Friday, April 6, 2018

Oklahoma earthquakes start up again

We had a few good weeks a while ago, when we got an m5 a week.  Then the natgas price went down, and it got really cold again.

You need the price up, and the temperature warmer to get earthquakes.  It's not common, since natgas always goes down when it gets warm.  This is the 3 month futures price and the decision for new fracking depends on it.

The conditions are ripe now, and we got an m5 with an intensity of six.

ps.  m4.6 int 6 just now.  Waiting for the world rating.

pps.  There are no records on this, listing individual magnitudes from seismometers.  They must be on holiday.  :)

It's a normal mechanism with a large felt area.  These are always underestimated by the usgs, so I expect the magnitude might be rounded to m6.  We had a few of these last year, so only a few more until an m7.

If this were an m6 shallow thrust, then another town would be destroyed.

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