Friday, June 29, 2018

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here


I have been able to observe some this from the inside.  A US payroll program entering Canada may have to cope with a factor of 10 to 100 more complications.  These are all the little rules for overtime, acting positions, maternity, etc.  The US doesn't have any of this.

If you are lucky, you just enter more rules.  But this doesn't scale well if you going through the whole list for every transaction.  You would need a binary search or major optimisation.  But this has to be designed into the program from the beginning.

So, coming to Canada may drop the program over a cliff.  Once it takes more than a few milliseconds to respond, the program is SOL.  Add to this, the insistence that all programs in Canada have to run on MS, and it's a bitch.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hot July Weather

Yeah, we are back to old-school climate, which means two seasons -- Winter and July.  July can be hot from stagnant air, and super-hot if fed from the Gulf.  Britain even has hot weather in July, but their beaches will be freezing.  Not a speck of warm water around there, thanks to the dead Gulf Stream.

The kids are picking cherries and I'm pitting them.  They are small, but sweet this year.

My greenhouse structure has given me my first ripe tomato before July.  Everybody else has miserable tomatoes.  Look at these things.  I took off the sides of the structure.  I'll put them back on in August.

They're over the poles!  We'll have some warmth, and then it will get cold middle of August, and then Winter.  Last year, we had a warm September because of hurricanes pumping out a lot of heat.  Might not have that this year.  Lots of oceanic warm water is moving South. 

I have found out that English Major Carbonistas can't figure this out, but I find it horrifying for my beer drinking on the dock.  Every speck of heat energy is leaving us.  Lots of 'working days' at the cottage this year.  yuck. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Global Warming - Scenario B or C


I don't think that any of it is right, but there was a fun discussion.  The defenders of Scenario B used this graph.

The defenders of Scenario C (not much rise) have attempted to remove El Nino.  I, of course, am saying the temperatures are plunging to a new ice age, and you better keep your tomatoes warm.  I'm getting my first red one!

Linux - Kernel 4.18 rc2 is now solid with Ryzen5

Whew.  I've rebooted my development machine hundreds of times since I got the ryzen5 with amdgpu graphics.  Finally, it's not freezing.  I don't think I have a framebuffer yet, but I'm happy.  You can now get this chip.

ps.  blah.  Days without a freeze.  I write this, and pow!

That may have been a reaction to the KDE on screen display, which sends stupid things.  We'll see.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Fish is Off for a While

The Atlantic Belt is resurgent, so we'll have some warm days.  Oklahoma earthquakes have gone into a new phase.  So, nothing going on. 

I'm going off for a while to rest my compulsion to write.  I'll probably come back when the new global figures come out.  I suspect the Arctic ice volume and global temps will accelerate their variance from Trudeau-land.  As our 'God of Science' says: "I hate being right."  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The 'Magic' of Global Warming


In general, it is very difficult to find this in the literature.  Some people, realizing that Venus Physics might not be totally applicable to the Earth invoked 'magic'.  That's what Einstein would have called it "That which cannot be measured does not exist."

In this case, the co2 interacts in some mysterious way with water vapour (and clouds).  There is no physical mechanism for this, but it makes some people feel better.  As long as there was perfect correlation with co2 and global temps, nobody cared.  But global temps are going down, the ice is up, and we've got another year before any of these guys acknowledge it.

So, I've got a pocket pool going with myself on how cold we get before there is a shift in this whole religious science thing.  My money is on a year and a half, which is how long it is taking before anybody acknowledges that that Toronto housing market is underwater.  :)

ps.  Before I go, I wanted to add this to record.  It states that satellite observation is 'experimental evidence'.  So, we can safely say that nasa  and the 'God of Science' is responsible for everything.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 3

The final thing of the mfv was global warming.  With a low Rayleigh Number, the air is glass.  This allowed a little bit of carbon dioxide to be the reason for warming.  There was no need to do experiments, or anything.  They produced a projection of warming, and we were all going to die.  Immediately, the gloomy English Majors picked this up.  The rest is history.

The End.

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 2

Now, here's the sad part.  The Men From Venus (mfv) were raised with completely different physics from Earth.  It's all to do with the Rayleigh Number (rn).   This definition describes convection, which is great, but it is also the boundary between laminar and turbulent flow.  A low rn means heat is transferred by conduction and a high means convection.

Venus is extremely low in rn.  The highly compressed atmosphere acts as a greenhouse glass, and Venus is very hot because of it.  Low rn has a different physics, for example insects live with low rn in air.  You can't use their method of flying with an airplane at high rn.  The whole thing is quite amazing and you should read about it.

Unfortunately, mfv did not read about it, and took a low rn environment and applied it to Earth.  They took over the unfortunate group and said "We don't need any of that experiment stuff, we can get everything from satellites."  They killed the experiment people, but those guys did one great thing before they died.  Magnificent.

The mfv looked for atmospheric contaminants that could do stuff.  They discovered the ozone hole with satellites, and came out with a Venus-like explanation -- Chlorine was the villain, even at a few parts per million.  That's Venus Physics!

--to be continued

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 1

I finally got the origins of the whole Global Warming thing.  It started with two units of bureaucratic nasa.  At the time nasa was big on Venus as the closest planet and they sent in probes that lasted two minutes and had orbiting satellites.  The Men From Venus (mfv) were big then.  There was also a very good Earth Space and Atmospheric Sciences section.  They sent out x-planes and did measurements, as well as having a big experimental chamber.

So sad.  Nasa ran into some hard times due to general bureaucratic incompetence.  Killed a bunch of people.  New Head looked for heads to chop.  "No Money!" he screamed and totally wiped out Venus. "Never going there anyways.  Off to Mars!".  The mfv went to Earth in a big bus.  The women went to Mars. 

The two groups fought over no money.  A Top Dog has to be the Big Frog, or he's nothing with no money.  We know who won.

-- to be continued.

For the record: This is the guy in Nasa that gave us both ozoning and global warming


He started studying Venus, and then applied everything he knew to the Earth.  Since he knew everything, he got rid of the atmospheric physics lab, which was proving to be inconvenient.  Thus began our new era where nothing was ever tested or measured, if it could become troublesome.

He has ascended to 'God of Science'.  It's amazing to live in times like these.  :)

ps.  the last 'God of Science' was that Soviet genetics guy.

pps.  I had the great joy of working with J. Tuzo Wilson towards the end.  He was not a 'God of Science'.  He was a man of the Scientific Method.  He was so happy about all the times he was wrong, and happy that he got a few things right.  Right to the end, he was conjuring many weird and wonderful hypotheses.  I thought he was nuts at the time, but now I appreciate the memories.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cottage Report - June 17, 2018

Very hot, but the water is still ice.  The rotten deerflies have come out in force.  They don't buzz around you, just straight in.  Even the Off Lamps aren't doing much.  Mosquitoes are a major force at night.  Lots of little fish are jumping in the calm morning, but you can't catch anything.  You don't fish near the shore because the bass are on their nests.

The fanatical fishing neighbour went to a little back lake that's supposedly stocked with rainbow trout, but was skunked.  Too bad, I would have loved those fish.  :)

Friday, June 15, 2018

Linux - 4.17.1 Stable with Ryzen5

Yeah, the latest kernel is holding.  I haven't had to power cycle my machine for a whole day now.  I don't think the framebuffer works yet, but I haven't tested it.  I can usually tell by the amount of fuzz on the screen before we get graphics.

Belay that Scottie!  It just froze.  blah.

ps.  I just tried 4.18 rc1.  It seems more stable.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Yeah, the Atlantic Belt is drifting back to us

For a while it looked bad.  A lot of hot water was starting to veer south.  But now it's on the upside of the South America nose, and we won't super-freeze.  However, the Pacific belt is a total mess, and no heat from there for 20 years.  If the Atlantic belt stays high, we'll just have 'That 70's Show', which is fine with me.  I liked the 70's :)  Bring back Disco!

ps.  It's still cold enough.

Don't raise the topic of the coming ice age with the bookish crowd

So, I made a comment again in elgard.  This time it was about the giant Baobab trees dying off due to climate change.  The mini ice age reference was about the solar cycles. 

hasmis 1d ago

It was speculation that climate change (carbon warming) was responsible. Could be a virus or something else. Anyway, we're going into a short-term dip in global temperatures, and this could be looked at. The Guard could have a headline: "Dip in Global Temperatures Nothing to Worry About" :)

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CaptainRogers  hasmis 1d ago

Why would the Guardian have an article on your personal fantasy?

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Vlamingo  hasmis 1d ago

Like this article, perhaps?

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jhoptoad  hasmis 1d ago

Anyway, we're going into a short-term dip in global temperatures,

According to ...?

And will this "dip" be just a "dip" relative to the extraordinary temperatures of the last decade or two? There hasn't been a cooler than 20th-century average month since 1984. Is it going to "dip" below the 20th-century average?

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JonathanHughes  hasmis 1d ago

"Anyway, we're going into a short-term dip in global temperatures"

Where are you getting that from? That's just flat out, completely wrong

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RJander  hasmis 1d ago

If you mean it is down slightly from the peak of the last El-Nino, that is completely irrelevant.

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hasmis  hasmis 21h ago

To sum up, I got a consensus from the community that this graph showed a short-term dip in global temps.

That's below the trend line.

And in this, we have a short-term dip below the carbon projections.

Of course, there may be other references.

Man, these guys are the best!  Makes all your brain cells go tingly.  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

South Pole Alarm with Global Warming


We are obviously doomed.  Old Dougie better not cancel the cap and trade thingie.  Besides the fact that we are now going into a northern ice age, there is the fact that the South Pole was totally removed from this last warming cycle.

But we all like a scare story, and this is it for today.

ps. drat, I thought I had a consensus with the rabid Guardian readers that we were into a 'short-term dip' in temperatures.  They are now denying that.  :(

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Off powerpad lamps

You can't find them anywhere, but these things are 10 times better than the old ones.  Lasting 6 hours, and extremely effective.  No smoke.  I'm sure they violate some law.  I am enjoying them now on the deck at the  cottage.  One lamp discourages all the zillion flies.  It's like a screen.  I bought a big hunk from Costco in the spring.  Good luck finding them.

Cottage Report - 2

A beautiful 'Spring' day.  Lake water is untouchable.

Bell has changed the cell to high speed 'hspca' on 850?  My 700 mhz amplifier does something, and I get 1 mbit/s.  This what I got last summer on the lte.

Monday, June 11, 2018

UK to have the hottest summer ever, but where is the heat coming from?


I'll have to go against this forecast.  The heat in May was the heat we all got, as the Atlantic belt dumped all its heat early.  Now, the hurricanes are churning to the west of Mexico.  No more heat is coming back.  They'll probably get a cool and dry summer, just like us.  Hopefully, we get a few spurts of rain.

ps.  I'm thinking that in the interior, with stagnant air, you'll get the sun heat of 28, and cool nights, just like Manitoba.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cottage Report - jun9,2018

A nice June weekend from the old-school weather.  20-something in the day, and 10 at night.  Nice and sunny and good for putting in a new floor.  The water is ice cold and I don't want to go in.  Light mosquitoes and an insect light keeps them away.  The big flies have started.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Anger in Cottage Country

At the lake we come  across 2 OPP cars and a lot of people.  Seems that a Very Important Lady went past all the signs and parked in a random reserved spot.  Said spot was owned by a High Anxiety Man who went ballistic instead of moving over in the totally empty lot.  He demanded satisfaction, so the man dropped the one ton snow scoop to block the lady.

Lady went to the car and went even more ballistic, screaming, threatening, etc.  Then called 911 that somebody stole her car.  Amazing.

Introducing Ocean Currents to Polite Conversation

The new current maps show a ridiculously strong Arctic Current decimating the Gulf Stream, and putting the Atlantic Equatorial Current (aec) into fits.

This the Arctic current.  There is no history for this, since these charts have only been out a few years.  In the time I've been watching, I have never seen this current during our warm times.  The current is a result of having no heat coming from the Pacific.

This current plunges out of the chart, and then hits the Atlantic Belt, which drives it south, when it should be drifting north.  Again, there are no charts that show annual drift.  If I were Dougie's Chief Physics Officer, I would throw some money to people to make these charts. 

This shows the aec smashing against the South American nose.  A lot of current is deflecting back, but there is still some deflection up to power the Gulf Stream.  The cold current is also colliding here.  Now you can see that the 'drag current' to the south is deflecting to the south.  Our future lives depend on the outcome of this fight.

Now for polite conversation.  I was at this intellectual play the other day, full of long-haired atwoodies.  You can't jump on the stage and yell 'Global Warming is Dead!'.  They'd kill you.  Only when this winter starts in November at 40 below can you start a conversation at an atwoody book signing party.

you:  "Awfully cold this year."  suzukier: "Yep"

"Saw that this was totally consistent with Climate Change, but the ocean currents are acting up."  "yep"

"Suppose that it will get back on track soon enough.  You can't deny the science."  'yep'.

This way you've introduce ocean currents.  Next year you might be able to say, when we hit record lows:

"Arctic ice is at a record high now, polar bears are happy."  'yep'

'Do you suppose they might have made a slight error in the calculation of warming.'  '--cold stare--'

Arctic Ice Volume on a Tear

This is the last of the monthly charts.  All the climate charts are showing a rapid shift to an ice age.  However, not enough to convince anybody.  The physics has shown this shift in forces a year ago.

This year, the Arctic ice volume is crossing all the lanes and heading for a new record.  At the current rate, it will break out of the pack by the end of summer.  The 'Arctic Ice Death Spiral' is truly dead.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Toronto real estate chart - May 2018

Total money in the market is sales times sale price.  This is swooping down and listings are hitting the roof.  The range of the chart will have to be expanded.

My impression of the market is that there is now a 20% haircut on the average house, and 30% on horrible monster homes.  Nobody really lives in these things, it was a bandwagon to jump on.  Condos are next.  They are mostly empty.

My surprise was always how long it took for desperation to drive the market.  These are the 'must sell' immediately homes, and right now, they define the price.  But it took over a year after the knees were chopped out.  Lots of signs out now.

Customer Appreciation Day

Using all the Goog analysis, I have determined that I have 20 people who are loyal readers.  I have a bunch who come and go, but my thanks to the 20.

You are the last believers in physics.  The English Majors don't fear you, and they don't fear me, because you lot are so puny.  :)  That's great!  If some major place came out with "Good God, Temperatures Plunge", then I would disappear. 

But it's fun for us to watch things unfold according to ancient and obsolete laws of physics.  They are like Old Gods come back to whack us.  We have the following on our Bucket List:

Global Temperatures - straight down the tubes on a rapid slope that might get steeper, should the Atlantic Current duck to the South.

Oklahoma Earthquakes - The M7 is off the bucket list for now.  Nobody is doing anything.

Return of the Ozone Holes - This is still a good one for 2 years from now.  We expect the 80's 'Super Arctic Vortex' to come back.

Can't think of any more.  There's Darlington, but we'll never find out what's happened. 

Global Temperatures Plunge -- It's Friggin Freezin'

Latest global temps are out, and we are on the down slope of the roller coaster.

This chart doesn't show much.  If shown to Guardian warmies, they just see the past trend and assign momentum to the chart.  In their minds, there is an elastic band attached to the trend line that will soon snap back the current temps to the line.  That's cute.

For those with a bit more physics in them, I magnified the last part of the chart.  This month had a big drop.  Everything looks like we'll wipe out the trend as we go into our ice age.  I'm expecting the Arctic ice volume chart soon, and it will be an increase.

By the end of the year, you'll be able to mention this at your swanky Christmas parties.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Garden Report 2018

As I predicted last year, we have a very cold June.  In Toronto, I was walking my dog this morning wearing my winter hat.  Cold nights at 10C make the soil very cold, and the tomatoes are suffering.

Not my tomatoes!  Having foreseen this (something to do with physics), I fixed up my old 'Quebec Winter Garage' with a clear roof, and made it into a semi-open greenhouse.  It's been very warm in there, and this has boosted the soil temperature immensely.  Wet soil is a great thermal mass, and keeps things warm at night, even with it fairly open.

Here are my happy tomatoes, with a lot of fruit.

The green peppers and cucumbers are doing great, as well.  But here are the 'standard' tomatoes of my neighbour, who used to always win the tomato prize.

Very sad.  The salad greens are doing well.  Not much slug or insect activity this year.

I keep them sprayed with my 'Fairly Organic' spray.

I'll take down the greenhouse in July, when we get warm nights for a month.  The apples and pears are good, but the cherries didn't set well.  Oh well, enjoy the new reality.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Linux stable 4.17 is not so great for amdgpu

I've been running all the rc's leading up to this full release.  It was always 2 steps forward and one step back with the amdgpu of the Ryzen5.  This stable release is one step back from the rc7 which I had to go back to.  There was more freezing than the earlier versions.  Linus is going to have a freaky-fit!

I can only wait until it properly works.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Father's Day Gift: Kobo Clara HD

Seriously, the old man needs an ebook.  He can never find his reading glasses, even though there are 6 pairs lying around.  How can you see to find your glasses?

I just got this.  It is fantastic and comes from Toronto, maybe.  Buy a Canadian design, forget all that ammie stuff.  I can't go in to all the features, suffice to say it's my new ebook.  Get one.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time to thin your apples

Hello, apple genius here.  So, you properly pruned your tree in March, and have been using plenty of my secret sauce.  By now your apples should be about 1/2 an inch, in dense grape clusters, and totally unmarked by nasty moths.  Apples don't grow like grapes, so you have to thin those clusters.

Start now and do it over the next week or two if you don't want to get carpal fingers.  For each cluster just save the 'King Apple'.  This is mostly the centre apple and is the biggest.  If it is marked because you didn't spray enough, then go for the next biggest.  Just place your thumb and fingers over the loser apple, and gently squeeze against the stem.  You don't want to pull off the whole cluster.

You actually get more apple harvest doing this, rather than letting them fight it out.  Also, the spray gets around the whole apple.  Keep on truckin'!