Friday, April 27, 2018

Natural Gas Weekly

And they have some text.

So, we are in an ice age, and they better store more for the next winter.  All this means that every gas frack rig available is fracking away.  But the OK earthquakes are quiet.  Such a corundum.

ps.  It's funny that natgas has dived because we are in for a week of warm weather.  There is no Pacific heat, so wait until next week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Linux - Ryzen5 with gpu many times faster than my old junk

The speed improvement is tremendous.  Handbrake gets all 8 processors going full speed, and cuts the time to process by hours.

You have to install the amd firmware, or the screen doesn't work.

I used an msi motherboard and it all worked.  I thought I was being smart and just switching the boot disk, but it goes nuts.  I had to reinstall Debian.

ps.  amd iommu gives trouble, and I did this link.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Putting up a greenhouse for the coming ice age

So, we can never grow tomatoes in Canada unless we have a greenhouse.  I'm using an old Quebec garage from Costco, and putting 6 mil plastic from ammie on top.

Then it is raised on the main poles and I hope it can withstand the winds.  The heavier stuff is twice as expensive.  Everybody needs a greenhouse for the next 20 years, or 300 years, whatever.

ps.  so miserable to handle with plastic with just a puff of wind.  Now I'm stitching on the roof with grommets and cable ties.

All done with the standard white sides and I put in the tomatoes in their containers.  So dang hot in their, I'm leaving the front with loose clear plastic.

The Frack Waste Injection at Arnold, Nebraska


Really, people.  The usgs is going on about that this cluster is 'natural' and organic.  'These things happen'.  And old Mr. Google shows what is going on.

This is a classic waste injection layout.  The trucks drive into the shed and dump the waste.  They are all exactly like this. 

This shows a truck in the station.

Anyhow, it should stop soon, when they stop handling gas frack waste at twice the normal rate.  As usual, it will all be denied.  "Wasn't me."

Friday, April 20, 2018

Amherstburg Earthquake - Right under a giant salt operation

I just had to look for drilling rigs.  This is much better!  We can now say the earthquake was due to the operations.  Could be the extraction of weight, which is good for a thrust earthquake.  Or they are injecting ever deeper.

There was a big Attica NY earthquake due to salt operations.  Again, if there are no more earthquakes, then it's a mass-removal thing, which is as close as you can get to 'pure'.  More earthquakes indicate injection.

Linux - Motherboard form factors

Watch out people.  I was replacing the motherboard, but it was for 'mini' ATX which they don't make anymore.  You can only get (for AM4) 'micro' ATX which is actually bigger, and does not have common screw holes with the mini.

I'm waiting for a new case.  I got a Ryzen 5 with graphics.  It totally surprised me that the Ryzen 7 doesn't have any basic graphics.  I'm returning that along with a cooler since the r5 has a simple air cooler.  You really need a large case with a big water cooler with the r7.

I thought to have it done this weekend, but drat.

Detroit-Windsor Earthquake Vlog

So much fun!  One day this could be live, with text questions.  But I run Linux, and it's tough.

Detroit and Windsor Earthquake

A deep thrust earthquake felt over a large area.  M4, intensity 4.  We must allow this to be a natural earthquake, they do happen sometimes.  This is the Grenville Front, which runs under the Bruce Nuclear Waste Thing.  I can't imagine what would happen, should anybody decide to inject natgas frack waste.  :)

For those interested, you can look up my endless posts on our wonderful megathrusts.

ps.  a plot of 'my' seismometers

and the spread of earthquakes

pps.  This also goes along with my conjecture that the strain field from large Oklahoma earthquakes is enough to activate large earthquakes here.  It happened after New Madrid, and I'm thinking of a devastating m7 on the Hamilton fault.

more:  for now, on my vlog, I'm calling this an injection earthquake, unless proven otherwise.  Always assume guilt before innocence.  :)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Natural Gas Supplies Diving Underwater

Judging from my dog walk this morning, we aren't warm yet.  We're getting a few days of maple syrup weather, then back into snow.  The storage line is heading for the 'Big Brick Wall'.  I estimate that there are only 2 weeks of natgas left.  This report will lift prices for new gas fracking.

The Oklahoma m6 earthquakes are all lining up on the main seismic mechanism.  Each m6 knocks away a bump and makes things smoother.  Then it's the wet foot on an old bathtub.  We've had 3 or 4 significant m6 episodes, so it's only a few more.

I can mention all this because there is no hysteria whatsoever.  :)

ps.  No lefties will take this up as being caused by the greed of the right, since all this is because the nasa physics is a crock.

Oklahoma earthquakes following the script

More earthquakes, so I am able to make a guess on where the next m6 activity will take place, and predictions for the coming m7's.

The earthquake mechanisms are now lining up perfectly.

ps.  Actually I like being always right and never believed.  I can be honest.  If I suddenly had 'gravitas' like nasa, I'd have to filter every word.  Lucky for me the newspapers are full of reports from time travellers. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trudeau Photo-bombed by Happy Students

Somebody did what I always like to do -- put horns on the star.  Note the two fingers right behind his head.  Probably will be a big scandal in Canada.  "How dare they invite somebody like that!"  I can never get over the wonderful stupidity of the world.  :)

USGS has some fun - Haywired


I won't read it, who cares about California?  Everybody is competing with the 'deadliest earthquake' thing.  Only thing is that next deadly earthquake won't be the one with the best press agent.

May the better earthquake win!

Arnold, Nebraska Clueless About Injection


I can say with absolute certainty:  Every unusual spot of earthquake action in the Mid-west is due to some well operator taking a chance on injecting gas frack waste.  He can inject other stuff all day long, but then gets tempted by the riches.

So, this little town is getting some fame and excitement.  They won't be happy too long, if they continue to inject and say "What?".  Eventually, they stop and nobody is the wiser.  It has happened in every state so far.  They have to send these stuff to OK, where the earthquakes are slowly picking up again.

Weather, weather everywhere, and not a speck of warmth

Actually, the British warmies are enjoying the only warmth in the Northern Hemisphere.  Drat.  They are getting all the Atlantic heat, with really weird winds.  None of that will come our way.

The Arctic ice will be very happy this month.  I can't see how the warmth will come at the end of May.  Those Vancouver plumes just bring us snow.  We'll have days of warmth with a Gulf plume, but then it will get swept away to the UK.  Not fair.  Unless things change, I see another horrid summer, but my tomatoes will be in my greenhouse. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Big San Francisco Earthquake Article


A soon-to-be-published paper by Caltech engineers showed that an earthquake with a similar intensity of the one that struck Chichi, Taiwan in 1999 would bring down or render unusable numerous steel frame high rises in Los Angeles.

We had the wonderful Portland New Yorker article, that scared everybody.  Now we have the New York Times version for San Fran.  It's a great article, and it has weird interactive pictures and stuff.  Just like tv!

The Taiwan earthquake was 50 to 60 cm/s.  Great articles on it confirmed the use of PGV for these things.  It was ignored by the US.  This article will probably use PGA, the dingies. 

However, I still vote for Oklahoma as the next big disaster quake.  :)

Tesla's 'California Model' fails for mass production


More billions wasted with the Carbon Hypothesis.  I'm glad nasa quickly eliminated the Silurian Hypothesis, using the Scientific Method.  Would they have applied the same rigour to "Air as Glass'.

But I digress.  The Facebook California Model is to pay the few programmers that are more than 10 times more productive than the bunch, ten times more.  I saw this when I was in Palo Alto to see my son's California Startup.  It is a great method, but these people burn out at 35 and you quickly run out of such talent.

Musk did well scooping them up for SpaceX, but did horribly with Tesla mass-production.  No brilliant person wants to work in a factory.  God knows I hated it when the old company purged all brilliance and went pedestrian.  So, he only had idiots to work with.

I have no hope for him because he is trying to exploit global warming when we have tipped into an era of 'Cooling is Warming'.  The all-electric car makes no sense in our new Ice Age.  Have fun getting anywhere in a Tesla 3 at 40 below!

Natural gas is running out, and we will need heating until the end of May.  Lots of fun.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Prediction of a large Oklahoma earthquake

Natgas futures are way up.  The stress shadow is over, but the trucks take a week to roll in.  As well, I think it is building.  If there isn't m6 energy in 2 weeks, then my hypothesis is a loser.  Of course, then I'll just come up with a new one, but this one has been good for years now.

Legalize All Drugs


With Ontario about to elect the druggiest of all drug people, it is time to end the 'war'.  The only treatment for drugs and alcohol is 'controlled consumption'.  That's a program where the addict is allowed all the drugs they want, but the amount is tracked.  There is a high success rate as they want to taper down and join the real world.

Cocaine is mainly a drug used with alcohol.  Natural heroin is much better than the synthetics.  Substitution with cannabis (with mostly cbd) is better than all of them.  If we legalize all the drugs, with the money going to treatment, then we save billions.  We can also use the money to give the homeless homes, which works well in Finland.

I'm now thinking of giant greenhouses with coca plants.  I loved coca tea down in Peru.  It uses the same chemical pathways as caffeine. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Microplastics in Everything

Besides the usual 'Warming is Freezing Us' stories in the Guardian, this week's scare story is all about microplastics killing us.

Here I put in some comments with the replies.

hasmis 2h ago

I've never had a problem with teabags in the compost. For coffee, I use a standard paper
filter which also is good in the compost. The thing about micro plastic reminds me of the big
scare about nano-particles a few years ago, and pcb's before that. Always a new scare, that's
how newspapers make money. :)

M G  hasmis 2h ago

I've never had a problem with teabags in the compost

In what universe is it a good idea to put microplastic in compost?

As it happens some bullshit about the EU banning recycling of teabags was one of Boris Johnson's
long list of lies about the EU.
Production of pcbs was notionally banned way back in the 70s, which is why it's now
*less* prominent, it hasn't disappeared. Given the lifespan of equipment containing them
, a large quantity should have disappeared or will be handled by more recent regs on recycling
electrical equipment, at least in the EU. In much the same way CFC issues haven't gone
away, they've just been less significant - we've just scrapped an 18 yr old freezer
that couldnt be regassed and had to be disposed of responsibly.

hasmis  hasmis 5m ago

To sum up, I'm sorry about making fun of this week's scare stories. The microplastic in
my garden soil is bound by the huge amount of vermiculite, and you don't want to see a
parts per million analysis of *that* stuff. Next week's scare story. The stuff I drink is washed
out by cancerous coffee, and the sea salt interacted with red wine, a tad over my daily limit, so
I'm losing 2 minutes of life. My friend, of 86, only has a few years left due to advanced prostate
cancer, and you know what that's from (lack thereof). When summer finally comes to Canada,
I'll be inhaling wood smoke and eating my fresh-caught Lake Trout. All in all, I probably
won't live long enough to see the effects of micro-plastic.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stress Shadow Ends for Oklahoma Earthquakes

It has always been a feature of OK earthquakes that a major energy release has a stress shadow that usually lasts a week.  No earthquakes over m4 during that time.  There is some good Newtonian physics supporting that, but we only do 'story time' nasa physics now, as used by the usgs.  According to the stories, cutting down on saltwater injection is doing great.

This was an m4 according to far seismometers.  In the next few days we'll get a spattering of these, until the next major episode.  Natural gas is going nuts as New York runs out, and we stay cold.  Right now, fleets of trucks are heading for OK.  Have fun everybody!

ps.  Right now, on the weekend, OK is just bubbling at an m3 a day.  Nobody injects on the weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Running Out of Natural Gas in the US East

You read it here first.  Since I keep track of natgas for Oklahoma earthquakes, I noticed last week that they only had 2 weeks of reserves, and I was predicting a lot more winter, due to our little ice age problem.  This is now confirmed by the British warmies that global warming is causing global cooling.

This is a chart of the week of East natgas spot prices.  Another article says the same.

As for the earthquakes, last week's intense activity seems to have caused a shadow.  No earthquakes.  I've seen this before, and I expect it to be bigger and better than ever, soon enough.

Linux -- writing to an ext4 flash drive

If you have a file larger than 4 gbyte, then you need to go to ext4, a linux filesystem.  This is not as easy as it might appear, since ext4 carries the full linux permissions thing.  You never had to worry about that with fat32.

I wanted to transfer a big file to the old guys chromebook.  The ext4 flash drive auto mounts, but that's no good.  You have to mount to a mount point, and then you have to use root to make it read/writable, such as chmod a+rw usb3, after a umount /dev/sdc1, and a mount /dev/sdc1 usb3

A bit of pain.  I have yet to check if it can load onto the chromebook.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ocean currents changing due to carbon - Warming is cooling the oceans


It turns out that the ocean currents, which are a million times more energetic than the atmosphere, are being turned off by carbon warming.  The mechanism which rivals nasa physics in its simplicity is that the warming is melting the glaciers and the Arctic ice.  This is cooling the oceans and stopping the Gulf Stream.

Next, we'll have carbon affecting plate tectonics, and perhaps the orbit of the Earth.  We can only hope.  With this much power, its no wonder that I'll never oppose nasa physics.

Newtonian physics might have said something about the tail wagging the dog, but we know that is common, according to social physics.

I'm going to bed.

ps.  as I have said before, expect a lot of 'Cooling is Warming' stories.

pps.  The Guardian weighs in.

They have neglected to mention that all the cold water hitting the Gulf Stream is going around Greenland, and coming from the Arctic.

Earthquake Insurance for Eastern Canada


I call out Toronto and Ottawa with just as much seismic hazard as Quebec City.  My physics would indicate that once an area has 'shot its load' with an M7+, then nothing will happen for hundreds of years.

As I have said before, you only need insurance if you are on a hopeless foundation.  That tends to mean that every truck rattles your dishes.  You might know by recent excavations in the area, or any attempt to sink fence poles.  Those who are on solid rock need never worry.

The worst areas in Toronto are the swamps of Hamilton, High Park and the Beaches area.  Pay the extra 5 bucks for earthquake insurance!

The same in BC.  Some houses are on the hardpan that had to be blasted to build the house.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Old age home in Toronto becomes a set for 'Big Bang'

That is now a permanent sign.  It only needs the caution tape.  This is a fantastic old guy place, but they don't fix the only elevator in the building.  Then you have to take a long fire corridor with heavy doors to the next building and use their elevator.  Which has a tendency to over-heat.

I don't mind for myself, but this is for the old guy.  It's a bitch to get him off the floor and go for a coffee.

This is Humber Heights in Etobicoke.  Such a nice place, but they live on selling luxury rooms to rich people.  If you are a rich old guy, then have mercy on the long-term people.  Say you won't move in until they fix that elevator. 

In fact, act like you are old and book a tour.  Say you want to see the big bang set with the permanently closed elevator.  They'll say they are waiting for a part from Germany... blah, blah.....

Wheelchair cabs in Toronto

The old guy was doing gangbusters today so we decided to go to our favourite restaurant.  It's at Yonge, north of Steeles.  So, a nice cab from Beck took us there.  But when we phoned for a pickup, they said they can't pick anybody up there.  Phoning the local piddly country cabs, we found none of them had wheelchair cabs.  Finally we found one that hands over 'authorization' to Co-op, but co-op can't pick up there on their own

Every little crappy place has it's own protectionist by-laws.  Even the new Uber Wav service can't pick up there.  I was saying to the restaurant that there must be a way out or they'd have a pile of wheelchairs with dead people.

Turns out that you have to have a relationship with a wheelchair cab owner, and have him arrange everything for delivery and pick-up.  Stupid thing.

Natural Gas Storage in the East down to two weeks draw

This comment is only for earthquakes.  I have no stock in natgas.  If I read the charts correctly they only have 2 weeks left of storage at the current cold weather draw.  But I think we have 4 weeks of really cold weather left. 

This does not bother us in Canada, but natgas super-spiked in the spot market.  This should draw up the 3 month futures and natgas will be fracking heaven.  They'll give up injecting in Nebraska soon, and then it all goes to OK.

Next week we can expect our high rate, maybe even 'very high rate'. 

Dog problem in Toronto

We've had the fun with drug-dealer pit bulls.  That fad died after the ban.  Now we have unfixed, unsocialize big male dogs.  The latest in our area is a King Shepard.

Image result

Big huge dogs let to roam free by road-rager types.  This has led to a crackdown by the authorities on the friendly dogs who just want to catch frisbees (like mine!).  The park is a dangerous place right now, and I hope this fad is going away soon.

Linux - Using a 32 bit printer driver - Xerox Phaser 6125n

This problem again.  On my bleeding-edge development machine, the printer stopped working, and I worked for hours on it.  My stable machine had no problems and I was using that.

This worked

Got this 32-bit driver working on Ubuntu 12.04 through 16.04 by adding the 32-bit support: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libcupsimage2:i386 Printer uses ART EX as the standard page description language

Remove the old driver and reinstall after this.  I used the KDE printer menu to set up the printer.  The cups web interface has gone nuts again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Linux - USB3 suddenly disconnects

Ok people, this is the stupidest thing ever for Linux.  All of a sudden my usb3 flash disks made a connection and then disconnected.  I searched and searched and found this was happening all the time.  Every time they put in a new kernel.  As usual, the answer is to do million things and suddenly it works.

For me, the final thing was the grub configuration.  You change /etc/default grub file and then you run update-grub to nail it in.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="usbcore.autosuspend=-1 iommu=soft quiet"

The final thing was the autosuspend bit.  I had changed iommu and turned off the iommu in the motherboard but that didn't do anything.  Now the usb3 mounts up like any other flash disk.  Yeah!  :)

Oklahoma earthquake stuff read out

Yeah, my old guy can put this on to go to sleep.  Just as good as Ted talks.

Oklahoma earthquake scales - Part 2

We've seen the crude scales of 'effect', and now we wish to go into more precision.  That involves strong motion accelerometers which are expensive to deploy, although I have designed one using a raspi zero and 4 cheap accelerometer chips.  The expensive part is useful deployment and calibration.  Everybody has an accelerometer chip in their phone, but not useful.

The easiest thing to get from these, is peak ground acceleration, or PGA.  You just take the whole time history of acceleration and pick the tiny spot where it is the maximum.  Unfortunately, this saturates fairly quickly and is the same for all types of different intensities.  A totally useless measure, yet it used religiously by the big engineering groups.  They base this on 'shaketable physics' which is as good as nasa or usgs physics.  They get tons of money building bigger and bigger shake tables, and yet the buildings tilt at very low ground shaking.  I won't say any more on that, because you could kill yourself trying to change it.  We must simply wait for more damage.

Here I am on dangerous ground, but the one measure that aligns well with Newtonian Physics, and observable intensities is peak ground velocity, or PGV.  I use this exclusively, but it's only me.

PGV is easy to get from accelerometers, but it is incompatible with shaketable physics.  Thus, it is never used.  In general, there is a factor of two increase in pgv for every MM intensity unit.  I usually just confine the reporting to factors of 10, there's no use being more precise than the uncertainties, although 'institutional physics' loves doing that to add more gravitas. 

Knowing the intensities from damage is totally useless.  However, knowing damage from pgv is useful.  You can categorize the 'seismic capacity' of buildings or an entire city, and then you can relate that to 'seismic hazard' or the probability spread of pgv.

For example, a pgv of 10 cm/s, should just rattle off the Royal Dalton, unless you were smart enough to secure it with tack putty.  A crummy old brick building will collapse.  And here's where pgv is infinitely more useful than pga.  That's on soft soils, where pgv can amplify by a factor of 10 to 100, but pga stays the same.  At 40 cm/s houses start to crack and peel off unsecured brick, and all the modern high-rises start to tilt.  Once a building tilts just a little bit, it has to be destroyed.  That's lots of money for engineers!

In OK we can expect the old downtown of Pawnee or Perry to be destroyed at 20 cm/s.  We can expect all the oil tanks to rupture at 40 cm/s.  These levels can be achieved by an m6 thrust.  We've had many m6's in OK, but most were of the wrong type and too deep.  The pgv depends greatly on earthquake mechanism, distance, and depth.

End of this useless series.  :)

All of those young people who want jobs, you should align yourself with 'institutional physics'. 

Oklahoma earthquake scales - Part 1

People are confused about the various scales used in the earthquake biz, and rightly so.  A scale is an attempt to put numbers on the effects of earthquakes.

First, there is the earthquake magnitude.  This was an attempt by Richter to quantify the energy of the earthquakes at the point of origin, irrespective of distance.  He wanted it to resemble the brightness magnitude of stars.  Thus, he roughly shoved the total range of expected energy into a scale that would go up to 10.  In order to do that, the scale turned out to be logarithmic, or that each unit in the scale was a factor of 30 in total energy.

The system worked well in California where it was calibrated, but then they had to shoe-horn it for the rest of the world.  Thus, there evolved many ways to calculate magnitude in a way that was consistent with the original principles.  There is a large jitter in magnitudes as it is calculated in many ways.  I always round to the nearest whole digit, since I consider the error and jitter to be quite large.  The usgs calculates to the nearest decimal point, but then is always changing it.

Thus, this is a rough scale of some interest to scientists, but generally useless to people.  People want to know the effects, and once again we have many scales.  Following the trend to force everything to a scale of 10, we have the Modified Mercalli scale of intensity.  This is always reported along with the magnitude in Oklahoma.

Each notch in the scale denotes a significant increase in earthquake damage.  Thus, you go from 'felt' at Intensity 4 or so, to 'total destruction' at 9 or 10.  This is a very rough scale with huge error bars, so it is forced to be a single digit when reporting the value.  The methodology hasn't changed since the beginning of time.  There is a questionnaire, asking things like ' Did the Royal Dalton fall?', or 'How's your chimney?'.  For each large OK earthquake, there are thousands that respond, giving us a nice map of intensities.  The intensity is always the largest right on top of the earthquake, unless we have bizarre soil conditions.

- to be continued

ps.  underrated m5 in Nebraska.  Everybody tries to inject the 'liquid gold' of gas frack waste, and then suddenly stop it with horror in their eyes.  :)

UK weather not too bad now

I love the sound of a crashing hypothesis.  To wit:  The truncating of the Gulf Stream by Arctic currents would cause the UK to freeze in the dark.

But we are getting Atlantic hot plumes coming over without the Gulf Stream.  And the UK is now enjoying the upward stream from Africa which was going over Moscow all winter.  Isn't Nature grand?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Oklahoma earthquake energy release at a peak

Natural gas is holding its price as the East becomes warmer.  Lots of fresh water frack waste being injected in OK.  This week has seen lots of m5's and 6's.  The seismic energy release is at a high rate.  We need to keep this up for a month in order to have a chance for an M7.  Earlier in the year we had high natgas prices and a 2 week thaw.  Much energy released then, but it stopped dead.

The current earthquake series are nearly-identical deep normal earthquakes.  For every 5 to 10 m5's we'll get an m6.  These earthquakes are being underrated because most of the seismic energy is being directed down into the Earth.  Nevertheless, they are all part of the mechanism.  Time for another vlog!

Today we had another m5 totally identical to the others.  The town must prepare for a shallow thrust m6 with all the energy directed at it, like it happened to another town last year.  An m7 has 30 times more energy, so that's 30 towns.  :)

m6 thrust - PGV of 20 cm/s affecting one town

m7 - pgv of 40 cm/s over the state and felt in Boston

m7.5 (probable max) - pgv of 80 cm/s and ringing the bells of Boston, sloshing high-rise fish tanks in Toronto

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Vlog - Oklahoma Earthquakes

I do these for my old guy, stuck in a nursing home with a broken elevator.  :(

ps.  if you are one of the big guys with a political agenda, you can be assured that nobody looks at this.  I mean, look at the production value!  It stinks.

A really good 70's April snowstorm for Toronto is churning up

Here it is, our Lastman moment.  Since we are now caught in a Groundhog Day loop, we shall know how to handle it.  :)

The storm has started off the west coast, and it is a big Pacific plume that has already started to curl.  Normally, they come straight in.

I believe that my predictions are as good as simple 'blind guessing'.  :)

ps.  whoops, army called in 1999.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Oklahoma earthquakes start up again

We had a few good weeks a while ago, when we got an m5 a week.  Then the natgas price went down, and it got really cold again.

You need the price up, and the temperature warmer to get earthquakes.  It's not common, since natgas always goes down when it gets warm.  This is the 3 month futures price and the decision for new fracking depends on it.

The conditions are ripe now, and we got an m5 with an intensity of six.

ps.  m4.6 int 6 just now.  Waiting for the world rating.

pps.  There are no records on this, listing individual magnitudes from seismometers.  They must be on holiday.  :)

It's a normal mechanism with a large felt area.  These are always underestimated by the usgs, so I expect the magnitude might be rounded to m6.  We had a few of these last year, so only a few more until an m7.

If this were an m6 shallow thrust, then another town would be destroyed.

Arctic ice volume making its move to cross lanes

I always wait for this plot.  I think ice volume is a better measure of global warming than ice extent.  After all, the big ice sheets, about to descend on us, have volume!  :)

If you click on the graph and look at this month, you see the race car is swerving into the lanes.  I use these analogies because I embrace Nasa Physics, which must look good, above all.  Since I am so cold here in Toronto, and warmth is never coming, I predict that next month, and the months after, the line will crash right into the middle and give us 1970 ice volumes.  The polar bears will be so happy! 

And we can blame the new ice age on the crash of the Toronto housing market.  Who will want to come here now?  Big Ammie will want to pick someplace warmer.  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Toronto housing not too bad

Everything is holding level the last month or two.  However, nothing is selling in the neighbourhood.  Condo prices are really level, and not super hot as some papers might say.  Again, I am amazed at how long people can hold out for a better price.  Interest rates will probably go up next month, and all the new houses and condos are being completed.

ps.  some people are complaining.  Hint - it was never the foreign buyer tax.

Vlog on Atmospheric physics - Part 2, when the rubber hits the road

This vlogging was a test to see if it became popular.  It didn't, so I'm giving it up.  Nasa physics rules the world, and we can expect to see billions and billions wasted.  Yeah!

ps. Yeah for future disasters -- Bridges collapsing, buildings tilting in earthquakes, lots of solar and wind power, made with stuff dug up that makes uranium dinner plates look good.  Nuclear power plants blowing up or not working.  Cars running on lithium batteries that can't be scale up.  This is an exciting future!

pps.  I forgot the Oklahoma earthquakes.  Should get up to an M7 this year.  Fueled by usgs physics which is also the physics of expediency, confirmed by pretty pictures.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Vlog Series on Atmospheric Physics

I'm quite liking this new series.  My setup is great, but my throat suffers with the careful vocalizing.

Polar Vortex Stepping on Global Temperatures

All the climate-people are saying that this a 'cold snap' caused by the Dreaded Polar Vortex.

I'll go with that because I have decided to go with 'Nasa Physics', and abandon my foolish desire to stick to 'Newtonian Physics'.  That guy is long dead.

In nasa physics, cold energy can flow.  That is how the polar vortex is considered a thing, like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo.

The global temperatures have skidded along the bottom, like roadkill.   I was expecting a big plunge, but you can see that the southern hemisphere is doing a good job.  Doesn't help the North, though.

When the Polar Vortex has had its fill of eating our heat, then maybe we can plant tomatoes.

The Next Great German Diesel Thing


Imagine if this guy was looking for oil!  The truth is that if you still believe in the Carbon Hypothesis, then you are going to have to dig up the nastiest stuff on earth.  By the gazillion tons!  Makes the tar sands look clean.

Meanwhile, the carbonistas are blaming the Polar Vortex for the cold energy flowing down on us.  Social Physics does not recognize that cold is merely the absence of heat energy.  They talk as though the vortex were an Energy Entity.  

ps.  Spot the Arctic Vortex (hint, it isn't there)


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pickering Nuclear Plant to stay open forever


Wonderful place.  I've written enough about it.  We live in a world where the PR department can write anything, and it will be believed.  No physics need apply!  :)

This is probably the opening gambit to soften the blow of the coming Darlington fiasco.  However, they will write something and everybody will be happy.

Review of -- One Star

I've bought a lot of things direct from China through aliexpress.  I've always been satisfied, since they don't release payment until you are.  The vendors try very hard to please.

However, we tried an independent,, mainly because of heavy advertising, and all the good reviews on their site.  I am sure all the reviews are genuine, and we are the rare exception.  There is no independent review option.

We ordered a dress and it came back as the most horrible, ugly thing ever.  They are not offering any reasonable compensation, so I writing this.

I am not including my response, or all the pictures we took.  As well, there was an extra $55 in duty we had to pay.  I'll just let this review stand.

Monday, April 2, 2018

New Vlogs on Linux

Wow, a full two days on this.

Weather groundhog predicts 2 more months of Winter

I am sorry to be right.  The Carbon Hypothesis has fallen so completely out of band that the chart looks like you wanted to drive from LA to New York and you ended up in Atlanta.

The UK tabloids are now predicting 2 more months of Winter, but nobody ever mentions the Gulf Stream.  I learned that whole thing as a child, yet it is abandoned.

In a few days we will see the new chart, and global temperatures will have plunged further.  The New Ice Age is upon us, and I feel sorry for warmies who stand outside in their summer clothes and defy the cold.  :)

ps.  However, they are getting 2 days of warmth.  A plume is reaching them.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1 News

We have finally found the physics that Global Warming is real.  Canada and the UK will be warmer than ever.  Global temperatures will zoom up.  There will be no ice age.

Meanwhile, all earthquakes in Oklahoma have stopped.  Biblical physics works.

In Toronto, homeowners who wish to sell their monster houses will have a fine Spring.  The price of condos will go up forever.

Facebooks will only have intelligent conversations, and no fake news.  Their new privacy policies will put targeted ads in their place.