Friday, January 3, 2020

Sea Level is Going Down - We are saved!

This is a very difficult task for those that can't do math -- Use your geophysical knowledge of the most stable places on earth - neither up nor down, and look at the tide gauge charts.

I picked Oregon.  Too far north, and you have glacial isostatic rebound.  Too near to plate tectonics and you have some wild swings.  All the Pacific coral reef islands are sinking, that's what makes coral reefs.  Just below the Laurentide ice sheet, you have the sinking of the forebulge.

You can take any tide gauge and you will find that the run-up to 2016 had a sea level rise.  The oceans act as a big liquid thermometer, temps go up, liquid expands.  After 2016, we are going down like a rock.  It is all absolutely in sync with the global temps by satellite.

This new year it is fun reading all the 'comprehensive' reviews of trying to find a 'signal' in weather, without even mentioning the sat temps.  The new 'thing' is that there is no difference between 'climate' and weather.

Once a year, I trot out the only legitmate, physics-based, review of globtemps.  

It is always kept up to date as a 'running paper'.

The media always uses the upper projection, the lower one is flat.  They conclude.

Why does this discrepancy exist and what does it mean?  One possible explanation is an error in the fundamental physics used by the climate models. 

They say what I say.  Anyway, the Toronto warmth is almost over, since the Gulf of Mexico is running out of heat energy.  I'm off for a dog walk.

ps.  I've linked this with my biggest article, about jiggling to happiness.  Now you can jiggle and not worry about water lapping up to your knees.  Be happy in the New Year!

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