Monday, April 16, 2018

Legalize All Drugs


With Ontario about to elect the druggiest of all drug people, it is time to end the 'war'.  The only treatment for drugs and alcohol is 'controlled consumption'.  That's a program where the addict is allowed all the drugs they want, but the amount is tracked.  There is a high success rate as they want to taper down and join the real world.

Cocaine is mainly a drug used with alcohol.  Natural heroin is much better than the synthetics.  Substitution with cannabis (with mostly cbd) is better than all of them.  If we legalize all the drugs, with the money going to treatment, then we save billions.  We can also use the money to give the homeless homes, which works well in Finland.

I'm now thinking of giant greenhouses with coca plants.  I loved coca tea down in Peru.  It uses the same chemical pathways as caffeine. 

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