Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ice ages going back to 2 billion years

We have a chart showing the temperature of the Earth for about 1 billion years.  Every 300 million years we get a big temperature change, and this corresponds to the continents getting together and separating, the Wilson Cycles.


Now it's cute that the cycle is mapped to about 2 billion years ago.  For our last cycle, we had the dinosaurs and super-hot, starting at about 150 million years ago.  Now we are in a big ice age with major northern ice advances every 10,000 years.  The carbon hypothesis ignores all this, and good for them.  They are philosophers, after all.

Life was only advanced for the last 600 million years or so.  When it was warm we had huge reptiles, and when it was cold we had huge mammals.  Just like clockwork.

ps.  this is so cute.  Finally the guard is getting ready for 'Carbon Warming Brings on an Ice Age'.  Now I am happy that I have no conflict with these guys.  :)

In some circles, this might give somebody a headache, but not here.  :)

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