Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Costco has the Casada Power Board

Yeah, like all new exercise toys, this one is neat.  Whether it ends up in a dusty corner, is another matter.

I find exercise to be boring.  I can't stand it because my brain rejects 'boring' quite violently.  I can't do yoga because if I bend down, my scalp gets itchy.  I read that up and it's a deadly brain tumour.  Oh well.

This is from Germany, and it is promoted by bikini models, yeah!  The good thing about Costco is that we can use it for a while and then take it back.  That's important for all these things, since the body reacts to anything new, like you are trying to poison it.  Then you feel great for 2 weeks as all the 'fight or flight' chemicals flood into your body.  If it actually works after 2 weeks then you are golden.  This is true for all the wacky cures and supplements.

Also, you can collect a huge number of testimonials if it only works for 1 out of 10.

Does this work with the first two days?  Oh yeah!  I feel jiggly all over.  If there is physics, it's that you are riding a horse, your muscles attempt to maintain balance.  Thus, they say that the exercise is concentrated by a factor of six, and I would love that to be true.

Lets just imagine that world hasn't been Goopified, and you wanted to test it.  Your hypothesis would be that the exercise is concentrated.  How would you confirm or deny it?  Needless to say it hasn't been done, and it may be impossible because of the psychological factors.  So, get it from Costco and use it for two weeks.  Keep the packaging.  Don't feel guilty, because there isn't a speck of scientific testing.

** something like $900 buckeroos.

ps.  wow, a little jiggle before you go to bed puts you right out.


Penny said...

I walk daily- you walk as well so you do like exercise :)

Penny said...

Or maybe you walk to keep the dog happy?

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, I keep the dog sort of happy. She's such a psycho that I could kill myself keeping her happy. Since we are going on our big trip, I was convinced that I would spend more time on the boring treadmill, but now I jiggle to fitness. :) Oh yeah you say, go on a longer walk with the dog -- blah.