Saturday, January 11, 2020

Is the Gulf Stream Still Alive?

Nothing is more important to the UK than the Gulf Stream.  Without it, they have 'latitude weather' and that's cold like heck.  My contention is that it is functionally dead, or a stuffed parrot.

The GS still has a signature on detailed ocean thermal plots.

So, it is technically alive.  But is it doing anything?  Since I've been around, the GS has kept the UK mild.  If the UK isn't mild, the Thames freezes over.

This is the world plot.  The GS is visible, but it is all the exact temperature of Alaska.  There is no great warmth here.

Over the years, I've always followed this chart which shows it is gone.  It used to have a very strong signal almost all the way to the UK.  It could channel atmospheric plumes which hit the UK at full warmth.  Now we have weak plumes that go up the middle of the Atlantic ocean

The British tabloids have had this headline for months now.  Surely they must right one day.  Anyway it's good for all royals to leave the cold UK and come to warm Canada.  Bring money!

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