Monday, August 12, 2019

Ocean current report - Aug 11, 2019

The main reason for this series is to note the changes in ocean currents over the years.  99% of heat flow in the Earth is carried by ocean currents.

This is showing the Atlantic belt.  In a very short time, the heat is going south again.  This time it is quite strong, and early.  Buy long underwear.

This just shows that all reversals have stopped in the Pacific.  If you look at a few months earlier, you would have seen the full El Nino in all its glory.

Finally we have the new villian in the piece.  This is the Arctic current coming around Greenland.  The warmies make up the story that this is all from Greenland melting, yet it is at a miniumum right now.  The only article on the Gulf Stream blames everything on the melt water.  Look at last winter and the coming one to see it strengthen.  It's been around only since the last big El Nino went bust.

The warmie Guardian now has lots of articles about Greenlanders weeping for their lost ice.  They had a one-day heat wave (just above freezing) and the warmies are still pumping that for all its worth. Now everything is normal.  At ice minimum, all the Arctic is enjoying summer (1 deg C).

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