Sunday, December 31, 2017

Linux - getting an old Android tv box to connect with Samba

I have an old tv box for the exercise room.  It runs Android 4.  It does not browse Samba shares any more.  I was going to toss it, until I looked things up.  The work-around is to 'add network location' using the smb protocol and manually enter the ip address and Samba share.  Then it shows up in your list and you add the share as normal.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Linux - Samba shares do not appear on Dolphin

Nasty little bug, comes with upgrades.  You can hit 'network' and samba, and no servers appear.  Yet, my Android tv box worked perfectly.

Use gadmin-samba and add this right after your server name.

client max protocol = NT1

Then save the configuration file, and reboot.  Works!  Yeah!

Linux - Google Wifi test

I got nothing but complaints over Christmas by the invasion of California millennials, over my crappy wifi.  They were constantly working on the kitchen table.  So, I bought a 3 pack of Google Wifi thingies, on sale for Boxing Week.

Using Wifi Speed Test on my old tablet, I got 100 mega bit per second on the main unit, and 50 around the house, using the mesh.  This is ten times the old speed.

You just run their Python program on your Linux server.  On the internal gigabit network, I get about 80 mega bytes per second, so only about 7 times faster.  Technically, I could now run the 4k tv on wifi, but I put in a direct cat6 cable, and even that chokes sometime.  It's best to convert everything to h265.

Also, everything is just one wifi network, one password.  It does take about 30 seconds to hand off signal around the house.

I am now ready for my fiber connection.  :)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Predictions for 2018

I have no memory of previous predictions.  If something is correct, I take credit for it, if I remember.  These are the 2018 predictions.

-cold weather.  In fact, I think it will be colder than the usual 1970's, because the El Nino was so huge.  The newspapers will be full of 'record breaking', and 'unexplained cold'.  Nobody will look at the physics.

-huge earthquakes.  This is the year that Oklahoma finally gets to my predictions of the last 5 years.  Everybody and their dog will be fracking for gas once they thaw out.  Fresh water frack waste will be coming from Texas, to keep some m5's going for the winter.

-After the OK m7 earthquake, oil will zoom up to lofty heights and Alberta will be shipping tons of natgas.  Nobody will be fracking because all injection in OK will be banned, and there's nowhere else.  They might go back to co2 fracking, once the whole carbon thing goes down.

-even after incredible cold all year, and Arctic ice at the max, the warmies will be clinging to rare stories of warmth, and will make up new stories of how the ocean plastic is gobbling all the heat.

-absolutely no physics will be done on this, since it could bring up the ozone error.  No politician will ever admit he was wrong.  Nobody will look at clear-air convection.

-nobody will ask me how frack waste can be injected safely.  That involves physics.

ps.  if we go back to the 20's for the cold, then expect a dust bowl 10 years from now.

Ice Hell is Our Future

The Lake Erie pressure ridges will be back.  Our Arctic ice volume will zoom back to the 70's.

I had to do a separate blog on this because there is such a neat story behind it.  Back in 1980 I had just joined the old company and it was an exciting place to work.  We had lots of money and we were doing things.  We were convinced that power demand was going up 5% year and this meant building a new nuclear plant every year.

We also had huge coal plants and were cleaning them up.  As such, we had surplus power, and were looking for markets.  Someone came up with the bright idea to lay power cables on the bottom of Lake Erie and ship power to the States.

It was cheap to just lay the cables on the bottom, and getting more expensive to bury them, along with more power loss.  So we did a side-scan sonar survey.  Then we found these huge trenches all over the place, even to the deepest spot.  We couldn't believe it, since there were Canadian natural gas wells all over the place.

A little inquiry found the deep, dark secret -- those nasty gas people were getting the pipes broken all the time and blurping gas all over the place.  They never mentioned it in the press releases.  :)  And it happened in the winter.

So, on one particularly nasty 1980's winter, our colleague ventured out in a helicopter at 20 below.  He got this amazing video.  It showed 'ice tectonics', exactly the same as plate tectonics.  There were huge subduction zones where the ice dived under the Himalayas.  Since 9 tenths of the ice is underwater, you can see that these pressure ridges had a deep keel.

That kaboshed the whole plan.  We would have to bury the cables something like 3 m, which was bad.  No cable.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A tiny bit of heat may warm us up a little

This cold wave was much worse than they said, but I knew.  We have no heat energy in the northern hemisphere.  So, they are saying to endure a bit longer, then it will warm up.  Ha!

However, I see the chance of a bit of heat to warm our -20 to maybe a balmy -5.  Maybe not.

Here we can see our faint hope.  We've got both the chance of a Pacific and Gulf plume coming at us.  It will be a very tiny break, and the warmer air brings lots of snow.

All our climate is due to ocean currents, and it is sad that we have to freeze to death to realize this.  :)

Also, sad old UK may get a brush with heat, with a lot of snow.

ps.  Toronto will get a little warmer, but then temperatures will plunge as the Great Lakes freeze up.  May get a Lake Ontario freeze this year.  Lake Erie will have it's pressure ridges again.  The old company got a great video of that in the 1980's

Oh man!  I just found it.

This is fantastic!

pps.  oil and gas prices zooming.  I told everybody to buy futures.  This ice hell is our future!

Ice Lily Pads

Don't go swimming in the lily pads.

Cold weather of 1993


1993 was the very last of the 70-80's cycle.  It wasn't that much, compared to earlier, but that's as far as they went.  Since then we have enjoyed a lovely warm cycle that extended the cottage season.  Now we are back to our average pattern of Winter .... and July.  This last July wasn't that great.

We've had some recent 'Polar Vortex' cold snaps in January.  But when we got the Arctic blast, other people in the Northern Hemisphere had it warm.  Now, there is not a speck of heat in the north, except Moscow, which is getting a weird circulation from the Mediterranean.  That won't last.

Environment Can. can't touch the sacred cow of Trudeau-warming.  Nobody can.  So, don't expect anything significant from anybody.  They'll just go on with 'only a blip' or 'weather is not climate' forever.  The warmies are still living off the beginning of 2017 when El Nino was still strong for 3 months.  I told them they can only live in the March of the past, until next March, which will be cold.  But their lives are on the line, and we can expect them to fight even dirtier than before.

ps.  Toronto was a 57 year record for the day.  Just a blip.

pps.  Really, people, I totally predicted this, and you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Toronto, get that contamination out of your recycling

If I have to go out in this freezing weather to reorganize my Christmas recycling, you do too.  Tomorrow is recycling, and I have a zillion boxes to break down and tape up with clear hockey tape.  All my wrapping bags have the ribbons in them.  That's a no-no.  As well, all the black plastic has to go out.  Will I get frostbite?

Food containers have to be clean, but I know that already.  Dirty food wrapping paper goes in the compost bin.  I do my own composting for easy items like banana peels and coffee grounds with the filter.  Those k-cups are horrible and I never use them.  The Christmas Goose bones go into the city compost bin.

We all know that plastic-lined horton coffee cups aren't recyclable.  And I never take back the booze bottles, they all go in.

Fixing all this stuff is an easy way to reduce your impact on the world.  Now that we know the whole carbon thing is garbage, you can breathe easy.  :)

ps. they are starting a major 're-education' program.  Yesterday, I saw the ladies parked in front and going over their long lists.  'Better watch out, recycling ladies are coming to town'

OMG!  No normal human being would be able to go through what I did to 'legalize' all our recycle.  So, if the recycle police lecture you, just nod politely, and say it will never happen again.  And do it again, and again, and again.  :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Japan earthquake forecasts are bogus


I love this guy.  He knows how to spend his retirement years, and even gets published.  Everything to do with earthquakes in Japan is probably bogus, and even what this guy did.  :)  I love a guy who admits he was wrong.  I always admit I was wrong.  It's part of the Scientific Method.

Japan has politicized earthquakes, and politicians never admit they were wrong.  So, like warmies, they go on forever with discredited concepts.  Thus, they have a whole bureaucracy doing earthquake forecasts, and those guys aren't putting themselves out of a job.  If the 'warmie scientist-philosophers' ever admitted they were full of it, we could clear them all out, and bring in experimental physics people.  Like that's going to happen.  They got tenure, and are going to string out 'just a blip' for 10 years.  If it's 20 years, then we have the next cycle.

Back to stupid Japan.  They put a big store into earthquake prediction, instead of putting everything on piles, and locating backup generators on the top.  They even got 'early warning' which doesn't work for Kobe-type earthquakes.  And, like warmies, they can go on forever being constantly wrong.  We had departments like that in the old company -- "We were bad in the past, but now we're good."

This is the time of year when we go all forecasty.  All my 'predictions' of last year were wrong, except maybe the cold thing, which I don't think I did.  I never remember, and never look it up.  I'll make up some new ones in January.  :)

Physics experiments for 2018 that will never happen

-Canada gets an atmospheric physics chamber and repeats the famous experiment that destroyed the basis of the ozone Montreal protocol, our greatest diplomatic accomplishment.

-Canada launches weather balloons tracked by big lasers and radar to quantify total heat energy handled by clear air convection.

-at the same time, lasers reflected off the balloons can put the final nail in the coffin of carbon dioxide acting as a thermal insulator.

-using super computers, refine the models of the measured 'lapse rate' (decrease in temperature as the balloon rises).  Prove that it is exclusively driven by convection.

-using the chamber, calculate the exact heat transfer of a tropical ocean and a hurricane.  Easily done by varying the pressure.

-measure and model what happens when the snow stays all year, and the effect of isostatic motions.  This will tell us when we can expect the next ice advance.

-model the effect of the Mesozoic on the Earth's heat balance.

All of these experiments will never be done, because they are too embarrassing.  Even the trumpies won't do it, because they base all their science on the Bible.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The -40 Contour Hits Mid-Ontario

In fact, it's -50.  However, I like -40 since I don't have to put on the units.  At -40 you get frost on your nose hairs.  At -50, spit freezes before it hits the ground.  At least, so I'm told, as I have never experienced that sort of cold.  (It rhymes!),

Has the weather turned on a dime?  Not quite, since this started in March, when the El Nino collapsed.  This wasn't your ordinary en, it was the penultimate event of a 20 year cycle.  Normally, every 7 years, the Pacific currents reverse and dump heat.  California depends on this cycle, since their dams can only take 7 years of drought.  But this cycle builds up heat, and has a major dump every 20 years.

The 300 year cycle is interesting, but nobody has seen the mechanism work.  I suspect the equatorial currents move down South, and there is no Gulf Stream or North Pacific current for a couple of hundred years.  Then they move up again, and these currents are strong for 300 years.  Anyway, I think we are in the middle of a northern warm cycle.

If you want to know what is in store for the next 20 years, just look a the 70's and 80's.

This cold weather was the only way to break the backs of the warmie fanatics.  There were not amenable to any Scientific Method thing, since this was an article of faith that carbon dioxide warmed the Earth.  So, we had to endure them for 20 years.  Now, they are big into plastics and the evil oil companies.  At least there is a technical solution.

How do we clean up the warmie mess?  We may have to go back to 'clean coal', which is actually quite expensive.  Oil and natural gas (being cheap) may end next year, with Oklahoma blowing up.  We'll all be so cold, we'll want co2 warming us up, but it won't.  Co2 does nothing.

This cold will bring back the ozone holes.  They are associated with a strong polar vortex, not any chemicals.  The physics for all of this could be done easily, but it has been suppressed.  I'd love to see atmospheric physics come back into the world.

The Earth is in the 'Snowball Earth' phase, which is the 300 million year cycle.  However, ice advances only started 2 to 3 million years ago.  Before that, it was still warm from the Mesozoic. Then all those Arctic warm-weather species had the shock of their life (on a species basis).  This cycle is caused by plate tectonics, from the bunched up continents (hot) to the fully spread continents (cold).  We are well into this cycle, but we have been saved by the fact that the continents don't like all that ice, and sink below sea level.  Yeah for isostatic motions!

Again, this is all easily modelled with physics, and confirmed with geology.  For the last 20 years, all the people who knew this were tarred by association with the evil oil companies.  :)

ps. we can now go for methanol fuel cells, from natural gas, not 'green' crap.

pps.  warmies at the guard are still living in March, when the en died.  I hope they don't freeze to death.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Britain about to be smashed by Old Man Winter

I have a fascination for warmie Britain and watch eagerly to see if they will experience the copocalypse.  They are really warm right now, and probably think it will get warmer.  :)  I love these guys!  But you can see that physics is about to get tough for them.

They had a weak plume, then it will get cold, and then another plume.  Could be a lot of snow.  Merry (or Happy) Christmas to them.

ps.  I feel the irony of gloating over something that will bury me in snow.  But, what the heck.

pps.  from the news.

in Canada, probably the earliest ever -30C train stoppage.  -40 is spreading over the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Live video of Toronto being buried under ice for a thousand years

Ha ha, click on the picture.  It's not a utube live webcam.  I wouldn't have a clue how to do it.

This is our snow storm right now, this minute.  All my twenty-something kids are here for Christmas.  Are they going to shovel?

This is how our ice age is starting.  Despite my shovelling, none of the ice melts in the summer.  That leads to big-time cold, because no sunlight is being absorbed.  Ice builds to 5 klicks high.  It starts moving and grinds up my cars.  Damn ice ages!

ps.  I have decided to revive the 70's ice age alarmist.  Worry to death!!  Buy newspapers!  The new ice age is coming!

pps. and Merry Christmas!

addendum - only 4 to 6 inches

extra:  -21C in the forecast.  Can't really hit -30 until the lakes freeze, then it's -40 up in Huntsville.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The World Enters the Copocalypse

A while ago I wrote about the 'coming' copocalypse.  Now it has come.

This only shows down to -25C.  The Canadian temps are at -40.  Don't worry about the starving polar bears now.  They are dancing!  Warmie Brexety Britain is still warm, but it won't last.

In Toronto, everybody is happy having a snowstorm while last-minute shopping.  People are laughing, and saying that we haven't had a White Christmas for 20 years.  I hope that all the warmies have a white Christmas.

I have a pool on (with myself) on how long we shall read warmie articles in the Guardian.  Perhaps, for another year.

ps.  I am now tracking the -40 contour.  Can't wait until it hits our area.  I've always said you can't have good winter camping until the temp hits this.  It would hilarious if it hit the warmies.

pps.  We in Toronto are a go for a very heavy White Christmas.  Best ever!  I'll be walking the dog with my snowshoes.  :)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Global Temperatures and Bitcoin

All the papers are going with "This will be your last White Christmas".  Ha!  That's the problem with rising charts that have no physics.  With property, like Toronto, the basic 'physics' is rent income.  When the prices go to 10 times the cost to carry over rent, then you have a problem, and people will say it will go up forever.

With bitcoin, the California guys said it used to cost 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza.  There is no physics here at all.

Finally, we have temperatures.  We are at the end of a classic decades cycle, caused by the fact that El Nino does not remove all the Pacific heat at the end of a 7 year cycle.  However, we have a big 20 or 40 year cycle.  And we have 300 year cycles when the ocean currents invert.  We also have a 150 million year cycle.  And lots of other oceanic cycles.

As well, we have the 10,000 year isostatic movement cycle, when the ice sheets drive down the land.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Linux - Doubling memory doubles speed

Yeah!  My son's mswin gaming machine blew up (4 years old) and I got all the ddr3 memory.  You can't build a new gaming computer with that junk any more.  It needs ddr4 memory, a Ryzen chip, and new graphics card.

My linux computers are fine with that memory.  Anyway, I was processing humongous videos with Handbrake and they would take 30 hours, as I would recompress them to h265.  Now the time is cut in half when I increased the memory from 8 to 16 gigs.  Handbrake uses all the processors, so it must be memory limited. 

All's Cold on the Northern Front

Britain seems to be the last of us to get blustery, wet, cold weather.  It's coming from weak Atlantic plumes, that should give up soon.  Our weak mid-Pacific plumes have all died.  Now we are into very cold weather.

The physics of the plume is very interesting.  First, any injection of one fluid into another forms a plume.  But how does this air get injected like it is coming from a nozzle?  That's atmospheric physics which was killed by fanatic warmies and ozoners.  Nobody on the Guardian com-board can believe such a fantastic conspiracy.  But it really wasn't a conspiracy, it's just that physics is expensive, and talk is cheap.

The warm water currents create the low pressure channel for the strongest air plumes.  They follow the current until they bloom out.  This is happening in the Southern Hemisphere.

The mechanism for ice advances is simple.  There is an ocean current change, all the heat transfer to the north is stopped, and ice builds.  It catches like a forest fire (cold version) when the ice and snow stays all summer.  We are not going into this for another 1000 years or so because the land is still sunk down from the last one.  However, the fundamental physics for this is not being done.

Toronto is going cold and our temperatures track the global charts almost exactly.

ps.  Yeah, a white Christmas, first in a long time.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mid-Atlantic plume warms Britain

Both Toronto and Britain are being warmed this week by what I call 'Bitcoin Plumes', plumes of no intrinsic value.  :)  That is, they are going over cold water and are a bit of a puff.  We'll take it, however.

During normal times, the plume to Britain follows the hot water of the Gulf Stream, and contains a lot of heat energy.  At the same time, we are getting both Pacific and Gulf air.  Now, it's weird.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ontario Cannabis Act


This really the best we can do right now.  I am hoping they will eventually relax things on high-cbd cannabis and products.  High thc cannabis should be controlled and the money used for education.  I've seen it burn out too many brains.

In fact, it's time to do all drugs this way.  Again, the money should be used for treatment and education.  We could go back to pure, natural, heroin.  Ecstasy, and LSD on the counter.  Magic mushrooms to the right, cocaine to the left.  Of course, no Canadian could ever cross the US border, but what the heck.

I'm sure drug-pushers add the stuff that makes things extra-addictive.  It's only business.  But if we had all the pure stuff available, it might not be that bad.

ps.  HIgh cbd is easy to grow, so we aren't dependent on a monopoly.  In February, I'll start the tutorial, so they are ready by July 1.  :)

Canada Causes Gulf Stream Brexit


British plough last used in 1980

Our very cold Arctic water has now reached the Gulf Stream.  For the last month or so, it was just toying with the idea.  I haven't seen this since these current maps came out.  Now it's a battle for supremacy, cold vs. hot.  Who will win?  In any case, the GS is greatly reduced and is not providing any heat for the warmies in Britain.

Being Canadian, I think the cold will win and fold up the GS like an accordion.  I particularly wish the University of Leeds to freeze up like Popsicle.  They led the whole warmie thing, with the vicious emails.

ps.  the big winds right now are just the transition.  Now that carbon worship has failed spectacularly we can give up solar and wind power (no sun, no wind).  We can go for methanol fuel cell hybrid cars which are best for the cold.  In the US, they have to figure out how to frack for gas without injecting fresh water in Oklahoma.  In Leeds, they can burn their old papers for warmth.  :)

pps.  from the early emails - "If this turns out to be a natural cycle, they'll crucify us."  Ha ha!

even more:  I found the temp chart.  The cold spear will dive in deeper.  All warm water will get cut off.

Monday, December 11, 2017

New Jobs for Climate Scientists

I am now being very kind to the warmies in the Gard.  They don't respond to anything any more.  Like I said, they may be all frozen.  However, in the event that a few survive by hiding in the university basement, I am making up a list for jobs.


-former English Majors who went into this life because it was a good living.
-can't do physics if it hit them on the head
-can't do math
-very good at bludgeoning people in the media and on email
-excellent at semantics for introducing new terms such as 'denier'.
-excellent making 'ad hoc' explanations on the fly, such as 'oceans gobbling all the heat'

Possible Jobs

-bitcoin promoter -- "It will keep going up until it destroys the world economy'
-ocean doomer -- "Plastics will kill us all"
-back to the 70's ozone doomers "The hole will expand and give us all cancer"
-back to peak oil doomers "We'll run out of oil", or food, or copper.

In short, there are lots of jobs.  Soon, universities, those masters of expediency, will be promoting atmospheric physics to desperately attract students.  However, they will have to deal with the remaining tenure walking-dead warmie bodies.  They could send them out for a walk.  :)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Dogs of Physics are Rising


Dolomites resorts have had to rely on snow machines since the 1980s, but now nature has finally done the job.

... and the dogs are going to gnaw on the bones of frozen warmies.  A month ago I stated in the Gard that it was going to get real cold.  They said I was nuts and it would always get warmer.  They refused to buy good winter coats!  Now, they are all frozen in snowdrifts, and food for the wolves. 

The browbeaten dogs of Physics should be coming out soon and devouring  them.  All the warmies had was 'The Trend' and now it has let them down.  Sad. 


Hundreds of schools to shut on Monday as more travel disruption likely.

However, those crazy Euries with their diesel cars are going to have trouble.  And the kids will have to learn physics out in the snow. 

Perhaps they have electric cars?  My son can't even cross the city in his, in the winter.  No more scarfing down our food.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Alberta Clipper to Hit Toronto

This is relatively weak compared to the ones we've had before.  Nevertheless, we have a Pacific plume coming up to Alaska and then coming down to us in Toronto.  It should give us a little bit of snow.  There are no strong ocean currents to support this, but it's happening anyway.  I suppose it was too much to think they aren't going to happen with the absence of the North Pacific Current.  I'm still looking at the Gulf Stream, and it looks threatened by the cold Arctic flow.  England should enjoy very cold weather now.  No wonder Megan is heading for Aussie-land.  :)

ps.  Britain goes back to Jane Austen winters.

Starving Polar Bear

Don't forget to goog 'Starving Polar Bear' before you go all warmie on us.  In previous reincarnations of this picture, it was pointed out by a bear expert that's how all bears die of old age.  I'm sure he was attacked enough times by the warmies that he keeps his mouth shut now.

When they show this junk, the hidden assumption is that this would be a young, healthy bear, had there been a little more ice.  The warmies never bring out their hidden assumptions.

Anyway, the ice is building up again as we relive our 50's 60's 70's 80's temperature cycle again.  Have fun in the 70's!  I always liked disco.  :)

Linux Zoneminder

A new update caused me endless problems.  After many hours I found:

That's the same camera I've got. It works well.
ZM_PATH_ZMS is relative to your webroot. It cannot be an absolute folder path.
Change it to /cgi-bin/nph-zms

Linux - Video stabilization

I used to put the dance recital videos up on utube and then use their stabilization.  You always have some shakes when you record.  I never really worried about it because the post-processing is so good.  No real need for a tripod.

However, the aggressive hollywood weinsteins have banned all background music on the tube.  You can't show any dance any more, even when there are performance licenses.  And you can't really challenge them and live.

The instructions are here.  However, I found that you have to get rid of your Debian ffmpeg in order to use the deb.multmedia version.  This screwed up my Zoneminder.  Also, Debian makes it very difficult to put on deb.multmedia. org.  I used to do it all the time, but now I went through the long procedure.

And Google Photos takes hours to process a video.  Yuck, but the results are the same or better than utubby.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Toronto Real Estate Frozen for the Winter

As we ease into 'that 70's show' for the weather, the prices slowly die.  All the distressed houses in the neighbourhood have gone off the market.  No sales.  I suppose they are hopeful for the Spring, but there is no hope.  Total market money, sales times price, is probably as low as it can get.  All the hot money has gone to bittcoins.  Short term rentals are banned, so this plunges things further.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Canada is attacked again by the Windsor Hum


I've written a lot on the hum, seeing that it is closely related to earthquake effects.  These people are located on a 'drumming sediment', which resonates exactly with the frequency of the mysterious steel plant in Michigan.

This is rich, considering that Michigan is always bitching about our nuclear waste in the world's worst rock.

There is probably no resolution to this issue.  Wait until these guys get a real earthquake!  They really need a seismic noise test done by someone with brains.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Global Temperatures Falling Again

I knew the results of this chart before it came out.  That's because Toronto temperatures follow it exactly.  September and October had a big rise because of weird interactions with the cold and Atlantic heat.  Now we are back to what the physics says.

They are late again with the Arctic ice volume, but it should track this chart.  The physics shows there is no heat anywhere, so we go down.  I think this is like the 60's - lots of variability, and then we hit the 70's.  In 2 months we go below the line, 3 months and we hit the bottom of the chart.

ps.  However, the Arctic ice volume is just following the general trend for the season.  I'm still expecting it to cut in a bit more, like it did during our miserable summer.  However, with everything up there at 30 below, I suspect there is a maximum rate issue.  The physics will drive everything back to the 70's and the polar bears will dance on the ice and drink their cokes.  :)

pps.  oh, and natural gas has hit a new bottom, which shows what I know about people. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Apple Steals Your Face


This is interesting.  Apple is selling a micro-map of your face.  Next they will be selling your iris and retina patterns.  With fingers, you got 10 of them.  No so for your face.  This will just ensure your face becomes useless for unlocking.

For the Internet I use a strong password generator, running on javascript so it is never transmitted on the air.  Then I use two-factor for Google, and I have Mr. Google store the passwords.  Don't use your face as a password for everything, and don't use ilovelucy as a password for everything.

Return of the Ice Fogs to Toronto

Pea soup this morning.  These were common in my youth. They are caused by the lack of any warm air plumes pushing the stuff away.  They were always so bad in the 60's and 70's that the airport and anything north was totally cut off.  I was going on a car trip to cut a Christmas tree, but now that is not on the table.

I really can't remember all the other weather conditions of those by-gone years, but I'm sure we'll be seeing them soon.

ps.  I just went for a walk with the dog.  OMG, the stuff just goes through you.  This was all thrown out of my memory a long time ago.  Now, the solar and wind people will get to know the real Ontario.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

World Temperatures Plunge - Volcano to be Icing on the Cake


I just want to get this in before the warmies blame all the cold on the volcano.  It's just like the people blaming the death of the dinosaurs on a meteorite, or whatever.  The dinos were dying of cold a long time before any event.  It's plate tectonics, and it causes huge temperature cycles of a few hundred million years.  Right now we are headed towards the minimum, very slowly.

Next week I'll add the world temperature chart, and the ice volume chart.  Maybe they won't be what I expect.  That would be a bummer.  :)

If you actually follow physics, you would notice that world temperatures are only affected by tropical volcanoes.  The Iceland volcanoes only kill Europe, and Mt. St. Helens didn't do anything.  There was also a huge South American volcano - nada.   That's because the world only gets net solar heat at the equator.  The poles shed all their solar heat at the end of the day.  Rock and ice don't hold much heat.  And clear air convection is a powerful thing. (Warmies deny it)

So, a tropical volcano spreads the particulates all over the equatorial belt.  The net heat build-up is drastically reduced, and we freeze.  This volcano hasn't gone ballistic yet, but it could.  It could also just die down again. 


Friday, December 1, 2017

Shopping Cart Rustlers Hit Toronto

My favourite supermarket is in the sleaziest plaza in Toronto, slated for demolition.  They had tons of old carts that still used quarters.  Now, every cart is gone.  They don't have the brightest at stores due to close, so everybody was complaining, and the staff had quizzical brows.  It will probably be another day before they call the police.

Such a plaza would never have video cameras, so the rustlers have probably already packed their container for Nigeria.  I would think they would make a few thousand on it.

The main media will finally have this story in another week or two, after more stores have been hit.

This is not fake news, nobody could make this up.  :)

ps.  Saturday morning, the busiest time, and all the old ladies are waiting in the cold, at the return spots.  It's a real pity.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Delaware earthquake, shallow thrust

Intensity 5.  This is a great Eastern earthquake, but really small.  When I was raised in my nuclear career, these earthquakes were my life.  Until Oklahoma, these were all we had.  Now, somebody will raise the possibility of really large earthquake on the coast, but all the hubbub will die down in a few days.  Nobody puts down a penny to study these things now.

ps.  Funny, but I was the last guy to study this stuff.  While I was still around all the US utilities just went to their PR departments and issued 'I'm all right, Jack.' statements.  Soon, the Canadians joined in.  It was much cheaper.

pps.  Absolutely no earthquake doomers on this.  They've all moved to Portland.  :)

Canada about to release new digital currency - Canabits


This will be amazing (it's fake news).     The currency will be issued at value of $1 cdn, but is expected to zoom up to a million in a week, as the Chinese find out aboot it.  It will be encrypted, based on a particular moose call, and beaver tail slap.

Soon, we will be paying for our Canadabis with our Canabits.  We'll leave the trumpystates and sunderedbritain in the dust!

ps.  Come on, Justin, do this!  We are the best miners in the world, all the water resources of Quebec can be used for it, and it will be protected by the crypto-smarts of Canadian banks.  And unlike oil, it does not warm us up.  :)

pps.  Every Canadian will be issued with 10 Canabits. 

The Doomers are Dead, Long Live the Doomers


The warmie doomers are dead, nobody believes them when they are freezing.  The new doomers are here, saying the oceans are dying from our trash.  Never mind that New York has been dumping trash in the ocean for years.  Never mind that the lady said she has never pulled up garbage.  This is a Doomer Moment.

The 'Fall' of the Warmies


In the earthquake biz we call them 'false correlators' and they die by the dozens -- clouds, weather, planets, you name it.  In the stock market we call them 'momentum investors', and they also die.  These warmies are 'trend riders' without a mechanism.

Why doesn't anybody else mention this, other than a crazy guy with nothing to lose?  It's because of this:


This is their finest work yet.  It just boils down to the fact that they are name-calling everybody who believes in the Scientific Method -- 'Sub-Human Trumpies, Killers of Polar Bears'.

No working scientist would put themselves up for this mud slinging, so they hide.

But, the worm has turned, there's not a speck of surplus heat any more.  I enjoy putting in comments and getting all the slinging while they are still feisty.  As I summarized in the comments "No warmie philosopher has ever stooped so low as to put out a hypothesis, and conduct an experiment."

ps.  Whereas other trend riders die the instant bitcoin tumbles, these guys will drag on forever, citing older and older studies, and living on larger and larger moving averages. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Natural gas price in bitcoin mode

I'm going to say, since I have no money in it, that the price will zoom pass the top of this chart.  This should be the rise, when they realize the warmies are all philosophy, and we are going to get hammered by cold.  Of course, it could go down again.  :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Linux - using a VPN service

As you might know, some crazy people are going to the Supreme Court of Canada, so they can sue millions of Canadians.  I suspect the Court is going to whack them, since it has so many repercussions.

Although I never do anything, I decided to go to a vpn service for my legal downloads of Linux updates.  You never know when Hollywood producers decide to go crazy, and abuse women, and such things.

I went with IPVanish which had a lot of good reviews.  It's something like $60 USD a year.  I tried to arrange a full vpn for Linux, through Network Manager, but it screwed up the local dns.  Couldn't figure it out.  Luckily, my favourite legal bittorrent client, Deluge, has a proxy setup.  So, you can set up Socks5 with authorization, using their supplied info.  This works fantastically.  Super fast, and soon I hope to get fiber, if Bell doesn't charge the earth, when they light up our fiber being installed all over the neighbourhood.

So, next time, I am downloading something free and legal, even Mr. Bell won't know about it.  :)

ps.  Whoops!  Socks5 does not provide end to end encryption, so Mr. Bell could still do a deep packet inspection.  However, it does scramble things for bittorrent traffic and is good enough for downloads.  Extremely fast and doesn't muck up all your Internet traffic.

pps.  Deluge encrypts, so it's all good.

Toronto goes so low on a contract that they scare the neighbours

This is very bad video because they were looking at me.  Anyway, the contractors were so low-bid that they had equipment they picked up from a war zone.  It belched smoke so thick that everybody thought the forest was burning and the fire department had to drive their truck down the little park road.

When I got back they were just standing around, wondering what to do.  Yeah for the lowest bid!  It ended up costing more.  :)  Lots of babies killed from the particulates.  :)

Bad show, Emma!

ps. no money left in the City after building the most expensive subway station in the world.  :)

The Markles bring cold air to Britain

I am such a child!  I love it when the nest of warmies in Britain get an Arctic blast.  Since their brains are cold now, it might take until Spring for them to realize that all climate is determined by the ocean currents.  The carbon does nothing.

The funny thing is that this weather is exactly the same as we are having in Toronto.  The British have lost the Gulf Stream, which is getting killed by cold Arctic water.  It's back to Jane Austin winters for them!  Right now there is still warm water in the Gulf of Mexico, and that's keeping Toronto warm.

I'd tell the new couple to come back to Toronto, but I think we are going to get the blasts soon.  The maps show the Gulf area is cooling rapidly.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Linux - make sure of your cat6 cable

I have been using cat6 cable on all the new pulls of cable, but I didn't realize I had a section of cat5 cable from the second computer.  I thought it was slow, but I did an iperf test, and it showed the throughput was only 100 mbps.  I changed the cable and it's up to 1000.  Amazing.  This becomes important when you get a 4K tv.  Also, we are getting direct fiber soon, and everything should be up to the gigabit.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Purolator Ate My TV -- CANCELLED!

Poops.  I order a new tv and Amazon feels compelled to let Purolator have a few shipments.  Just my luck!  They got it  to the local depot and then lost it.  They have the worst tracking in the world.

So, back and forth, and P. is launching a big investigation.  It was probably stolen.  Because I was stupid enough to start the investigation, I have to wait for a week to see if they can get it back from the thieves.  I don't really want it now, but Amazon has to do this.  I asked if I could expel P. from my house, and they said no.

LIVE!  - they apparently randomly spread everything over 3 trucks.   Right now, a light fixture, that was with the shipment arrived.

LIVE!  The tv just showed up.  They have a separate heavy lift service.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pacific heat going to it's minimum

I've watched this for years.  In the last (perhaps) 20 years, the West Pacific has been building up heat (energy) and letting it gush over the world.  We had wonderful summers and mild winters.


This shows us the current currents.  All the north Pacific backwash is retreating.  Normally, the hot water goes west and there is a return current.  This is gone.  During the El Nino, all the water reversed alone the Equator and came at us.  It then dumped all the heat in West.

This is as solid as my dog running high speed and using your nuts as a brake.  Poor new boyfriend.    :)

Classical Winter for Canada


"Our winters aren't what they used to be. Oldtimers are right, winters really have changed," he said, adding that weather data reflects the trend. 

"It's almost as if global warming [and] climate change have kind of tempered the La Ninas and made them not as brutal as in the '50s, '60s, and '70s," he said. 

So here's the test, people.  My hypothesis, using physics, is that this will be a brutal winter, like the 70's.  The last bit of warming was a cycle, mixing in a huge El Nino.  My hypothesis bites the dust in the Spring if it is a so-so winter.  I will go back to the main physics and figure out what I did wrong.  On the other hand, the philosophy of warming is dead if the winter constantly stops all the cars in the driveway.  None of that constant running of excuses like that guy who predicts the end of the world every month.  If you say that a plunge down to the 70's is just a 'blip', then you are as hopeless as trumpypants.  :)

ps. get an extra battery for your garage.

pps.  this is a 'hypothesis' as defined by the Scientific Method, which almost gone from the world.

xpps. - I also found something else gone from the world - antique furniture.  We were talking to a refinisher and he said everybody was spray painting their antiques white. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Linux and the Cups Printing System

If there is one horrible thing about Linux it's the relationship with peripherals, such as printers.  All this is handled through Cups.  Although I am amazed at how many printers they can do, the whole thing regularly screws up.

So, if you want to go all Linux, get a generic Postscript network printer.  Those things always work.  I, however, have an old Phaser 6125n which is generally fantastic, and you can put in really cheap knock-off toner cartridges.  I'm sure that modern printers have all sorts of gimmicks that preserve their income from very expensive toner.

Nevertheless, this printer has a bizarre protocol, super secret, and there is only a 32 bit driver available.  Following my instructions that I laid out earlier, you can make it work, but it's horrible. 

Reading things for the last 10 years, I have found out that Cups regularly bombs out when it is upgraded.  That happened to me, and my printer didn't work with my main machine.  I tried endless things, but the main conclusion is that cups is busted in this version, but may work in the next. 

However, I kept the other machine at another release, and it still works.  You can use a shared printer and it works for all machines.  The lesson is to never upgrade all your machines at once.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Toronto Red Car Found

This is exciting.  As an early-morning dog walker in the Humber River park, I am expected to find criminal things, like dead bodies and such.  I never have.  However, there was a fatal stabbing up in Weston, and my dog buddy said they were looking for a red suv.

This is in a local park where the gate is locked every night and it was locked now.  It's funny that 10 dog walkers knew about the whole thing, but I was the first to phone it in.  They were convinced that the car was probably innocent.  :)  The girl at 911 had nothing on the stabbing or the car, and I had to insist this was really important.  As she said "We get stabbings all the time."  :)

ps.  Just before that, on a hill covered with wet leaves, a crazy high-speed bicyclist came up behind me and put on the brakes when the dog made a sudden move.  Naturally he skidded and jumped off the bike.  He road-raged us while I held my coyote stick parallel to the ground and prepared to have the dog attack (big chance!).  No injuries and he yelled at me "At least you could say you're sorry."  Sorry, but self-defence comes first.  :)

pps.  the guy was a big hockey coach and was stabbed at noon in the main street, and thereafter shortly died.  He probably tried to stop a fight.  Run away from those things!  Report it.  The got the name of the accomplice right away, probably from this car.

extra-ps.  this was a local car that got caught behind the gate.  The real red car was found somewhere else.  So, dog and I aren't heroes.  :(

Arctic ice volume now follows the normal curve

I thought this graph was dead because of a satellite malfunction, but it was just late.  Having made a very dramatic cut into the main curve, it is now following the trend.  Probably because of the warm air of Sept. and Oct.  I am expecting another cut against the trend in the next few months as we get horribly cold.

Right now in Toronto, we have middling temperatures for November, but cloudy and gloomy.  That's because we are getting some warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Everybody around the Arctic is living with -25oC right now.

Later, it will be -40.

ps.  I really don't have anything yet to wave at the Climatics.  Darn.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Iran Earthquake - Standard Blind Thrust

In this neck of the woods, mountains are there for a reason.  It is a sign of compression.  It gets a lot worse up in the 'stan' countries.  So you have mountains and you have valleys.  The mountains are the footwalls of thrust faults, and the valleys are the chewed-up hanging walls.  It's the same geometry around Toronto.

This shows the pure thrust.  In the hanging wall (the valley) you would get very high ground motion as measured by peak ground velocity (PGV).  But I'm sure there aren't any instruments here.

You can see there is light reinforcement in the concrete columns and floor slabs.  This may have saved a lot of lives.  In the Armenia earthquake, no steel meant that everything went to powdered rubble.  However, the only way to really tell how well the buildings did is to get a reading of the PGV.  Without instruments, we learn nothing here.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Suggested Gifts for the Coming Cold Decade

Our ocean currents are going into a new cycle.  The old one led people to believe that we were warming and they made up that whole carbon dioxide thing.  These people will go on for another year, freezing to death and claiming it's 'only a blip'.

Cold Winter

Give your favourite warmie friend a nice scarf.  Buy a coffee roaster like I did and stay indoors.  Watch both interest rates and natural gas bills go up.  If you are giving the gift of a family vacation, pick a spot right on the Equator.

Cold Spring

We like the concept of poly-tunnels for the garden.  You can give your gardener a kit.

Cold Summer

This summer, all the rage will be full-length neoprene bathing suits.  You'll have extra money for gifts because air conditioning costs will be down.

Cold Fall

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

ps.  I was so dang cold this morning with what I thought was my best stuff, that I immediately ordered a heavy parka from ammie.

Our Coming Winter

This is what happens when we have run out of heat from both the Atlantic and Pacific equatorial belts.  The chart shows wet air which has 10 times the heat energy of clear dry air.  We are now entirely naked to the cold polar winds.

The next global temperature chart is going to show a big drop.  All happy thoughts of living in a global warming sauna should be erased from your mind.  This is the Revenge of Physics.  The hammer always drops on your toe despite many wonderful arguments against it.  :)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Toronto housing listings zoom up

A very confused chart.  As around our place, lots of places for sale, but no sales.  As I predicted, the slight uptick in prices caused a huge entry into the market.  If you take the average price and multiply by sales you can see there is no money in the market.  In the next month or two, the forced sales will drive down the price.  Condos have a little tick up, but not much.  They probably also have a big rise in listings.  Condos will also drop with forced sales as everybody will be caught with two houses.

ps.  I predicted all this last November when the Chinese hot money died.  However, I thought it would have unfolded a bit faster.  It will really dive now because of the Paradise Papers and such which will cause more hot money to withdraw.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Natural gas price shoots up - too late for Oklahoma earthquakes

They have finally realized that global warming is dead.  We are going to freeze!  All part of a natural cycle that follows binomial theorem.  This is too late to activate OK earthquakes, since all the fresh water is going to freeze solid in the next few days.

Thus, ends the earthquake season.  I was hoping for a big trumpy earthquake, but that will have to wait until the Spring.  They'll have used up all the gas in storage, and Canadians will be pumping it to them at tremendous prices.  Yeah Canada!  Everybody and their dog will start gas fracking in the Spring and it will all go to OK.

ps.  during the Earthquake Season, there is a near-perfect correlation between this chart and OK earthquake activity.  At least a lot better than that *other* correlation. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Etobicoke Leaf Pick-Up

Oh, we in Etobicoke are so lucky!  We're the only place in Toronto to get curb-side leaf pick-up because of our very heavy leaf load.  You can see the leaf pickup going by.  They used to have a huge truck and about 8 men.  Now it's a pickup and one guy.

How is this cost saving possible?  By doing the leaf pick-up before the leaves have fallen.  THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS!

Our civic leaders have stashed all their money in the Cayman Islands with the Queen.  It's actually a big truck and 8 guys on the invoice.  :)  Just kidding!  Nobody is corrupt in Ontario.  However, I have always found that being corrupt or being stupid is the same thing.

ps.  Dec 1, they did come back with a real crew.  Every year it's the same, they come too early, and swear they'll never come back.  Everybody ignores them, puts the leaves illegally on the street, and they come back.

Modern technology destroys the workplace


Not really, but it has destroyed the 'old' workplace.  I started corporate work just before the desktop computer came in in 1980.  We communicated by handwritten multi-part memos.  It took days to get and respond to internal mail.  Plenty of time for thinking.  We built magnificent things.

In came MS email.  It evolved to the point where you had to make an instant response.  No time for thinking or being honest.  Soon, the weasels rose to the top, those who had the talent to make an instant response credible, even though it was pure BS (mini-trumpies).

Now they got this 'total monitoring'.  Overbearing micromanagers will love it.  No need for thinking at all, just appear busy.  No hierarchical company or government will be able to do anything.

On another note, the old world order of massive corruption in the higher ranks is unravelling as all this shady stuff is now done by computer.  A tiny hack or underpaid (and over-monitored) employee and it is all out.  I am sure that there is general peace in the world by having every leader squirrel away lots of money.  :)

ps.  the first thing any bright employee does is hack the internal system to get Internet.  Then they soon leave.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

No more satellite ice volume graphs


The darn satellite blew up, just before it could vindicate trumpy on carbon dioxide.  Talk about foot shooting!  I was expecting a good volume increase as we enter our cold decade.  If they keep on going like this, we won't even know it's getting cold.  We'll just be frozen lumps on the ice.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Global warming reduces ozone hole


In my wildest dreams I had hoped that trumpy would revive atmospheric physics.  It's been dead since the 80's when it went against the mainstream of ozone holes and carbon dioxide.

So, we get these articles, all very nice stories designed to get money from the public.  The physics tells us that the bromine, chlorine reaction does not exist.  Also they never include fluorine in their stories because the new coolants are all fluorine based.

The only thing that increases an ozone hole is a vicious polar vortex, bringing temperatures and pressures down in the middle.  We'll get lots of these in the next decade, so be prepared for a big hoo-ha.  :)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Big spike in October global temperatures

All my warmie buddies are going to laugh at me now.  They like this graph when it goes up, and not when it goes down.  October and September were warm because of some weird El Nino rebound in the Atlantic.  Basically, there is no more Pacific heat, and Siberian air has flooded down on us.  However, in the Fall, it acted as a giant shovel pushing up all the Atlantic heat into the stratosphere.  That dumped all the heat at once, and we had huge hurricanes, which are giant heat volcanoes. 

Lucky for us, the Toronto temperatures reflect this curve exactly because we are in the 'physics middle' of everything.  My prediction juices have gone sour, but from what I'm seeing of our weather, we can expect this curve to drop.

The darn Arctic ice volume chart is late again.  I'm expecting it to go up, but maybe not.

Oklahoma earthquakes - large energy release

Nothing has been more boring for me than the OK earthquake situation.  The price of natgas is the lowest ever.  That means no frack waste for most of the summer.  However, the price of oil is zooming and that means a lot of Texas Permian frack waste.  Normally, OK shuts down for the winter freeze-up with natgas.  That's because it's all coming from the mountains in the NE.  The oil waste this year may extend the season.

Right now there has been a huge energy release in one spot, starting with an m5 and lots of m4's.  I only do single digits with magnitudes and I'm usually one up on the official numbers because I take the worst value of peak ground velocity in the direction that the fault is pumping.  When there is a big shallow thrust, that will be the important number.

I haven't seen such activity at one spot before.  Normally, there are only a few aftershocks.  Who knows what this means?

ps.  Another m4 just popped out.  If they could keep this up, then it would be the highest rate ever, but it will probably settle down.  blah.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 expands house ownership program


This is my son's Palo Alto start-up, going into the ballistic phase.  You have to ride the exponential with these things, or you die.

It's funny that all the Guardian readers think Palo Alto is evil, throwing everybody out of work, and getting trumpy elected.  While that's true, it's possible to use this technology for a social good.  Landed is reducing the 'friction' between huge foundations, and legitimate people.  This is quite amazing since a huge amount of charity may be distributed inefficiently.  It's quite difficult to dribble out billions in a meaningful manner.

This company could never have started in Toronto, New York, or London.  No social good comes out of those places.  All the money is tied up by the sons of rich men and they just waste it on housing bubbles and such.

ps.  the whole thing can't work in Canada because the constraint is monthly payments.  In the US, the mortgage payment is a full write-off.  So the down payment is the constraint.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Arctic storm smashes Europe

My prediction of a nasty winter is finally coming in.  I was quite amazed that the cold air brought out Atlantic hurricanes which warmed everything up in October.  Normally, the Atlantic heat lasts longer but it all went in one big glob.  Now you can see that everything is just spinning.  No heat is going to Europe.

During the summer, this spinning brought up African heat.  That gave them a very hot summer, and further support that the Earth is melting.  In a few days, we'll see the Arctic ice plot, and it will be quite an increase in ice volume.  No heat has gone over the Arctic in the past few months.