at freezing, not 5 below.  It's on the move, but there's a nice Pacific plume that is coming straight in.  Once they start going straight across, then we have a decent spring. 

After this one, I'll put up my poly tent and put in the tomatoes.  

ps. Looks like it's being sheared away by warm plumes.  That would be the end of it.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Ocean currents - May 2, 2022

 Ocean currents dated May 1.

Today, we must look for any possible reasons why the Pacific temperatures are up a little, and we have a weak candidate.

The straight temps are showing a nice warm spot in the East Pacific.  The temp anomaly map isn't impressed.

However, the mimic 'high energy air' map is showing some fine detail.

The world temps chart has a few bumps since 2016.  I've come to associate them with unusual patterns in the Pacific.  Mainly, signs of a lot of little vortexes.  We are close here.  If such a mechanism develops then we get a major bump in the world temps.  I would love to drop an airplane down into one of these (if we get any more), since I suspect there is some heat funneling going on.  One of these spots generates 10 times the heat of the passive equatorial ocean.  We need physics!

Most likely, this one will poof out.  blah.

Whoops, forgot the ocean current video.

The Pacific current is mostly disorganized.

Spencer shows a rise in world temperatures


This is the first of three charts that I use.  You can see that this one has a lot of spikes.  The sea level is also up and so, matches this curve right now.  I don't see any great reason why the temps are up.  If all the charts are up, then we must look for new physics.

Progress of the Last Cold Blob


I call this the last air glacier because it will barely make it, if it does.  It's defined as the clear air on the plume chart, and as that cold spear on the min temp chart.

At the same time, we have a Gulf plume rising.  This is going to have some impact.  It's all a playoff game at this point.

ps.  it has a lot of surface air momentum

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Linux - sad case of Insteon

 Gather round, children, let me tell you a sad, sad story of home automation.  A long time ago, a fictional company named ins, no relation to the title or a real defunct company, made a system for automatically controlling your lights in the house.

Since this was 80's tech, they used the very first network over electrical lines.  There isn't even a name for it now.  The system was so bad, it was all shrouded in secrecy like horrible corporate systems.  However, it worked wonderfully.

My poor relative has 30 lights or more.  The big selling feature was cloud connection to a server that could handle Goog or alex talk-talk.  Unfortunately, the fictional people went into the 'dark side' or criminality, by paying for all the cloud stuff for existing people, by hosing the new people.  This was a huge ponzetti scheme (sic).  

Ponz things have a habit of dying suddenly, with all the people scattering to the 5 winds.  That's what happened here.  Everybody wiped ins off their linkled profiles.  Millions of people were left pounding the doors (watch Little Dorrit).  A normal ending would have people releasing the api's (computer code) to the public domain, so somebody could write new interfaces.

Not happening here, as they avoid criminal charges.  It's essential for the 'Stupidity Defence' that you are believed that you had 'no idea' what was going on.  Easy for the old men at the top, very hard for programmers who release the code to the public.  

Enter Linux and the open-source Home Assistant to the rescue.  Nope.  Turns out that nobody is happy with this because they can't penetrate the inner workings of the ins hub.  And you have to pay $10 a month for voice control, which is the legitimate cost you should have paid in the first place.

So basically, we have to wait for somebody on an island somewhere to have guilty feelings and release the code anonymously.  Then, we would have a Linux solution that makes everybody happy.

ps.  please be aware that I have munged up all the names since this is lawsuit city, and possible criminal fraud, like that crazy lady with the blood machine.  So, it is best to hide.

Another cold air glacier coming down like a knife to the gut


Yeah, it's nice to always blame these things after the fact, on the dancing jet stream.  But this is pure physics.  All winter these glaciers have come down unopposed, but the pattern is changing.  The last one was diverted away from Texas and smacked the US northeast.  It's still pouring down on them.

This new one is also against slashing Pacific plumes raising Gulf plumes.  It may squeeze between them or be totally stopped.  I still give it 80% it will raise natgas prices and make our lives miserable.  We just have to wait.

ps.  to those new to physics, we have little heat energy in the oceans, which is the start of a long ice cycle, or 'little ice age'.  This condition gives us long, cold winters, and short, intense summers, since the ocean plumes or 'breezes' moderate temperature.  The story-tellers will rest in winter, and come out in force in the summer.