Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bomb Cyclone

Yeah, Toronto misses this!

You can see that over the past 5 days, Pacific plumes have slashed down and brought up Gulf warmth.  But that isn't the whole story, since a storm needs cold air as well.

These warm, moist air plumes represent 'Potential Energy' which is like holding a hammer over your foot.  Destructive energy, like a storm, is only released when it meets cold air, which is releasing the hammer.  This is always a major physics error by the warmies.  The carbon hypothesis only predicts uniform warming, not storms, but they take credit for them.  In fact, they'll take credit for snow storms, since they are just 'Winter Hurricanes'.

This is the dry surface air swirling into the warmth.  All weather is driven by the warm plumes, the cold air just responds.  Here we see the bomb cyclone is going to be fed by air streaming over Greenland at 50 below.  Rather than just dropping the hammer on your toe, this is throwing it down.  The total energy released is the 'difference' between warm and cold.

All winter, our tropical plumes just floated by us, keeping us warm, and not touching the cold air mass over the Arctic.  Now it is breaking up and time to pay the piper.  I'm so glad it's not hitting Toronto, since I just put away the snowblower.  Yeah!

ps.  the virus hasn't changed our retired lifestyle, other than it nearly killed me.  The economic loss is no greater than the carbon stupidity, the freon stupidity, oil wars, etc.  If we have money we blow it on stupidities.

pps.  and we found YEAST!  A bizarre ethnic store that nobody shops at.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Zoom physics 8 -- the whole earth

This is the last one.  It's the physics at the very large scale. 

Only with global temperatures starting to go down, can anybody talk about this.  Before, they would be shouted down by the spurious correlation between CO2 and global temperature.

But we can't have any more El Nino's.  We need a big plunge.  :)  (Actually, I would hate a big plunge.)

Global temperatures going down again

That Halvsie El Nino was powerful, half as strong as 2016.  But it was never recorded officially as a hen, because the physics is wrong.  They only measure weather disturbances at the usual source.  A hen is a totally new beast, and as with covid they botch everything up.

The Northern mid latitudes have zoomed up, but that's because of all those plumes that crossed it, and the warming season.

The North Pole had a big drop and that will be coming down on us all April.  blah.  At the top of the hen, the warmie press was all over these charts.  Now, they will ignore it.

State of the oceans -- April 8, 2020

Our Pacific reversal has gone, and will never be named as anything because the official definition is wrong.

Below is the sea surface temperature anomaly, which is the variation from an average.

The north Atlantic is much colder than normal, and there are big hot blobs north and south in the Pacific. 

This has resulted in a fairly undefined plume pattern.  By the time you get a hold on the pattern, it changes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Zoom physics 7b - life at a small scale

I left out flying insects who have to use a snap to fly.  Some insects smash their wings at the top.  Others go super-fast.

Zoom physics - 7a - Vortex scaling

Vortex scaling is so neat.  At larger scales with a high Rayleigh number, a vortex forms easily.  That's the point where all heat transport in the air and water is convection, which is just shedding heat with turbulence.  At this point, there is almost no heat transport by radiation, it is tens and tens times greater with convection.  This is the final 'super point' where the carbon hypothesis fails.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Zoom physics - 6A -- Heat scaling

Yeah, more scaling!  We all evolve to our limits.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Zoom physics 6 not happening

I can't do fluid scaling.  That's something that directly hits the carbon hypothesis pushed by the Big N's.  It shall remain a secret for physics people.  And since nobody has ever mentioned this before, I have to assume that I am the only one left.

ps.  I finally got a new insight into this, that makes it the same as regular volume/area scaling.  I'm so smart!  I'll take that to my grave, as well.

pps.  and I forgot heat scaling which controls the size of animals.  All secret now.

more:  I went to 6a. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Zoom physics 5 - Scaling Laws (solids)

Scaling laws are lots of fun when you use models for dams and such.  Now it's all digital.  Scaling is  one of my main problems with shake tables and earthquake engineering.  But I think all the young people in California are following me now.  :)

Just like the oil industry is following me for earthquakes in Oklahoma.   blah....

Friday, April 3, 2020

Cold air is on the move

Don't put away your snowblower yet.  The atmospheric plumes are attacking the Arctic, scooping out cold air like ice cream.

When you get more physics lessons you will realize this is a map of energy.  The weather people only look at this map below.

This is a map of surface winds, mostly dry winds.  The tips of the plumes appear as 'lows'.  These big swirling storms are really the 'finger puppets' of the energy plumes.  The weather people are obsessed with them.

So, as the finger puppet near Alaska pokes the ice cream air mass you can see it spilling all over the UK.  It's just as probable that it will come over us.

The lesson in both math and physics is that you must see things in the abstract, such as potential energy.  However, this means that you can't talk to anybody.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I probably already had covid-19

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  At the end of February we visited the brother-in-law in Huntsville.  He's a big mover and shaker at Deerhurst, and meets a lot of people.  He was just recovering from what we thought was bronchitis but he had to go to the hospital and was totally weakened.  Again, we thought it was walking pneumonia.  His wife was getting it, but only got a sniffle.

Then it roared through our family.  I have never been so sick from bronchitis.  It burned down my lungs and I was quite weak, but not flattened.  Then my wife got a little bit, my son got a sniffle, and his sig other didn't feel a thing.

We'll only know if I get the real thing, and think that the previous thing was nothing or we get the antibodies tested sometime down the road.

We self-isolated because of the cold, and didn't give it anybody except my daughter and her man who both just had a sniffle.

So, it was well into the community by January, and it was hiding under the colds.  Or nothing.  I'm going with this, since it makes me happy.  :)

ps.  if any of this is true, then it demonstrates how the power of exponentials is lost on non-physics types.  Wuhan was brewing in November.  Canada was brewing in Feb.  In fact, when my kids might have had it, they were at a big fashion event in Toronto with lots of Italians.....

It is the nature of exponentials to brew for a long time and then explode.  The fact that it suddenly broke over the whole world shows this.

ps if it actually was covid, then it helps with the pain to take huge amounts of my stuff.  :)

Zoom physics 4 - phase change

At the end I got confused between release and absorption of heat energy.  Condensation releases a lot of heat energy.  For our air conditioning we have the 'condenser' outside (hot), and the evaporator inside absorbing heat (cold).

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

State of the Oceans -- April Fools, 2020

Nobody thinks about physics, so everything I do is a big joke.  Sometimes I get depressed, but not this day.

The biggest Halvsie El Nino (Mother Hen) is over.  There has never been anything like that.  It rolled up the tide, made our winter mild, and forced a lot of water under the Arctic ice.

The tide gauge has shown all the effect of the recent warming cycle, and is now plunging.  It popped up for the hen.

The Arctic ice is finally turning up with the tap turned off.

Our tropical plumes are weak and we'll be cold, and the UK thinks it's going to be warm.

A whole bunch of physics indicators are confirming all this, and that and a couple of bucks can buy a coffee.

Doomed to never forecast weather


This is hilarious.  Without atmospheric physics they can't progress.  They lose trillions not being able to forecast big events, and trillions on carbon reduction.  And trillions with covid.  How many trillions are left?

Until they nail down atmospheric heat flow, and clear-air convection they'll be rubbing their heads.  But they killed all that when they doubled down on 'Earth is Venus'.  They cannot engage in a speck of physics without being totally destroyed.  So, we'll all stumble until something big happens.

We'll continue to stumble into huge disasters as long as PR departments are in charge.  Covid could have been stopped if they had international crews figuring out the exponential right away.  But the PR department kept saying 'No sharks in the water.'  With more test kits we could have stopped that nursing home disaster by finding the 'Typhoid Mary's'.  But PR is in the way.

We live in an 'influencer' world and these guys have to maintain their image.

**the process of evolving a killer virus is a long one.  There has to be continuous exchange between humans and the original host.  For months or years the virus doesn't bother humans much.  When there is a tiny adaption both humans and hosts start multiplying viruses.  Until finally it explodes.  We really had years.

Zoom physics 3 -- Heat Loss

Another video for covid shut-ins.  I'll do a few before the virus comes knocking at the door.  The virus is a great example of what happens when the PR departments are in charge. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Zoom physics - 2 Heat Energy

Trying to keep these things short.  A proper 'Mr. Wizard' show has a snotty little kid saying "Gee, how does it get hot?'  but all the kids are hiding, and they'd rather play Animal Crossing.

Costco Old Man Hours

Went to Costco today with the old person hours.  Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am.  Regular hours are at 10.  There was a big line of old people and they close the line at 9:15 so they can clear the store and clean a bit.

Even then, they stopped the line a few times so that the cash registers only had one cart waiting six feet back.  They have toilet paper but no wipes. 

There was one young crazy lady in the line.  The manager was yelling at her that couldn't come in.  She was screaming her covid back that she didn't know about old-hours.  We old people were yelling at her.  If she was here at 8, then she knew about the special hours.  She didn't get in.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Linux - Zoom for Physics

Yeah, everybody get zoom.  It works for chromebooks and old laptops running Linux.  It's amazing that it works.  I can never get any other Linux application working with video and sound, it requires a lot of fiddling with pulseaudio and such.  The whiteboard works with my Wacom drawing thing.

Next we must try a Zoom meeting, but I think we may have bandwidth problems because everybody is doing this.  I also got Zoom to put on makeup for me.  :)

Make a comment if you have direct fiber and we can start this.

Sunrise over the toilet paper plant

Taken the other day.  This is the big Facelle plant and the steam that we always see.  A nice, iconic photo for our times.  :)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

State of the oceans -- March 28, 2020

These guys are never right, but this time I agree with them.  Perhaps after all this is over, people will think of physics, and not just people who talk a lot.

The ocean current map is getting slow to update, but we should be happy it comes out at all.

Our halvsie El Nino (hen) is on its last gasp.  It's not pushing the heat over any more.  That makes our warm pulses shorter and shorter.

But the Arctic current is very strong.  Once again, we have a 'shower' of cold water hitting the vestigial Gulf Stream.

I just love how this current has carved out the bottom of the Arctic ice.  I've never seen it like this.

I'm building a poly-tunnel for the garden.  The Quebec winter garage turned greenhouse was just too weak for the big storms.  Hopefully, this will stand.

With the hen gone, the world temps will take a dive.  Even in an ice advance, we would have a hot July, and the warmies can wait for that.  :)

ps.  Yeah, giant, horrible blizzards are being called 'Winter Hurricanes' and, as such, they are being blamed on carbon warming.

Trump cuts off states who don't love him


In a shocking move, Trump is being Trump.  His task team is being told to skip by the states with the most deaths, and focus on states that boost his ego.

Yet Trump - who hours earlier had suggested the need for the devices was being overblown - rejected any criticism of the federal government's response to a ballooning public health crisis that a month ago he predicted would be over by now.

I don't how he is going to get ventilators if he kills off all the workers.  Another problem for another day.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Snow all April

Yes people, my prediction in November will come true.  We'll have snow in April.  The mid-latitudes had a nice winter because of the Halvsie El Nino (hen), but that's at an end.  This will be known as a long winter.

The poor warmies, it's hard to make the headlines.  Nobody cares about Australia.

As the hen was dying, we had some tropical plumes penetrate the Arctic, now the weak plumes are repelled.  This a shot from around Alaska.

The Arctic cold is like a solid wall.  The same around Europe.  We would normally expect the cold to be under attack by now.

It's funny that what the UK calls an Arctic plume is actually a sad tropical plume giving them snow.  Wait until something actually comes from the Arctic.

ps.  based on physics, I make bold predictions based on 'best estimate' and ignoring uncertainties.  That gives me 90% on climate and 10% on earthquakes.

Covid-19 -- US has probably hit testing saturation


As we know, the US has no healthcare for millions except the charity hospital emergency ward.  As well, they have few test kits for the population. 

This has resulted in a very weird curve that might make some people think that it's all over.

At some point, only deaths will be reported.  However, we don't know the fatality percentage.  In New York the cases are doubling every 2 days, and I think it's probably doubling (or more) every day.

Ontario is holding well, with a doubling every week.  A big number is close contact and travel.  Since there are no super-spreading venues left, I think it will start to leave this minor exponential soon.  The media is still trying to stir up outrage and anxiety, but that's the only way to make money in this world.  :)

Zoom Karaoke

The young ones had a big zoom session with all their friends and a karaoke session.  About 20 people, and all the video was generally frozen, but the audio came through.  It was fun. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trump says: "Party Like It's 1999 (cases)"


That blank space used to be filled with the old doctor.  He was like a hand-signer except with Italian gestures.  When Trump blurped out a lie, he would slap his face and express "Momma Mia!".  Now he is fired, and Trump wants to go back full speed.

So, let the bible-trumpers have big meetings, gun shows, etc.  It'll be interesting.

ps.  Trump has exceeded my expectations.  I used to think he'd kill thousands with a big Oklahoma earthquake, but that stopped when you could buy a barrel of oil for a bag of peanuts.  Now, he has no limit...

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trump throws in the infected towel

This is exciting.  Bible Trumpers can now have big parties and overdose on tonic water.  He's worried about re-election.  However, the state governors are clamping down, and every state is its own empire.

ps.  pooey.  An American company just rescinded a job offer for my son.

Oceans -- March 21-24, 2020

The Halvsie El Nino (hen) is breaking up.

That means a different Pacific plume pattern.  The new plumes are going straight up and hitting the northern cold air.  We will continue to have alternating hot and cold. 

Right now, we have it nice for a few days, as southern air warms us.  I'm getting the garden ready.  Your tomatoes should have the first transplant by now.  This year I'm trying a poly-tunnel, as the old greenhouse was constantly being destroyed by strong winds.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Ontario Covid19 cases tilting to sub-linear

Linear is good because it is easy to go to sub-linear.  At that point, the exponential is less than 1, and we would expect a termination of this nightmare.

We have eliminated all venues where a super-spreader could peddle their wares.  There are just a few sleazy companies around that are maintaining an office staff for non-essential work.  I know of one, and I hope they get the big 2x4 to the head.

At this point, you can relax at home in your self-isolation.  Take daily doses of cannabis oil.  A good immune system comes from the lack of stress, and the elimination of all inflammation markers.  Give up smoking for the next few weeks and pile on the cannabis oil with lots of cbd.  You need lung capacity to survive this.

The media will keep trying to raise anxiety, which is what they live on.  Don't fall for it.

I suspect that the numbers will keep up linear since we are getting a lot of people returning from travel and Florida beach parties.

ps.  media reporting 78 new cases, but I only count 50 on the site.  Wish they would have a chart, it's not obvious to find, and the media would push higher.  This is still linear.  If it doubled every day, that's exponential.  Also, the sleazy company has to close.  Yeah!

pps.  there's a lot of 'travel' on the list as people come back.  I don't know if I would count that, but who knows?

more:  okay, that was 28 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Love in the Time of Covid19

I just wanted to use that title!  But we know a lot of young people who are freaking out right now about destination weddings down the road.  We have one in August, and I'm thinking it will all clear by then, but all the cheapo airlines we booked with will be bankrupt.  Yuck.

ps. pooey, somebody stole it already.....

Earthquakes and Pandemics

You do not want a really big earthquake right now.  This was a small one, but total thrust which creates a high peak ground velocity.

I'll guess we hit 10 cm/s with this one.  Only the historic buildings were affected, which are just big piles of stone.  I also think that this is the max quake for the region, so everything should settle down.

Fingers crossed.  It's been ridiculously quiet around the world the past year or two. 

Cold Spring can be blamed on coronavirus

In La-La land!

The co2 measurements may be showing a covid-19 signal.  Normally, we'd expect this curve to continue going up and be higher than the year before.  But it is flattening out.  Naturally, you would have to wait a bit longer to confirm, but I like being first out of the gate.

Now all the warmies are celebrating - "Yeah, total death is saving us!".   I think all the climate shifts are due to ocean currents, but if the co2 hypothesis is real, then we should see a signal in global temps.  The media can pick up on that, along with the Jet Stream causing weather.

China is picking up again, but there is no market for their goods.  We'll see this jink in the curve as the sars2 thing.

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Ozone Hole is Back

This is one of my old predictions, based on lab work that showed the great 'Ozone Reaction' didn't exist at the temperatures and air pressure where it was supposed to occur.  These results could have easily been reproduced except for the fact that nassie killed all that.


Throughout the month of March, so far, NASA satellites have been tracking a large hole in the Arctic ozone layer that appears to be the largest and most intense one ever seen.

This will be ignored or someone will come up with a new story to explain it.  The real reason, is that the Arctic is getting nasty cold, but a huge ocean current is keeping the ice thin.

Any 'story' from the Big N's will involve the fairy Jet Stream or Polar Vortex.  Clap your hands if you believe them.

Regardless, it is still best to sun yourself in the backyard when you can to keep the virus boogers away.

Trump starts mad rush for tonic water

Tonic water contains no more than 83 mg of quinine per liter—a much lower concentration than the 500 to 1,000 mg in the therapeutic dose of quinine tablets.Aug 20, 2019

The dose for coronavirus is 1 gram per day, but this may kill you more than the virus.  Side effects include death.

So you can get that dose by drinking 12 litres of tonic water a day.  Surely no side effects from that.

So, we just need someone on fox saying that guy drank a gin and tonic and was instantly cured.  Could happen one in a million.  Then it will be a 'truth', until everybody starts dying, then 'it was never said'.

ps.  the US is on an exponential, but it takes more than one week to fully report.  Slow, repub mess.

The oceans slosh around -- Things for science papers

This is quite an exciting observation on my part, but it requires work to develop, and I don't do work.  With all kiddies home, they have to submit papers to pass, and there is a lot to do.

Sea level 

I have noticed that tide gauge trends are correlated within a given ocean basin, but the opposite between basins.


So, you put on a long filter (decade) and cross-correlate.  Don't make any broad conclusions on 'rising sea levels', your warmie teacher will kill you.

Convection in the atmosphere

All warmies agree that there is convection, but that radiation heat loss dominates.  You can get a lot of weather balloon data, and analyse it.  If radiation dominates, then the balloon data goes one way, and if convection, then another.  Don't make any mention of the carbon warming hypothesis, sure to get you killed.  Just analyse data.

You can go further by looking up the data for 'clear air convection', one of the great mysteries of the world.  They used to do a lot on it, then stopped.

Slightly dangerous - the freon reaction

You can accept the reaction of freon breaking down and then destroying ozone, but what is the reaction rate?  You can do a lot on this and just mention that work needs to be done on the reaction rate in real-life conditions.  No grand conclusions, like nusa is an idiot.

Atmospheric plumes

There is a paper that says the jet stream and 'polar vortex' don't have the energy to move weather around.  Follow their procedure and do a big thing on atmospheric tropical 'rivers'.   This is very trendy.

Ocean currents

Find out how they process the ocean current maps, and do the same.  Look for historical patterns.

Digital elevation maps

These are fun.  Reprocess yourself with different 'lighting' and elevation amplification.  Do it on earthquake zones.  Repeat my Hamilton, Ontario results.

ps.  epidemiology - play with the exponentials, of infection rate.  Look at past epidemics.

finite differences - use the Impact finite diff program.  Repeat my earthquake shaking results.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Royal York Winery and Water

The wife and I are working here during the big wine pushes.  It does a steady business in water refill.  You have a choice of Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline water.  Sometimes the distilled water works.  However, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between RO and distilled.

I use a Brita jug at home, and have not tried the water yet.  It makes a big difference if you like herbal tea.  You should try the different waters, 10 times better than tap water for taste.

The real reason for having a giant water treatment plant is to make wine to the customer order.  I've been into it for a while now.  The customer orders a selection and it is made from concentrate.  I've seen the choice of concentrates from around the world, and have loaded them on stacks or poured them into the vats.  The real value comes from using the RO water to fill out the concentrates.  If you ever used tap water to make your own wine you know how horrible that is.  (I really know).

As with all the 'make your own wine' shops, you must have involvement.  The gov't is always trying to trap the poor guy, but the rule is firm.  The higher grade wine is magnificent.  He allows to ferment in a tank without change, and then filters directly from the first tank into the bottles.  He uses two to three times more filters than usual.

This results in the cleanest finish I have ever tasted.  Leaving it on the first yeast keeps the fruit aroma.  He has three grades of wine and I am addicted on the top grade, straight from Italy.

For red wine you would have to order about a year in advance for an event because you need 8 months in the bottle.  I was trying some whites that could be drunk right after bottling.  It would be ready for the summer, and the cab is great.

Again, the magnificence of the wine comes from the water.  You can fill water bottles for your tea which will be 10 times better.  In this time of near-death, I want my cannabis, wine, and tea.  It will be a glorious short life.  :)

The virus will most likely peter out

This is a projection based on physics.  If we can get transmission down to between 0 and 1, then it dies.  That means we are in an 'explosive' phase if one infected person can infect 10 people in a dental conference.  But, if an infected person does not transmit to anybody, then the epidemic dies.

The big question is why we have a 'flu season'.  That's because we are all jammed indoors and we have lots of parties, concerts etc.  Also, if it gets into students, then it goes wild.  

Toilet paper aside, I think we'll seen things calm down soon.  Sars1 died, and I don't see that this is ten times worse in the infection rate.  Maybe we'll get surprised.  But I don't see that we can get any more 'super spreader' events which are essential for a rapid rise.

Be calm and think of physics.  Follow my advice and make indoor UV air sterilizers.  It won't do anything but make you feel good.  The last venue for super-spreading is the Costco line.  Costco may kill us all **.  Try to avoid it.

** The Costco line must be banned.  They need to enforce on-line reservations.  All I said above is null and void if we have super-spreading in those lines.


ps.  well, this is funny.  I was just at costco and thought this was original.

However, unless they have a text system so people can wait in their cars, they just move the huge line to outside.

ps.  the auto factories are closing, and a low-margin parts company that employs a relative is shutting down.  Hope she gets ei right away.

pps.  Costco has restricted entrance and there is a huge line outside.  Super spreading is working!  These people will get sick with pneumonia.  Costco will kill millions!

more:  uber cars and elevators can still be super-spreaders if you touch your face.  Old age homes could be big.  But I still think we are getting to magic figure between 0 and 1.

State of the Ocean - March 18, 2020

The big guys are declaring this the second warmest winter since 2016.  They are crowing that all the cold air is bottled up in the Arctic.  That's a contradiction, since that air has to come down and freeze us, but what the hey?

They are crowing because, by their definition, there is no El Nino this year, because that is only measured in the far west Pacific.  But this year we have a very strong Halvsie El Nino (hen).  In fact, it is so strong I'm calling it 'Mother HEN', or mo-hen.

The articles are finally acknowledging the El Nino, which they didn't do before and just included it in their warming graphs.  Now that we have a bit of bump in temps, they are all over it.

The mo-hen is forming a triple-layer cake, which I haven't seen before.

This is piling up a lot of warm water by Mexico, and pushing tons of warm water into the Arctic.

The Big N's (nusa and knowitall) ignore this at their peril.  Mo-hen is getting old and may be a victim of death.  Our winter below the cold may have been mild, but it will be long.

The Giant Cold Blob of Jelly, is getting hit by tropical plumes and will squoosh all over us.  The N's put their faith in the Ghost Jet Stream, but that's the same as being a Bible Trumper.

While waiting for all the doom to hit the fan, I'm going to sun myself for the next few days.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Giant Social Isolation Party Tonight!

Can't have St. Pat's without a party, so I am flash-mobbing one with my popular blog.

Since it will be cold, standard uniform is hat, gloves, ski goggles and scarf.  What you wear when you ski at 40 below.  Drink out of your own paper bag.  Dance to your own music.

Dancing will be strictly limited to the latest ticky-tock 'Foot Tapping'  as started by 'The Kim'.  If any cop starts giving trouble about the green paper bags, be friendly and offer to shake hands while coughing.

Girls can flirt with their future 'One' by the very sexy Lapland head nod.  It's known to drive men wild.  Men can show their strength by 'Cosack Foot Tapping'.  Very difficult.

Old people, such as me, should not attend.

Sorry, location is Toronto, Dundas Square, renamed for tonight as 'Hip To Be Square'.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Cannabis Miracle Cure

Lady up the street has old crone disease really bad.  (I spell everything my way, so I don't get twit veggie might rage).  I gave her my oil and she started with 1/8 tsp to sleep.  She hadn't slept in weeks because of the pain.

It cured her in one shot.  Because this cure was so miraculous, I am willing to give it a one in a million rating.  That means you have the same odds that it will work.  Please note that sugar water has a 20% chance for a miracle cure.

I am now so confident  that I give the same odds to cure cronyvirus.  At least a good dose cures TP Anxiety.  Take enough and you don't care about that stuff.  Also works great for self-isolation.

If this were truly a miracle cure for everything and you wanted to sell it, then you would have to go into endless boring trials to see if it is better than sugar water.  I'm not doing that.

I am so tremendously confident of this cure that I have no anxiety whatsoever.  That will certainly help my immune system when the virus comes knocking at the door. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The last big conference spreads cronyvirus all over Ontario

I was just thinking about why cancel big groups since we haven't had mass spreading at them.  And here we are.  The last big conference with 23,000 people.  And everybody is getting it including the trudies!

I loved this conference when I was in university and studying geophysics and rock mechanics.  I know people who went into mining and probably attended.  This will go in history as the biggest bump for the virus.  Just think of the power of one sneeze.

ps.  and nix on the toilet paper.  Get used to using the garden hose.  By the 'Law of Karma' all those people jammed in a line are getting the virus.  All those people price gouging out the back of their truck have got it, and sneezed all over the paper.  Wipe and die, bro!

And in Italy, there's no 'Bring out your dead' wagon.  No disposal of bodies.  Is that a problem?  In Ontario, we'll have to go for direct cremation, with a funeral held later.  Or maybe fill up the industrial freezers.

ps.  I'm a big fan of Tea Oil that can kill anything.  I mixed some 'after sun' with a tablespoon of tea oil and a hunk of isopropyl alkie.  You put it on your hands in the car after shopping, and it stops you from touching your face.  :)  Had the family try it, they choked.

Retro - Jan Feb 2008

Man, I was once so smart!  I did finite differences wave propagation, and showed how all the seismic analysis (current) was wrong.  I also did a big thing on rock mechanics. 

On the positive side, I talked with some young seismic engineers from Silicon Valley and they are all into better foundations.  I had expected a big earthquake by now.  As long as there are no earthquakes, nobody cares about this.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Please don't eat the dog

Some months from now they will write how panic buying of toilet paper spread the virus.  The ammie model of robots will triumph.  It's time to calm down on the apocalypse panic.

On the happy front, the northern hemisphere is finally going into Spring.

This is the first time that Pacific heat energy is penetrating the Arctic.  This will push the Arctic air mass around, as a physics paper said.  The Jet Stream does nothing.

However, it means that cold weather will go into April.  April showers bring May flowers.  It's an old-school Spring. 

Retro - August, July, June 2007

That was an exciting time for me.  I formally retired, and it took 2 years from that to be totally cured of the nightmares.  I wrote mostly about geology, and the studies I had done at the old company.  All of that was ignored for everything the company did after that. 

I dumped all my 'boring stories' that I told the kids to put them to sleep at the cottage.  Those stories put everybody to sleep, and not a speck has been done for Ontario geology since then.  The Bruce black holes ignore everything.  They built the 'Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere' ignoring everything.  Such fun!  A hundred years from now somebody will say that perhaps we should look at geology.

For 2008 I'll go in sequence.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Retro - September 2007

That was a very productive month.  I remember I actually did a lot of computer work and came up with one of my most popular posts of 'Fault geology of Hamilton'.  Yeah that we haven't had an M7 there yet.

My most interesting job in the land of stupidity was the Darlington automatic fuel loader.  It had the problem that it was falling apart.  I, and another consultant recommended accelerometers since it was obvious it was banging with tremendous energy.  They didn't go for it and just assigned a lot of manpower. 

I did some articles on plate tectonic mechanics, and finally did my most favourite series on the Water Laser.  This was the Darlington fuel vibration problem.  They just pasted over it and it was the reason for the early refurb.  It's all exactly the same thing they are installing.  It's just one of the many violations of physics that nobody cares about any more.

Just go the right and click on 2007 - September.

Linux - a crippling update

When you run Sid, or Debian unstable, you must expect a little covidity.  The other day I did the update, and then everything went blooey.  All the graphics was screwed.  I couldn't even see what I typed.  So I limped along and went to my other machines.  Today, I did an update and everything works.  Yeah!

Free mortgages whip Toronto housing market

The market was following physics and going down into a hole when suddenly it went like toilet paper.  Stories told to us now have 5 offers per house, and if you don't top the asking price by $100 K you aren't getting it.

The listings are still thin, but I expect everybody will dust off the signs and go for it.  One guy decided to leave the market by selling his house, but has no place to stay that isn't super-expensive.

As I said in 2007 -- this can't go on.  :)

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Retro - October 2007

Man, I wrote a lot.  This month has my famous 'Bladder Baby' article.  I also wrote about the physics of Candu feeders. 

A bit on 'ideal nuclear waste'.  I can see I spilled a lot of electrons on 'rationality' and then they elected trumps. 

As before, just go to the right and click on 2007 - October.

And articles on how they will always find a scapegoat in the nuclear industry.  I am out of that.

Halvsie El Nino drives global temperatures up

This is sad for me.  Soon we'll have the headlines of warmest February ever.  But the Continental US is flat, and a dip at the North Pole. 

The good news (?) for Coldies is that the 'hen' is over.  The Pacific half reversal is going into convulsions.  Now we are into a very cold Spring, perfect for cronyvirus to be spread by cronies.  The UK is a chunk of ice.  Scotland has the best skiing in decades but the winds are so high the can't operate the lifts.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Retro Classics

The year is 2007, and I wrote enough posts in December alone, that I can only review one month at a time.  The big news was that the crummy old AECL research reactor spat a hairball.  All Canadian medical isotopes were held up.  Keen was not keen to restart the claptrap thing.  But Harper threw her out and filled the place witht toadies.  The seismic death trap is still running.

Plus, I revived some earlier articles from 'Bad Siting'.  That was my secret blog before I retired in 2007, when I started this.  At the time, OPG and Bruce were going to build new nuclear power plants.  That died at some time.

A nice big article on the failed Maple reactors.  Bad physics.  A nice blog on the perfect nuclear strategy for us.  Never followed.

To see 2007 December go to the right side, click on 2007 and December.  I am cleaning out a lot of articles that only made sense at the time

ps.  just went through 2007 November.  All little things of the time.  Nothing much.

A New Day

I backed up all the blogs and now am restoring them.  I'm going to clean them out and republish the classics.  I'm opening comments again.  We started work at the local winery.  Wow, that's a lot of work for an old guy.

ps.  to anwer Penny, I'm working at Royal York Winery, which does custom wine.  Here is a stack of the boxes I filled and stacked.  Ow my back!

Lise washed bottles.  All for fun and charity. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Geofish Blog Killed by Lack of Breathing

With readership now at zero, I have decided to shoot the horse.  I had kept the archive open for future generations but I realize that none of them will know about physics.  All posts are gone, but nothing is really gone on the Internet.

-- comments are off as well.

March 1, 2020 Ocean Currents

I'm just over a big bout with bronchitis.  If cronyvirus is any worse, just let me curl up and die.

For the 5 of you who like physics over 'influencers', the currents are quite interesting.

This is Alaska and the Bering Sea.  All this year the current has been going around Alaska and into the Arctic under the ice.  This has produced a big scour under the ice, and pops out to bury the UK in bitter cold.

Counteracting this has been the 'Halfsie El Nino', hen.

This has produced a very warm winter south of the 55 deg parallel, and hit the UK a lot with tropical plumes.  In fact, this is now touted by influencers as Proof of Carbon Warming.  They are saying that we are warmer than the 2016 Giant El Nino and that gets them a lot of likes.

Looks like the hen is dying, and we'll soon feel the brunt of that.

The hen plumes now feel as weak as I do after this cold.  Although the latest carbon article has a picture of the Japanese ski resorts, they are leaving out Scotland, which may be the best since the 70's.

Such is the weird weather this year.  And such is the 'pick and choose' method of philosophers.

ps. and a HUGE female coyote-wolf walked by us at 100 m, just like a lion.  Well-fed and healthy eating the neighbourhood cats.  I would want to be farther away for her mate.  The ice age is coming!

pps.  My readership is slowly going down as more of my readers are bumped off by kardyshans.  I can't be responsible for their social death, so once again I am leaving the shrinking blogoverse.  As well, I am really suffering from the absence of my old man who was the only person that delighted in torturing warmies.  :)  After death, the warmies erased his name from history.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Best Mucked-Up Physics Award for Climate


There, an unusual situation exists where the water is warm at depth and cold near the surface.

That's for every frozen lake and sea in the world!

Water is densest at 4C, and starts to expand (become less dense) as it gets colder.  Finally the ice floats on the surface.  When Lake Erie is frozen over, the water is cold on the top and warmer on the bottom.  The water is perfectly stratified and there is no heat flow from the warm water to the cold.  The lakes completely turn over the water when things freeze over.  Some parts of the deep ocean haven't turned over since the last ice age.

But these guys are from Sunny San Diego, and she did math in university.  There's nobody alive who still does physics, they were all killed in the Great English Major Revolution where philosophers took over everything.

Let's cut down the forests to put up solar cells ... Yeah!

Trumpcronyvirus propagates itself

Like the cat parasite causes old ladies to become cat hoarders, the cronyvirus causes people to spread it more.  Thousands jam into Costco lines, and thousands line up for masks that don't work.  I'm just over bronchitis and I don't want to go into a store with my horrible clearing cough.  Yuck!

I like the SNL #trumpslump   Everybody I know is talking about it, which just means me with my many voices in my head.

ps.  it's all over the US and they aren't testing, since white rich people aren't getting it yet.  :)  trumps should stop all interstate travel.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

New nuclear waste black hole moves south of HIghway 9


You've got to realize that these are the exact same people who gave us the old black hole of money, just a few klicks north.

I have to assume that Highway 9 was an ancient trail that separated the interest of all native people.

ps.  Exactly the same people, exactly the same stuff, exactly the same rock, and exactly the same design.

His Trumpness sets off full-blown US mask panic


Trump has said 'Do not panic, and I never lie.'  His has put a wooden monkey in charge of stopping the virus.  What are the consequences?

It's neat that if you are a compulsive liar, then nobody will believe you if you utter a truth now and then.  Boy who cried wolf?

Luckily for Toronto, we had our mask panic a month ago.  People were ordering masks from all the remote areas of Canada where they hadn't heard any news for months.  Now all the masks are gone, which saves us from US buyers.  :)

I was expecting a trumpian stock correction in January.  I had everything in money funds.  Now I'm going back to the stock market.  It still has more to drop, but an ordinary person can't time these things to very bottom because of time lags.

As I have said before, the only thing that can knock down trumpyism is a huge economic drop or a natural disaster.  Nobody will believe him.  I was thinking of a huge Oklahoma earthquake, but that threat has gone.

Now the US is going into a recession bigger than 2008.  Go Bernie!  :)  You can't do any worse.


The vice president faced backlash on Friday as it was revealed his plans to travel to Florida for a Republican fundraising event. Attendees could pay $5,000 to get a selfie with the vice president at the event. 

Anticipating backlash, Pence's team scheduled meetings to address the coronavirus in Florida. There are no known cases in the state. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

It's Official - Carbon Warming Drives the Ocean Currents


I've been waiting for this.  The ocean currents change and the climate changes.  But no, the climate changes and the oceans change in response.  The ocean currents carry a million times more heat energy than the atmosphere, but we have, here, that the tail wags the dog.

This is the top 'public science' journal.  They know what side their bread is buttered on.  They are trying to apply physics to the ocean without touching the atmosphere.  I like this.

Soon we will approach my 'holy grail' of S. American declaring that 'Carbon Warming Causes Global Cooling'.  Maybe we have to wait a few more months....

Trumps Gags the US about cronyvirus


This is his defining moment.  Sarsy-ish is making him look bad.  So, everything goes through an idiot-office.  There are no sharks in the water, and we're not looking!

Just wait until this gets into the US third-world healthcare for the working poor (read black).  It will be a blood-bath.  And stop all funding until a white billionaire gets it.

ps when this breaks out in the US and starts killing people, then we should officially call it Cronyvirus, because of all the mindless cronies in charge.

pps.  I have a cold and am self-isolating.  :(

more:  trumps statement has started a full-blown panic in the US.  He should go on twits to say he has everything under control and there is no need to panic.  Better, he should appear wearing a mask and say there is no need to wear one.  :)

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Standard government computer expertise responsible for nuclear alert


Well, there goes my theory.  :)  It all came from these guys dancing between 'test' and 'live' and not knowing where they were.  It's like a guy I knew who always used the Linux 'root'.  Sooner or later something will happen.

ps. further, fun-loving gov't action

Trains can't handle the snow in Ottawa.

A Heart-Warming Hayhoe Report


You would think Alberta and even Bezos would put some money into physics, but they went with the most severe projection made on the El Nino of 2016. 

Alberta will warm faster than the rest of the planet because of human activity, causing a range of profound impacts on the province’s economy, infrastructure and public health, says a new report, prepared by climate scientists and published on a provincial government website.

Now, as Penny is right now under 6 feet of snow, she will greatly enjoy reading this report.  It will be the return of the Mesozoic for Alberta and Alberta alone.  Forget the badlands, it will be all bad, and the dinosaurs will come back.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ford coming out with such a report for Ontario.  I will greatly enjoy the cottage lake before it dries out.  :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Spotless Mind of Endless Snow

Our hen-pecked tropical plumes are getting weaker.  This one couldn't get north enough and we are on the clashing boundary.  That gives us Huntsville snow.  We'll be seeing a lot of this until April, unless the carbon changers are right.

ps.  I was just thinking that if you are surrounded by snow, looking at snow, shovelling snow, thinking of nothing but snow, then you have a spotless mind.  :)

pps.  Thursday morning, perhaps 12 cm.  The snow is starting to blow around.  Traffic will be horrible.

more:  and it's sad that the UK has finally fallen in with my prediction.  They have run out of warming gas.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Good skiing in Scotland

Finally, the UK is getting snow.  I kept thinking that with the coming ice age, the best investment would be in Scotland ski resorts.  :)  But this year we have the Halfsie El Nino (hen), and the plumes have been hitting the UK for months now.

Basically, we in North America have been hen-pecked by weak plumes but these have constantly sucked up Gulf of Mexico heat and then hitting the UK dead on.  So they got lots of rain and flooding.  And we know that flooding, drought, storms, fires, etc are caused by carbon change.  Now the plumes are missing the UK.

Beautiful snow in late February.  No people.  Have they all given up?

ps.  they are calling it the best ski conditions in recent years.  Too late to buy now.  :(