Tuesday, June 19, 2018

For the record: This is the guy in Nasa that gave us both ozoning and global warming


He started studying Venus, and then applied everything he knew to the Earth.  Since he knew everything, he got rid of the atmospheric physics lab, which was proving to be inconvenient.  Thus began our new era where nothing was ever tested or measured, if it could become troublesome.

He has ascended to 'God of Science'.  It's amazing to live in times like these.  :)

ps.  the last 'God of Science' was that Soviet genetics guy.

pps.  I had the great joy of working with J. Tuzo Wilson towards the end.  He was not a 'God of Science'.  He was a man of the Scientific Method.  He was so happy about all the times he was wrong, and happy that he got a few things right.  Right to the end, he was conjuring many weird and wonderful hypotheses.  I thought he was nuts at the time, but now I appreciate the memories.

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De Peter of the hummin lines

Beautiful tribute to J Tuzo Wilson