Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stress Shadow Ends for Oklahoma Earthquakes

It has always been a feature of OK earthquakes that a major energy release has a stress shadow that usually lasts a week.  No earthquakes over m4 during that time.  There is some good Newtonian physics supporting that, but we only do 'story time' nasa physics now, as used by the usgs.  According to the stories, cutting down on saltwater injection is doing great.

This was an m4 according to far seismometers.  In the next few days we'll get a spattering of these, until the next major episode.  Natural gas is going nuts as New York runs out, and we stay cold.  Right now, fleets of trucks are heading for OK.  Have fun everybody!

ps.  Right now, on the weekend, OK is just bubbling at an m3 a day.  Nobody injects on the weekend.

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