Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bell Direct Fiber - Solid as a Rock

It's been a while since I moved over to it.  It's expensive at $150 a month, but many times faster than the old Fibe at $60.  Although you can test to 1 Gbit, you'll never get more than 200 mbit, in the Wild Internet.  I'm getting this with Linux downloads, and my weird proxy downloads.  There are lots of other limits, and reminds me when I first got 1 mbit, Holy Cow!  I expect that the servers will up their games.

The loyal opposition has a weird hybrid system, but it hasn't been installed on the street.  They are using a fiber terminal at the end of the street, and a single underground coax which they will tap into for each house.  I'm assuming that the coax can carry at least 100 gbit using Ethernet.  - Ha!

There are rumours that this system is a loser, but wait for other blogs that extol it.  I haven't seen one.

You have to upgrade everything in your house.  I went for the fastest router I could find, that ran Openwrt, and supported it.  There was some poop from the US about forcing horrible software on routers, like they did with big colour printers and money.  But I think that settled down.

ps.  you can get it raw, like I did, or you can go like the old people and get the full tv package.

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