Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time to thin your apples

Hello, apple genius here.  So, you properly pruned your tree in March, and have been using plenty of my secret sauce.  By now your apples should be about 1/2 an inch, in dense grape clusters, and totally unmarked by nasty moths.  Apples don't grow like grapes, so you have to thin those clusters.

Start now and do it over the next week or two if you don't want to get carpal fingers.  For each cluster just save the 'King Apple'.  This is mostly the centre apple and is the biggest.  If it is marked because you didn't spray enough, then go for the next biggest.  Just place your thumb and fingers over the loser apple, and gently squeeze against the stem.  You don't want to pull off the whole cluster.

You actually get more apple harvest doing this, rather than letting them fight it out.  Also, the spray gets around the whole apple.  Keep on truckin'! 

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