Thursday, January 9, 2020

Iranians shoot themselves in the foot

Increasingly looks like a self-inflicted injury.  My son and I have been imagining the scene where they are all drunk celebrating the missile attack on Satantrumpy and lean on the red button.

In reality, they were great on the missile attack, only hitting the garbage dump, but they were expecting an immediate US attack and put the air defence on auto, running quality Soviet software.  And they didn't stop commercial flights, which would have been obvious choice, especially after Putinizer shot down an airliner on Soviet Auto.  (I'm remembering an earlier airliner, victim of Soviet Auto)

Note to self:  in a war zone, stop the dang flights!

Now comes the big fun:  Is anybody going to admit it?  Are Iranians going to riot?  Is the Regime going to find a way out of Stooge-town?  We all wait.

ps:  New wikipedes entry.   Russian Software - known mainly for bringing down airliners.

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