Friday, June 8, 2018

Introducing Ocean Currents to Polite Conversation

The new current maps show a ridiculously strong Arctic Current decimating the Gulf Stream, and putting the Atlantic Equatorial Current (aec) into fits.

This the Arctic current.  There is no history for this, since these charts have only been out a few years.  In the time I've been watching, I have never seen this current during our warm times.  The current is a result of having no heat coming from the Pacific.

This current plunges out of the chart, and then hits the Atlantic Belt, which drives it south, when it should be drifting north.  Again, there are no charts that show annual drift.  If I were Dougie's Chief Physics Officer, I would throw some money to people to make these charts. 

This shows the aec smashing against the South American nose.  A lot of current is deflecting back, but there is still some deflection up to power the Gulf Stream.  The cold current is also colliding here.  Now you can see that the 'drag current' to the south is deflecting to the south.  Our future lives depend on the outcome of this fight.

Now for polite conversation.  I was at this intellectual play the other day, full of long-haired atwoodies.  You can't jump on the stage and yell 'Global Warming is Dead!'.  They'd kill you.  Only when this winter starts in November at 40 below can you start a conversation at an atwoody book signing party.

you:  "Awfully cold this year."  suzukier: "Yep"

"Saw that this was totally consistent with Climate Change, but the ocean currents are acting up."  "yep"

"Suppose that it will get back on track soon enough.  You can't deny the science."  'yep'.

This way you've introduce ocean currents.  Next year you might be able to say, when we hit record lows:

"Arctic ice is at a record high now, polar bears are happy."  'yep'

'Do you suppose they might have made a slight error in the calculation of warming.'  '--cold stare--'

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