Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Physics experiments for 2018 that will never happen

-Canada gets an atmospheric physics chamber and repeats the famous experiment that destroyed the basis of the ozone Montreal protocol, our greatest diplomatic accomplishment.

-Canada launches weather balloons tracked by big lasers and radar to quantify total heat energy handled by clear air convection.

-at the same time, lasers reflected off the balloons can put the final nail in the coffin of carbon dioxide acting as a thermal insulator.

-using super computers, refine the models of the measured 'lapse rate' (decrease in temperature as the balloon rises).  Prove that it is exclusively driven by convection.

-using the chamber, calculate the exact heat transfer of a tropical ocean and a hurricane.  Easily done by varying the pressure.

-measure and model what happens when the snow stays all year, and the effect of isostatic motions.  This will tell us when we can expect the next ice advance.

-model the effect of the Mesozoic on the Earth's heat balance.

All of these experiments will never be done, because they are too embarrassing.  Even the trumpies won't do it, because they base all their science on the Bible.

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