Saturday, December 26, 2020

Linux: Christmas Fun

 So, if you are an old man, then the Christmas 'inbetween' gets boring, especially in our deep, dark, covid dungeon.  Get a new media machine!


This is a spiffy machine.  Dump mswin and go for Linux.  You can connect with bluetooth to your soundbar.  Everything is wonderful!  The android boxes stream well, but they cheap out on the browser.  This does everything well.

I added a Flirc.


This allows my remote to do simple things with Kodi.  It's all neat.

ps.  and the main reason was to play Google Stadia on the big screen.
pps.  excellent for Stadia
more:  my son has approved it.
final:  I found a game for 8 year old girls.  I love it!

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