Saturday, December 5, 2020

Cherry-Picking 101

 If you want to win a point in debate, then you've got to know how to cherry-pick.  In the Philosophical Sciences, that is choosing things that are on your side, and ignoring the rest.

Here's the temperature anomaly map, which is the current temperature with the average taken out.  It shows what areas are warmer than normal.

So, if you are writing a story for the warmie press (the only place with money), then you would look at this and say "The western Arctic is warm, lets look for people with thawing houses.'.  You would ignore the UK.  You might get something out of Greenland.

For Toronto weather right now, we are getting continuous Alberta Clippers, but it's not very cold.

That's because the ocean plumes are hitting us right, but Alberta is warm with covid heating up.  Thus, we are just keeping around freezing.  The clippers are keeping the warm Gulf air away.

This can't last, and the clippers will soon have some bite to them.  Merry Christmas!

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