Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wheelchair cabs in Toronto

The old guy was doing gangbusters today so we decided to go to our favourite restaurant.  It's at Yonge, north of Steeles.  So, a nice cab from Beck took us there.  But when we phoned for a pickup, they said they can't pick anybody up there.  Phoning the local piddly country cabs, we found none of them had wheelchair cabs.  Finally we found one that hands over 'authorization' to Co-op, but co-op can't pick up there on their own

Every little crappy place has it's own protectionist by-laws.  Even the new Uber Wav service can't pick up there.  I was saying to the restaurant that there must be a way out or they'd have a pile of wheelchairs with dead people.

Turns out that you have to have a relationship with a wheelchair cab owner, and have him arrange everything for delivery and pick-up.  Stupid thing.

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