Saturday, December 12, 2020

Ocean plume couplet - Atlantic and Pacific


This doesn't mean much, except the ocean plumes are in a chaotic mess right now.  With earthquakes, a couplet means identical earthquakes.  They are always small, and due to fluid motions.  

The same with this.  It's just interesting to me, since I've never seen it.  In physics terms, it means that the ocean plumes are so weak, the can't penetrate the Arctic air.  For Toronto, it might mean that the warm Gulf air gets dredged up more often.  For the UK, it means cold weather, since these plumes are their only source of heat.

ps.  we just opened the Turing Machine game for the 30ish kids.  It teaches basic logic and how computers work.  Maybe even some physics.  They are all FB and don't have a clue about all this.  They decided to skip levels, and then quickly went back to Stage 1. :)


Penny said...

sounds like an interesting game...going to check it out
did you go back to level 1?
so the kids wouldn't feel so bad? ;)

Harold Asmis said...

Then they skipped again, and went back.

Penny said...

Oh, those kids!

Hubby just had to check the game out.
It seems to be a hot item and largely sold out where we looked.
Looks interesting anyway.

Harold Asmis said...

Turing built the machine for code breaking in WWII. All history buffs should get this, but I have a feeling it excludes those too young and those too old.