Monday, May 28, 2018

Vote NDP

It's the only way to kick the rascals out.  Then, while the NDP is creating it's own spending scandals, it can shed some sunlight on the liberal scandals.

Nobody wants to vote for trumpypants2.  He'll turn on the economy to push his hidden agenda.  Unlike the NDP which will turn on the economy with its open agenda.

And while we freeze with our new ice age, we can laugh as they put in a huge carbon tax.  They get to be in power when hydro presents the bill for Phase I of the Darlington refurb.  Phase I is when they run out of money with a downgraded scope, and it still doesn't work.  We need the next phases!

And speaking of spending lots of money, every hospital should be like the new Humber.  Go into Emerg with you skin flapping open and they immediately send you to 'Fast Track', which is like a cruise ship "Stitches and Breaks' clinic.  I was lucky, normally the fast track is in the slow lane.

Billions and billions for everyone!

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