Monday, May 7, 2018

The Ice Age Marches On

All those happy people thinking it's going to get super hot, and that is a cause for dreadful anxiety.  Well, people, stop taking those drugs and drinking your life away.  We can celebrate our new Ice Age.  That's opposed to Major Ice Advance.  None of that for a while.

Yeah, our global temperatures have taken a big dip.  We are now well underwater from the carbon hypothesis and projections.  Normally, that would have people jumping up and down and yelling "What a big hunk of bs!".  But, it's a religion or urban myth, and that won't go down easily.  And none of those fanatics are taking questions.  :)

Both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are showing a dip.  The North Pole has a very fuzzy graph, with a long rise, and a recent indication towards cold.  Can't wait to see the ice volume chart, due any minute now.

Here's are very fuzzy North Pole.  You can see some huge dips now.

On the other hand, those who wish to scare us with the South Pole had better get another source of income.

Nada, nothing, flat as whatshername's chest.  :)

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