Monday, August 5, 2019

This El Nino is dead

This is the Enso Oni index.  It gives some idea that an El Nino is happening, but doesn't indicate the total energy and effect on world temperatures.  This was a long and low en, with a lot of energy.  It caused a small blip in world temps, starting last October and ending now, where you can see it collapsing.

Even with this en going at full blast, we hit the second highest Arctic ice volume, right behind last year.  Wait until you see what we hit this year.  For Europe and the UK, it is the end of summer.

The Arctic is taking control of temps.  The warmies will have to find something else, other than blaming El Nino temps on carbon.  On the downside, they are quick to blame the en collapse.  Such fun.

In Toronto, we have some more Gulf air coming at us.  Nice summer.

ps.  the UK is hilarious now with the tabloids shouting about a 20C 'heatwave'. 

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