Monday, January 6, 2020

Red Light for the Face - Physics

So everybody, buy this.  Hot after my success promoting the jiggle board, I promote this.  These health blogs are my most popular -- nobody cares about physics, but here I can inject some.

The 'other side' went to an expensive face place.  I blanched at the creams she bought, but they included a free facial.  This was more like a 'time sharing' hard sell for a face light machine.  They wanted thousands of dollars for a tiny one.

The above machine covers the whole face in one shot.  The family girls are lining up for treatment, and they are 20-something.  Ha!  We old people need a drastic boost to remove heavy creases.  I would look 20 without all those craggy valleys. 

They have a story for every colour, but, basically, the red light goes deep and blue light is shallow.  My friend in retail says there is something negative coming out about blue light, so they took all those things off the shelves.  So, red light it is.

Red light can go right through skin and muscle.  You can see the bones in your hand against a bright light, and it comes through red.  The physics of this is in the details of energy and effect.  You want the red light to penetrate under the crease, and you want stem cells to be irritated enough to pump out collagen to pump things up. 

Creams claim to do this, but almost nothing penetrates out dead skin cells.  If anything did, we'd be dead.  The only thing of great doubt, is if the red light energy levels are sufficient to start cells up, without actually killing them.  You want a tiny bit of injury, like doing weights, and then the cells go into a building mode.

But, it's fun and you actually feel something, and everybody thinks it is doing something.  That should be good for a month of fun.

**after a treatment, rub in some of my 'miracle cannabis cream', penetrates and takes care of irritation, maybe.

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