Friday, December 29, 2017

Predictions for 2018

I have no memory of previous predictions.  If something is correct, I take credit for it, if I remember.  These are the 2018 predictions.

-cold weather.  In fact, I think it will be colder than the usual 1970's, because the El Nino was so huge.  The newspapers will be full of 'record breaking', and 'unexplained cold'.  Nobody will look at the physics.

-huge earthquakes.  This is the year that Oklahoma finally gets to my predictions of the last 5 years.  Everybody and their dog will be fracking for gas once they thaw out.  Fresh water frack waste will be coming from Texas, to keep some m5's going for the winter.

-After the OK m7 earthquake, oil will zoom up to lofty heights and Alberta will be shipping tons of natgas.  Nobody will be fracking because all injection in OK will be banned, and there's nowhere else.  They might go back to co2 fracking, once the whole carbon thing goes down.

-even after incredible cold all year, and Arctic ice at the max, the warmies will be clinging to rare stories of warmth, and will make up new stories of how the ocean plastic is gobbling all the heat.

-absolutely no physics will be done on this, since it could bring up the ozone error.  No politician will ever admit he was wrong.  Nobody will look at clear-air convection.

-nobody will ask me how frack waste can be injected safely.  That involves physics.

ps.  if we go back to the 20's for the cold, then expect a dust bowl 10 years from now.

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