Saturday, December 2, 2017

World Temperatures Plunge - Volcano to be Icing on the Cake


I just want to get this in before the warmies blame all the cold on the volcano.  It's just like the people blaming the death of the dinosaurs on a meteorite, or whatever.  The dinos were dying of cold a long time before any event.  It's plate tectonics, and it causes huge temperature cycles of a few hundred million years.  Right now we are headed towards the minimum, very slowly.

Next week I'll add the world temperature chart, and the ice volume chart.  Maybe they won't be what I expect.  That would be a bummer.  :)

If you actually follow physics, you would notice that world temperatures are only affected by tropical volcanoes.  The Iceland volcanoes only kill Europe, and Mt. St. Helens didn't do anything.  There was also a huge South American volcano - nada.   That's because the world only gets net solar heat at the equator.  The poles shed all their solar heat at the end of the day.  Rock and ice don't hold much heat.  And clear air convection is a powerful thing. (Warmies deny it)

So, a tropical volcano spreads the particulates all over the equatorial belt.  The net heat build-up is drastically reduced, and we freeze.  This volcano hasn't gone ballistic yet, but it could.  It could also just die down again. 


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