Monday, January 30, 2017

Boycott everybody that ever voted for and talked to Trumpler


That's it!  With my tremendous media power, I am calling for a boycott on everything that had anything to do with herrtrumpy.  That includes anything to do with Musk or Britain.  Don't buy Tesla cars, they don't work in our winter anyway.  Boycott solarcity, and don't even look at spacex launches.  Don't use Iridium or anything launched by him.  For Britain, boycott crumpets and tea.

Forget fructose-enhanced corn syrup in coke.  It will kill you anyway.  Boycott oil from the midwest, use an electric car ... Wait!   Don't use an electric car, use a hybrid.  Don't buy any car from Detroit, even if it's made in Canada.

Is that the whole list?

I'm also working with the Earthquake Gods to destroy the entire Midwest.  Might take a year or two....

ps.  In further news, hitterlingtrump just used the hate he generated against muslims for more hatred against muslims.  You can't make this stuff up.  Boycott Everything!

pps.  Thank you loyal readers.  I'm glad you have stopped buying Teslas.  :)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

End of our Happy January

Everybody has been smiling, saying that we can take this type of weather.  Well, that comes to an end, now that the North Pacific plumes are hitting high again.  You can see how it hits the Yukon and then drags down the Arctic air.  However, this new pattern may not hold, as the North Pacific current looks weak.  We might just have a short cold spell, as before.

These plumes of hot, moist air are driven by the big northerly ocean currents, as is all our weather.  Nothing is very stable right now.

Toronto housing fall almost certain now


There is only anecdotal evidence because everybody is clamping up.  But it looks like 30% are walking away from deposits.  A robust market might be able to survive, but an over-extended bubble might not.  And in Toronto, my observations point out that at least 30% of luxury condos are empty, due to money laundering.

So, following the Scientific Method:

Hypothesis:  The knees have been chopped out from the Toronto housing market, and the realtors are bravely covering it up.

Physics:  The hot money, mainly Chinese, have withdrawn from the market.  Although a figure has been bandied about of only 5% foreign buyers, this does not include the 'snow washing' shell companies.  The hot money was adding 20-30% to the price.

Validation:  All stats are kept secret, but there are the monthly summaries.  December sales showed a slightly larger than seasonal drop.  January should show a drop through the seasonal floor.  And, of course, further months will be more than 30% below normal.  Prices will hold for 6 months, as sellers dig in.  The hypothesis has failed if sales pick up to the normal trend in the Spring.

Extrapolation:  This is a sufficient shock to force all the speculators to unwind.  All the empty housing will go on the market in 6 months.  The prices will drop 50%.  Huge layoffs in financial services and housing construction.  New condos may be capped.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump swats at flies that aren't there


Rob Ford and Hitler were careful when they first came into office.  They hid their insanity for years.  No more, in the modern world where everything is faster.  I like the concept of being totally honest.  :)

It will be lots of fun to watch his toadies jump around.  He will have to force the evil FBI guy to do something completely stupid.  His whole crowd will have to put on a brave face.

Snowashing, Implications of Canada being the best in the world


These guys never think things through.  All our numbered companies and such were started for penny stocks and wild-cat mining.  This experience should be used for the new startup world.

Let's say that billions are being washed through Toronto, what does that mean?  It means there is a reason why I think every other condo is empty.  These companies have to do something, so washing through condo sales is great.  You can't rent them out, because then somebody might find out your name, if you are caught in a tenant squabble.

So, let's say these articles are successful and we go after all these companies.  Or even the perception that we will go after them.  That was happening in BC lately.  All the washing industry flees and goes to Iceland.  Toronto housing falls to nothing.  The new January figures are coming out soon.  We'll see.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's talk about depression

In Canada, the big corporations like Bell and my old company are depressive.  Nobody is happy working for them.  The old company used to do those surveys, but the results were so terrible they gave up.  Nevertheless, Bell has money to throw around, and they have focused on depression which I think is great thing.  Besides, Bell is putting fiber to the home in our neighbourhood, and that is great!  :)

I am being rather sexist in insisting that male depression is the bigger social problem, but these guys have to give equal time to both sexes, or else they will get a big march.  :)  I'm saying this because males are the gruff, manly men, and never seek help.  They drink to excess and then kill everybody.  Women just suffer in silence.

However, our only success in helping someone was with a female friend, who got the necessary help.  I never had any luck with male friends who could use a pill.  I only went for treatment after my sister tried to kill herself, and I saw the similarities.  This thing is highly hereditary, and you need to look at family history.

I've written a lot about this, but help is available.  Do the checklist, check the family history, and then go to your doctor.  You'll feel great and you'll repair your brain.

ps. as a campaign, they might as well devote a lot of money to female depression, since the men are so hopeless.  :)

Gulf Stream Abandons Europe

All during the winter the Gulf Stream has been weird.  Normally (since maps have been available to me), a strong equatorial current shoves warm water up South America and causes the gs to bathe Europe in warm water.  This is then interpreted as global warming (gorming).  But that pattern has been disrupted many times this past year.

Now the gs is funnelling up to the Arctic, causing lots of clouds and warmer than usual temperatures (only -20 C).

The red arrow is all the heat.  This causes Spain to freeze and the wolves to come down for snacks.  :)

Meanwhile, in Canada, the failed North Pacific current allows California to get drenched, and we (Toronto) are having a warm, wet January.  I just hope the raspberries don't start sprouting.  That always kills them.

The warmists will just point out a warm Arctic.  They are philosophers who always pick out what supports them.  :)  Never argue with them.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump advisors, please define 'science'


The internet is all a twitter about a 'purge' of scientists.  This can happen through funding.  However, these whiners won't define 'science', so Mr. Trump will have to.  He can define 'science' and give his definition of 'politicized science'.

I have given my definitions:

Philosophy Science - the current practice in climate studies of just observing things and coming up with 'just so' stories.

Science - the strict application of the scientific method.

Our modern world started when the Reformation shattered Aristotle.  I've always been surprised that current scientists brought this back, but that happens when everybody is fed from the hand of politics.

ps. my comment in Forbes was 'called out', and I have no desire to see.  These people tend to regard 'science' as a universal truth that needs no definition.  :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Last interglacial warm period was a paradise


This was a true warm period.  Most of the ice was melted.  Polar bears became grizzlies again.  Toronto was like Florida.  The tropics were as hot as ever.  No mass extinctions, humans were happily evolving.

All this was done by ocean currents.  Not a speck of carbon being burned.  Yet, the article goes on only about coastal cities being drowned if this were to happen now.  Most likely co2 was a bit higher because of the warm water, and that's why life thrived.

ps. polar and grizzly bears are like coyotes and wolves in Ontario.  They regularly split and merge.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Amazon to kill more North American jobs than China ever did


However, this has been the same argument for hundreds of years.  Steam engines killed off hand-looming, etc.  It's ironic that all the jobs Mr. Trumpled wants back will go to robots.  However, people are needed to make the robots.  This is always the way with improved productivity.

The alternative is to wallow in eternal stupidity, ignoring productivity improvements and let other people win all the business.  I'm buying a lot from Amazon, and they have nothing but robots running the business.  The chances of contacting a human are the same as finding somebody at Canadian Tire.

When they have robot warehouses and cheap delivery, they will go after things that people normally want to look at in the store.  They'll just send it, and you dump it in a box to go back until you find something.  Lots of reviews will help you choose.  I see them taking over everything, since most of the local businesses are full of idiot cousins of the old money.  :)

For the past ten years, retail has hired all the young people who couldn't find jobs after a degree.  The rest went to build housing nobody wanted.  All of this is coming to an end.

**the 30 year old condo that my son moved into has lots of empty-looking places.  I'm now writing a novel where the Toronto condo market has been manipulated for years by somebody evil (maybe trumps) keeping up high downtown rents by taking units off the market.  This is what debeers has been doing for years with diamonds, pouring them all down a big pit.  :)  I shall call the book 'Toronto Infernal Inferno".  or maybe I won't...

Linux - phishing gets good

The latest phishing for gmail is sending a scanned pdf, calling it a 'uri' instead of a 'url'.  See if you can spot the difference!  :)  This puts up a really good Google login screen which is instantly sent away.

If you use gmail before you have your coffee, then this will get you.  The only way to combat it is to use 2 factor authorization, since they can't know you have it.  If they did know, then they would just set up another phoney screen.

Then the next step is to use a security key, but you really don't have to.  Google now allows the equivalent of a security key by setting up one on your phone.  Then you are just prompted if you are signing in on another computer, and you press 'yes'.  This is all encrypted and is impossible to spoof.  Do this today.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Largest El Nino on Record


Naturally, this 'confirms' global warming.  Forget that the 1970's were freezing.

My take on this is that we had a huge El Nino, much bigger than 1997.  It was the accumulation of several 'missed' opportunities, and eventually had to come in charging.  We should see a return to the level 'hiatus', or even a dip below that.  Right now, we are still warm because our weather is still coming straight from the West.  That should change soon.

I would wait until Canadian oil and gas hit rock bottom with the huge US import tax of 25% about to hit it. The US is forced to do this, since it is the only way the trumpeests can raise money.   Then I would invest, since we can expect the really big OK earthquakes in a year.  And the freezing cold will really spike the demand.

ps. interesting that we may now be in an age of physics with the trumposity.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ontario chickens come home to roost


It had to happen sooner or later.  In my career doing electricity I watched billions and billions of dollars being wasted.  And there are billions more going down the tubes.  As the saying goes -- "Soon it adds up to real money."

As ancient Egypt showed, when you spend a good deal of your economy building monuments to the dead, the standard of living goes down to the point where you can't defend against the Romans.  For Ontario, right now it's soaring Hydro bills.  But they can shift money to cut that Roman down, but then it's something else.  Next, housing prices will go down the flusher.

I don't think that even a change in gov't would have made a difference.  We're just in a cycle where stupidity reigns, and we must spend every penny until everything is gone.  Then the stupid people get kicked out, and we build up again.  That is, if we can find brains.

Like I've said, the US election is always civil war between those that can make cannons and those that are cannon fodder.  Middle America thinks good times will come back when they ban all imports and everybody is walking around with machine guns.  No brains will come anywhere near.  The Walmarts will be replaced with Amazon warehouses.  An increase in jobs?  Not likely.

I'm hoping that when we are crawling in the dirt, there will be some rational decisions made.  Won't happen for a while, though.  Meanwhile, I'm happy with my funded pension, and my wife and kid are in the hospital business.  Lots of business there when the standard of living plummets.

**whoops, better watch the depression!  But my middle son is moving out today (launched!) and nothing can make me sad.  :)

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Handyman Special

Around our nuclear plants we've got these horrible block walls that we called the handyman specials (hs).  They were put up as steam separators without a thought for earthquakes.  And then they attached important pipes and cables to them.  All the electrical systems are the same.  That's why I give horrible scenarios for any earthquake near Toronto that's over 20 cm/s PGV.  We don't get any feedback from the regulators on this because they don't have a clue.  Anyway, I've said it's only a chest x-ray, so relax.  :)

The Niagara Tunnel was a true hs because it was 2 billion down the hole with nothing to show for it.  There is no thought on the Bruce thing, and wait until the bills come in for Darlington!

But the video shows my two fav. hs's, ones I look at in fun, without blowing the veins in my head.  These are costing the City and Province millions, which is chickenfeed.  :)  Where is our trompopulus tweeting about this?  I like the dog park, it's a wonderful project.  I hope my dog likes it.

Another attempt at normal weather

We've been fooled a few times, when the second El Nino came busting in.  But when the north Pacific current gets beefed up, the pacific plumes will go high, leaving a big drought hole in California.  We'll get our normal north-western weather, not this pure western Callie crap.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Future of Trompology Health Care


I like this article.  It shows the consequence of populist health care.  Everybody wants to buy insurance the day they are told they are sick.  This will be amazingly popular.  Poutinologists should also do this for pensions, pay into a big pension the day you retire.  :)

These things will pass because nobody dares to oppose it.  Canada will get sick people until they hit 70, and then they can go back for the populist medicare.

ps. we found that people in large corporations in the states work until they are 70 because of the gap between corporate health care and medicare.

The World is Freezing

El Nino has come and gone, and blown the Earth's heat bank account.  We are into a decade of freezing.  Good thing oil is cheap for now, until the Oklahoma big earthquakes.

The Three Little Pigs

Once there were 3 pigs.  The first one was a silly philosopher.  He ran around saying the Earth was getting warmer and built his house of straw.  The Physics Wolf came and blew, and froze him to death.

The second pig was from Toronto and didn't believe in earthquakes.  He built his house out of sticks.  You-know-who came around and shook him to death.

The third pig is boring.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bell matches Virgin internet

Okay, I'm writing this in code, so only the most loyal readers can understand it.  I have unlimited home internet with Big B, at 25mbs, and it was costing me $131 a month.  I am very happy with the service (after a lot of blood spilled) because I get my own tv stuff, and I have a Ooma phone that now works perfectly.

However, my son taunted me with the latest Virg home internet offer for members (I use a super-cheap tablet service with my N5x).  It was darn-tooting half the price for the exact same service with the exact same modem on the exact same Bell lines.  I was going to the gov't on this!

But I suffered greatly for 30 minutes escalating through the B bureaucracy and they matched the price, so I'm sticking with them, since switching is a bit of a disruption.  So, if you are in Toronto don't pay the big bucks.  :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Linux - handling 4K video

Right now it's ridiculous.  Those files are 60 gb for some reason.  Reminds me of the first days of HD.  Anyway, you need gigabyte ethernet, and fiber to the home to deal with it.  They don't even have a disc player for this yet.

My relative got a new big house with a neato theatre room.  The only way to do it justice is with a Sony 4K projector at $10,000.  However, it's out in the sticks with only 5 mbs phone download.  What a horrible situation!  The only way he'll even get hd is with a lot of overnight buffering.

I'm testing my new computer by processing a 4K film, converting it to hd.  I'm just doing it for fun, but with all processors firing, it takes something like 20 hours.  I really want to see if this better hd than just something from bluray.  I can't wait until they finally do fiber to the house.  :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

World's most isolated m6 earthquake

I just had to highlight this.  They got an intensity from it.  Fur trappers?  With satellite internet?  I am amazed.

I once read a big study on earthquakes in stable continental zones.  Just from the left-over stresses and slow rock processes, we can expect an m6 anywhere, once in a while.  You can calculate the odds (very low) but shows that earthquakes end up in the weirdest places.  Zones, such as Toronto and Oklahoma have odds a thousand times worse.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

No physics in seismic geophysics bans


This continues our series on "A World Without Physics".  :)  Today, we look at how a world with physics would approach this seismic and fish issue.

Hypothesis - Seismic testing for oil, or earthquakes, permanently damages or kills sea life.  The mechanism is sound pressure, as measured by underwater microphones.


We must compare sound pressure with the every-day events that affect sea life.  This includes navy explosions, and lightning strikes.  As well, most of the sea mammals are capable of producing sound pressures that may stun their prey.

We must measure these noise sources and compare them to air guns.  As well, if sea life flees the first noise of an air gun, we must take that into account, especially if they come back unharmed when it is over.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Toronto housing crash confirmed

There it is, in all its glory.  We'll reiterate:  In November, the hot money was pouring in for the first 2 weeks.  Everybody in Unionville had a ridiculous bidding war.  Switch to Trumps winning, and no more offers.  Hot money is gone.  I then made the inference, that this would crash the ridiculous condo market, and eventually hit the rest.  Prices would go down an immediate 20% without hot money, and then we would see.  Because I think everybody is stretched, I see it crashing 50%, since everybody expects 20%

The November stats didn't show anything, but the Dec. stats show a massive drop.  Right now, we can shove it off by saying it's seasonal.  We have to wait for next month for condo prices.  Listings will go way down, too, since people will withdraw and hope for a better Spring.  That's what the spec house near us did.

Then we'll have 6 months of 'stable' prices and no sales because everybody is in shock.  Finally, the dam breaks because of divorces and such.

ps.  Two of these fires already, I expect to see a lot more.  :)  Not that I'm saying anything.....

pps. When people are so tight with information, I feel it's okay to off the deep end.  :)

Linux - IOT still pretty useless

I got a Google Home for Christmas.  It's pretty useless, except for playing music.  You say 'OK Google' and all your phones react.  The only useful thing was interacting with Philips Hue and turning off the bedroom light.  But that turned out useless when the light got confused.  I had to unplug the Philips hub, and turn off the lightbulb twice before it all worked again.

All these things use Linux with modifications.  Things need some reliability, such as watchdog circuits, or mathematical checking.  My old van had a computer that would get confused, but it would always work the next day.  They were using the MS solution of always rebooting, or a watchdog circuit.  My Toyota computer has never gotten confused.  My Android tv box always needs a reset.

My Linux Debian Stable box is totally stable and slow.  My current machine using Testing is stable right now, but, in general, Testing always needs reboots, and a frequent total reinstall.  That's why I keep it on a separate sshd.

ps.  one thing that has gotten reliable is my Ooma IP phone.  ip phones took 10 years to become good.  :)

Bruce Black Hole studies alternative locations



I was fascinated how this would turn out, since they never studied any alternative locations.  It was always 'jam the round peg into the square hole of Bruce'.  Well, they didn't disappoint.  They just vaguely waved their hands at an unknown 'crystalline' location, and a 'sedimentary' location.  And they said essentially that it would be too expensive to go anywhere else, after all the 'work' (influencing) they did at Bruce.

You all know I want a full nuclear research centre at Wesleyville, and we can put the waste there as well.  The Bruce BH is on the worst rock in the world, right on the hanging wall of the Grenville Front.  They can no more sink a shaft there, then my friends sinking a shaft into quicksand at the river (still standing around).  Say no more, I don't make fun of stupidity any more.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LInux - a totally new computer

As we recall, the old computer was screwing up with the modern KDE interface.  I had an old Athlon and a very old nvidia graphics card.  It went flaky, and I tried everything.  Finally, I gave up and prepared to get a new computer.  I went to Amazon for everything, since they give me free stuff.

The first choice was the processor.  I chose the amd a10 since this was reviewed as the friendliest to Linux graphics.  It has a radeon r7 built in.  That determined the motherboard, since it is an fm2+ socket.  Luckily ammie had a gigabyte board on special and it was micro-atx, which is what I wanted.

I chose a m-atx case, which is ten times smaller than my old big case, and ten times lighter.  The old case was bullet-proof!  I chose the cooler master elite lan case because people said there was a lot of room.  You don't realize how small these things are until you see them.

Amazon had a 500w atx power supply on special.  The processor pulls 100w with a wraith cooler, so 500w is the minimum I would buy.  If you are adventurous, you could get a m-atx power supply, but these are expensive.  Also, I've never had luck with them.  I like to go several times higher than the demand, because a flaky power supply is a terrible thing.

Commodity ddr3 memory.  And I splurged on a 2.5 in 2 terrabyte disk, also on special.  The old computer had an solid state disk drive, which I used, but this is a really fast disk.

The power supply is suppose to tuck in more, but it hit the wraith cooler, and would block any cooler, so I drilled a bit and made it stick out more.

I forgot everything I learned, and just assembled the whole thing before I powered it on.  Blah.  Nothing.  Then full troubleshooting.  Turned out to be a bad motherboard, which is the 99% chance.  These things have a thousand solder joints, and have been made the same way since 1980.  Ammie felt my pain, and shipped out a new one on express, and I returned the old one in the post.

Needless to say, it is all working now.

ps.  the stupid new case did not come with the old 1980 pc speaker.  Perhaps all the new cases leave this out.  When I had the troubles, I stripped out (and fixed) the old speaker, and it was invaluable in determining a bad motherboard.  When you get a new system, lay the mobo on the desk, hook up the processor and power supply, and short the power leads.  The speaker should start screaming about the memory.  Then put in the memory, and you should get the sweet beep of success.

pps - so quiet!  I'll use this setup for the relative's media machine.

another note:  Next time I would buy a processor without a stock cooler, and use a compact water cooler.  The wraith cooler was too tall, and I don't think any standard cooler would work here.

performance:  In uncompressing rar files, it's about 3 times faster.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Great El Nino of 2015 Finally Dies

Although the ocean currents are still wacky, this was one of the 'great ones'.  Caused all sorts of things now claimed by the warmists.  I think it's going to take a few more months to get the ocean currents back to their normal, if they actually want to do that.  :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

I'll shall try to stay positive and not make fun of stupid people or stupidity in the world.  On that path lies madness.

I shall not look forward to big earthquakes.

I shall not gloat when the world plunges into coldness, since I'll be freezing.

I shall not gloat when Canadian housing plunges 50%, since I've been predicting it since 2007.

Other than that, everything is golden.  :)