Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ontario Cannabis Act


This really the best we can do right now.  I am hoping they will eventually relax things on high-cbd cannabis and products.  High thc cannabis should be controlled and the money used for education.  I've seen it burn out too many brains.

In fact, it's time to do all drugs this way.  Again, the money should be used for treatment and education.  We could go back to pure, natural, heroin.  Ecstasy, and LSD on the counter.  Magic mushrooms to the right, cocaine to the left.  Of course, no Canadian could ever cross the US border, but what the heck.

I'm sure drug-pushers add the stuff that makes things extra-addictive.  It's only business.  But if we had all the pure stuff available, it might not be that bad.

ps.  HIgh cbd is easy to grow, so we aren't dependent on a monopoly.  In February, I'll start the tutorial, so they are ready by July 1.  :)

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