Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Android tv boxes - not in Kansas anymore

 Blah.  Tried to upgrade my android tv box.  I do it every year or two, and cascade the old ones to the bedroom and such.  But watch out!  They've been in a race to the bottom and cutting out standard things, and filling them with custom bloatware.

My first box looked good, but didn't come with an optical audio port.  You can't connect to your soundbar thing.  Second one was so filled with junk it barely moved.  They even had a custom playstore selling junk.  blah.

I'm giving up for now.  Turns out you can speed the box if you delete almost all the apps.  Amazing.

ps.  to be cheery, I've bought my Christmas present, which I will let the wife give me.  It's a media mini pc, and I'll put Linux on it.  I'll run some articles on it.

pps. just found out that everybody is leaving the audio optical for bluetooth.

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