Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hurricane season starts early


Neato, the Atlantic belt has been providing all the heat for us and the UK.  This can't go on forever, as it is fighting the very cold air from the Arctic.  Apparently, the polar bears are having a population boom.

Now, this is a big push of hot, moist air.  Such air has more than 10 times the energy of dry air.  When it meets the cold air, then there are fireworks.  This has everything to do with the fact that global temperatures are going down the ski jumping ramp.

We can assume that this will be another 'record', just like the hurricanes last fall.  But this will suck all the heat energy out of the Gulf area, and give us cold weather.  Hope you have your greenhouse up, and hope that the winds aren't too high.  This time, if there is a wind storm warning, I'm putting the greenhouse in 'storm mode'.  :)

ps.  LIghtfoot Moment -- "The hurricanes of September come early..."  My daughter is down in Cuba dancing salsa.  Hope they can leave.  It seems to be missing the island.

pps.  Wow, look at it starting to spin.  Maybe a hurricane soon.

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