Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ocean current report - Aug 16, 2019 -- The Arctic Current Returns

Not too shabby.  Last week I said it was at a minimum, and now there appears to be greater strength.  Of course, I may be seeing things, since there may not be enough floaters for this type of resolution.  In a couple of months we'll see a big difference.

This is the current that the warmies say is from all the melting ice of Greenland.

Greenland ice is dancing in the streets.  All those articles are from the one day it was warm.  Can't they have one warm day without all the commotion?  They are always measuring the salinity from this current, but the data records are hiding in warmie-land.  You would probably see high salinity for the current, the exact opposite of warmie fantasy.  nasa is probably sitting on it, just like they are sitting on anybody who says the ice is fine.

The problem with the ice sheets here and in Antarctica is that you can't penetrate the whole thing with radar and get a volume.  So, when the ice surges and breaks up on the sea you can't tell if it is just shedding excess weight.  Warmies see all that ice going into the ocean as 'melting', and raising sea levels.  Another great victory for anti-physics.  

So, if the UK has no summer, and a horrible 20 below winter, will that mean anything?  If world temps crash to the bottom, will the faith be broken?  No.  I have great faith in the power of faith, especially if money is involved.  Expect more stories like nasty jet streams and 'warming means cooling'.   Looking forward to it.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

False hope for the UK to have a summer

They are hoping that this huge tropical plume hits them.

Not going to happen.  Without the Gulf Stream, the recent pattern has been for these things to go below the UK.  Again, the GS would always bring these plumes up north.

Meanwhile, our pattern is quite interesting.  A very high plume is pouring down cool air on us, but the air over Toronto is quite stagnant.  This gives us 'default' August weather, so we'll have another week or two of warm weather.  The huge Gulf plume is missing us.

ps.  the plume did go south of the UK but they expect it to curl around.  We'll see.

Friday, August 16, 2019

New Kansas earthquake and injection zone

Since they are practically giving away natgas, it's rare to see this.  Basically, some injection guy wants to make more money and he allows natgas frack waste.  This water is fresh, and agressive to the quartz in the deep rocks.  Soon earthquakes follow and he says "Wasn't me".

If I cared any more, then I would zoom with Googs on that spot and I would see an injection site.  La la.  Soon the old ladies around that zone will hit the guy with their canes.  Injection and earthquakes will stop.  Nobody will tell what they did.

ps.  another m4.  Those ladies that lose their Royal Dalton are going to kill him.

pps.  I did look, but the earthquakes are scattered due to poor seismometer coverage, and I couldn't find anything.  Probably means the injection site is new.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Costco has the Casada Power Board

Yeah, like all new exercise toys, this one is neat.  Whether it ends up in a dusty corner, is another matter.

I find exercise to be boring.  I can't stand it because my brain rejects 'boring' quite violently.  I can't do yoga because if I bend down, my scalp gets itchy.  I read that up and it's a deadly brain tumour.  Oh well.

This is from Germany, and it is promoted by bikini models, yeah!  The good thing about Costco is that we can use it for a while and then take it back.  That's important for all these things, since the body reacts to anything new, like you are trying to poison it.  Then you feel great for 2 weeks as all the 'fight or flight' chemicals flood into your body.  If it actually works after 2 weeks then you are golden.  This is true for all the wacky cures and supplements.

Also, you can collect a huge number of testimonials if it only works for 1 out of 10.

Does this work with the first two days?  Oh yeah!  I feel jiggly all over.  If there is physics, it's that you are riding a horse, your muscles attempt to maintain balance.  Thus, they say that the exercise is concentrated by a factor of six, and I would love that to be true.

Lets just imagine that world hasn't been Goopified, and you wanted to test it.  Your hypothesis would be that the exercise is concentrated.  How would you confirm or deny it?  Needless to say it hasn't been done, and it may be impossible because of the psychological factors.  So, get it from Costco and use it for two weeks.  Keep the packaging.  Don't feel guilty, because there isn't a speck of scientific testing.

** something like $900 buckeroos.

ps.  wow, a little jiggle before you go to bed puts you right out.

Arctic ice volume - strongest inflection change, ever

My old guy lambasted me for being inscrutable.  He says I think too fast for anybody, and things just zoom over their heads.  I don't mind that, otherwise I'd be in FB all the time, and the warmie heavy guns would be after me.  As it is, I am safely buried with the other cranks.

All the media is now full of 'ice minimum' stories, mainly using the worse projections and saying that all the Arctic ice will vanish at the September minimum.

But, the chart has made a tremendous change of curvature (2nd derivative) .  Now, I don't expect anybody to know calculus, but this is a big deal.  Could you see a warmie mentioning calculus?  Or energy balance, heat flow, convection.  Nope, it's all selective facts, and 'just so' stories.  That's how you make money.

The point is that I couldn't convince my own dog, using the warmie rules of debate.  All I can do is stay with the Scientific Method, and let others suffer the consequences of leaving it.  If I had money, then I would put out my hypothesis, and test it.  It would pass or fail.  If it failed, I would lose my entire scientific career and be on the streets begging for more money.  Very pitiful.  :)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Ocean current report - Aug 11, 2019

The main reason for this series is to note the changes in ocean currents over the years.  99% of heat flow in the Earth is carried by ocean currents.

This is showing the Atlantic belt.  In a very short time, the heat is going south again.  This time it is quite strong, and early.  Buy long underwear.

This just shows that all reversals have stopped in the Pacific.  If you look at a few months earlier, you would have seen the full El Nino in all its glory.

Finally we have the new villian in the piece.  This is the Arctic current coming around Greenland.  The warmies make up the story that this is all from Greenland melting, yet it is at a miniumum right now.  The only article on the Gulf Stream blames everything on the melt water.  Look at last winter and the coming one to see it strengthen.  It's been around only since the last big El Nino went bust.

The warmie Guardian now has lots of articles about Greenlanders weeping for their lost ice.  They had a one-day heat wave (just above freezing) and the warmies are still pumping that for all its worth. Now everything is normal.  At ice minimum, all the Arctic is enjoying summer (1 deg C).

The UK can no longer grow warm-weather crops - global warming to blame


Sorry UK, but it's back to peas and turnips.  That's what you get when Winter strikes in August.  And next year it will worse.  Strike cauliflower off the menu for good.  Europe always gets a short heatwave from the Sahara that kills everything, and they'll probably get one next year.

Yeah, freezing cold, tornadoes, thunderstorms, it's all due to warming.

ps.  I'm now rolling in tomatoes, and the broccs are starting to broccolize.

pps.  they are declaring the end of summer for Europe, even though they did have a short heat wave.  Can't wait for the warmie comment.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Arctic ice volume firmly following the median band

I am fascinated by this.  The minimum is cruising along the median band.  The port of Churchill can now get the grain carriers out.  The news went on about the Alaska ice going, but that always happens.  It will be difficult to colour the ice volume news.  I predict the line will cut into the median band and should hit the centre this winter.  Next year will be exceed the median.  Yeah, don't we just love ice and more ice?

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Dead Gulf Stream Finally Makes the News


Yeah, it has finally been mentioned in the popular press.  I knew they could never mention it unless the fact could be blamed on the climate crisis.  Now they are making things up like the melting glaciers of Greenland, and the wandering jet stream.  None of which is correct, but it sounds good.

Of course they don't mention that no GS means a frozen UK, but what the heck?

I'm just glad it has been mentioned, and those nasa guys have been pulled off monitoring growing Greenland glaciers.  As long as nobody studies them, it can be assumed they are fading away.

This is not a conspiracy.  This is just everybody jumping on a bandwagon that makes them lots of money.

And although a hotter Florida, it means a colder north -- not mentioned.  It's not even a hotter Florida, if people would look at the mechanism, they just make stuff up.

Canadians to starve to death, by staying warm

Not going to be our problem.  It's ironic that at some point, we must celebrate the discovery of winter wheat.  That's what stopped us from starving to death.  Also, there was the discovery of making ammonia.  That also stopped us from starving to death.  When we are enjoying super hot summers, we are not starving to death over our Pina Coladas.

But, we are not warm.  Our seasons have gone back to the original two:  Winter and July.  And not even the whole of July, perhaps just two weeks.

Right now I am watching the Gales of November on the lake.  There are huge whitecaps, and I must hide once in a while from freezing sunshowers.  Not my idea of summer.

ps.  No matter how miserable our summers will be from now on, we can laugh at the UK right now.

That looks like a winter storm they are dealing with.  I love it because they are the 'Heart of Darkness' when it comes to destroying the Scientific Method.  Everything is a debate now.  As well, the trumpies want to Preach Hate and make money, so they've picked sunspots, and conspiracies.  All us average people will just freeze.  Sad.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Gales of November Come Early - Cottage Report August 8, 2019

We followed the cold front all the way to the cottage.  Now it has stopped raining and it's dang chilly.  I hope we don't need a fire.  We are supposed to be in the 'Dog Days of Summer', not freezing.  Anyway, I can keep warm burning all the news from the warmies.  Such a fuss over one-day heatwaves, and dried-up glaciers.

You can see the cold air swooping down on us.  We have to hope that a little more warmth comes up from the Gulf.

ps. I was reading about California beaches disappearing, and the idea of 'retreat'.  The house owners go nuts at that word.  But Callie is a tectonic soup, some places go up and some down.  They all think it's massive glaciers melting, but it's their own tectonics.  Maybe they need an earthquake to get their minds off the beaches.  :)

pps.  this week the warmies were taking credit for all floods, all droughts, and airplane turbulence.  Amazing.

Friday - nasty storms hitting, quite cold air hitting us.

Saturday - cool but sunny, looks like warm Gulf air will come in for a day.

Sunday - warm and windy, can't put up the shade tent on the dock.  Looks to be the last hot day of the year.  Caught quite a few bass with a good fight on my tiny rod, but they all went back

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Toronto real estate is still sad

Housing is failing, but condos are defying gravity.  Condos can't keep going up if all the rest is declining.  Rich people are buying condos like gold, and sealing them up.  Keep building more condos and see if you can stuff these guys.  :)  I know that I keep seeing endless condo cranes.

After the El Nino, global temperatures start to fall

Yeah, the warmies are against physics.  Physics always wins in the long term because you can freeze to death.

This is the new month global temperature chart.  Global temps have shed off the EN, and are falling.

A zoom of the chart shows the big 2016 en, and the effect of our recent long and low en.

But the north polar chart is amazing, since this is the dang summer.

So we can expect lots of ice this year for the polar bears.

The US chart shows weird things, like big peaks in January, but our summer has been generally average over the past 2 years.

ps. our UK friends should get used to this plume pattern, straight east.  The Gulf Stream used to have influence to raise the plumes to hit the UK.  Now, it is eternal winter.

Ocean current report - Aug 5, 2019

The  main value in these charts is to observe the changing patterns.  In terms of heat energy, these ocean current movements are orders of magnitude above anything else.  That's the trouble when people point out carbon or sun spots, they don't compare with the other processes.  This is a horrible error in physics, but who needs physics anyway, when we've got the media?

The Atlantic had it's fun giving us warmth, and now it is moving the heat back south.  A fun winter.  There is enough heat in the Caribbean for a few hurricanes, and the warmies will have fun.  Drought, flooding and storms are all a part of uniform warming -- yeah.

That's why I like showing these charts, there is no 'smoking gun'.  All the charts have to be looked at over a period of time.  The Pacific reversal is now stopped, it used to extend over the whole ocean.  All our temperatures are determined by the dynamics of the ocean systems.  If physics were back in fashion, it would be easy to show.

Monday, August 5, 2019

This El Nino is dead

This is the Enso Oni index.  It gives some idea that an El Nino is happening, but doesn't indicate the total energy and effect on world temperatures.  This was a long and low en, with a lot of energy.  It caused a small blip in world temps, starting last October and ending now, where you can see it collapsing.

Even with this en going at full blast, we hit the second highest Arctic ice volume, right behind last year.  Wait until you see what we hit this year.  For Europe and the UK, it is the end of summer.

The Arctic is taking control of temps.  The warmies will have to find something else, other than blaming El Nino temps on carbon.  On the downside, they are quick to blame the en collapse.  Such fun.

In Toronto, we have some more Gulf air coming at us.  Nice summer.

ps.  the UK is hilarious now with the tabloids shouting about a 20C 'heatwave'. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cottage Report - Aug 1, 2019

The weather is in a classic 70's August.  At the beginning, we get hot sun at 28, then below 15 at night.  By the end of August, we won't be getting any more 'record breaking' days.  It's lovely up at the cottage, cool nights and the water is warm.  Almost no bugs.  You can just float on a mattress all day.

This weekend we have our annual regatta on the lake.  Lots of fun for the little kids.

This was 2012 with my two sons, cousins and friends
The slowest swimmer won.

ps. Saturday we have small thunderstorms which have broken our drought, yeah!

pps.  sunday, all my kids helped with the kiddie fun fair, face painting, etc.  over 50 kids.  then we went on our annual party boat cruise.  I had to pee over the back.  Lots of fun.

Greenland back to normal

Yesterday, Greenland went over freezing for a day.  The warmies went ballistic. 

Now, it is all back to normal. and the 'ice lock' is back.  You won't read that anywhere.