Monday, May 17, 2021

Summer and time to let the warmies shine


I'm leaving the world of physics and enjoying the summer.  It was so hot at the cottage, but you get frostbite with one finger in the water.  The blackflies can lift the dog.  It's horrible.

But now is the season when every storm, wildfire, drought, heat wave, etc. is 'due to climate change'.  Since everybody has abandoned the Scientific Method and gone to "Just So" stories, there is no 'debating' this.  I will read them out as campfire ghost stories.  :)

The UK is going to get a 20C heatwave soon.  Yeah for them!  

ps.  speaking of the dog being lifted, we have a huge colony of peregrine falcons on our cliff.  One of the young ones must have been mobbed by two blackbirds.  You can mob hawks, ravens and crows but you DO NOT mob a p-falcon.  He chased them across the lake and kept knocking them down to skip like stones on the water.  I think they made it to the forest.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Cottage blackfly report

 Today, all shields have failed.  I have 4 ultrasonic blasters, 2 insect lamps and a big electric swatter.  I can kill hundreds and an ocean pours in.  They all try to bite right away.

Work is impossible in the heat, with a blackfly net, and they penetrate all clothes.  This is official blackfly hell (bfh).  It will go on until the end of May when our dragonflies come out.

I haven't seen a true bfh since the 70's when we always went canoe camping on the long weekend.  You had your nets on, but had to 'breech' to eat, and other things.  Yum, yum, a spoonful of bfh.

ps went home early.  Super sunny hot, with clouds of blackflies.  The water is freezing.  blah.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tropical plumes miss UK, muck around in Europe


A while ago I made the prediction that the UK would now be Labrador.  That's because the Gulf Stream has gone away.  You'll never find that in the regular group-think, because it is too painful to think of.

When we had the gs, you could see the plume channel up and always hit UK directly.  They lived in an unstable Fool's Paradise.  Just like California, but only in warmth.

ps.  today is the start of the lake trout season.  A few boats out, doesn't look like anybody is catching anything.  Neighbour has a fancy new scanner showing huge lakers all hanging at 50 feet, and they never bite at that depth, they just sleep.

pps.  yeah, a lake trout showed up in our kitchen.

more. since I am freezing this morning at the cottage, I've decided to let the warmies have the summer.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

NOAA shows significant temperature drop


The Haywood plot stays at 6th.  If noaa did a time series plot I could understand, it would show a significant drop in the monthly results.

The best I can do is this one, which shows us bleeding out heat like a stuck pig.  Let's all ignore it on tickytok, shall we?

ps.  this reminds me of the inflation monster.  All the modern economists say it's a blip, and all the old guys say it's coming.  I have no idea.

pps.  noaa is saved from bidenarmy by the greatest spin ever seen.  

This was carried by all the media.

Pacific current still a mess

 This is the most energetic thing on the Earth, and there is never any mention of it.  That's because nasa can't touch the physics.

As a summary, the Pacific handles about 90% of all heat energy on the planet.  After the 2016 monster current reversal, it all went to pieces.  We were probably getting a tenth of our normal heat energy in the north.  Everything has continued to unravel, and this is my hypothesis for an ice age.  We have no history on this, so I can't tell if it is a minor 20 year cycle, or the horrible Little Ice Age cycle.  

If it is a minor cycle, then we should be seeing a reorganization by now or in the next 10 years.  Nope.

Many years from now, when the Thames finally freezes over, we might get a 'Whoops' from nasa, but don't count on it.

Arctic ice volume finally dipping


I hate to admit it, but I always gloat a little when the ice volume chart breaks new records.  I know that we are always reading that the ice melting is causing our current cold, but that is normal warmie rhetoric. 

And so, Mr. Arctic Ice, it is time.  Please melt away for the summer, and give something for the warmie press.  

And for scurrilous gossip, it seems that noaa is having a big computer problem, and can't put out the figures I love.  They are working on it.  I hope it wasn't the nasty ransomware beaver!

In other news, all the philosophers were ecstatic when noaa revised the 30 year normal upwards.  But this causes the temperature anomaly to look worse.  

The temp anomaly map is the current temperature minus that 30 year average.  Now, we are all freezing, including the poor UK.  Win some, lose some.

Here, 'rainy' is a euphemism for 'cold'.  In the UK, it is only cold, when there is snow.  :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cottage Report

 I'm frying on the deck, but my ultrasonics are working.

The dog loves them.  They keep all the bugs away.  I'm using two at once.  She always attracts a cloud.

ps.  the link to the little marvels

pps.  I finally got the drone to work.  Only crashed it 3 times.  A little glue works wonders.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Beaver Chomps Through Hose

 Not the fiber pipe they had up north.  This was a personal attack on me and my water hose.  Stupid beavers!

So, the nasty beaver could have chomped anywhere, and right through.  Then I would have been greeted by a big fountain when I pressurized.  No, this wood-rat delicately chewed, so that there was only a micro-meter of plastic with a hair-sized hole.  To top it off, it made this work of art on the lower section of pipe which is out in the winter, and is under water when I install.

Needless to say, it took weekends of multiple primes (hauling water up 60 feet) when I thought it was the foot valve.  Then it healed itself when the whole plugged with gunk.  Yeah, all fixed!  Today, the whole thing blew and I could see the fountain coming out of the water.  That should be it!

ps. I'm calling it a ransom-ware beaver.  Give me 3 branches and I'll tell you where the leak is.

pps.  and the local wood-duck has decided to make her nest underneath our dock.  Scared the heck out of me when I walked there and she exploded out.  Guess we'll have to put a tape up.

RSS global temperatures skid along the bottom


Those of us freezing at the cottage are not surprised.  The global temps are static from last month, which has taken us back to 2010.  The noaa results are next.

The continental US has taken a real dive.  All the Bidenarmy should wear berniesweaters.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Arctic ice volume hits a new milestone


It's hitting another line, but staying very flat.  There are no major tropical plumes hitting the Arctic.  I believe that nasa is sending up another satellite to measure 'The Melting Arctic'.  It will be a tough mission.

Our cold is lingering.

The UK is being hit by a very narrow tropical plume, so they are celebrating a day of warmth.

I'm happy when they are happy....

Saturday, May 8, 2021

NASA doubles down on carbon warming


This is a classic 'War on Carbon Warming', and anybody who shows anything different.  The problem is that all the charts and the sea levels show that we are plunging steeply into an ice age.  How can nasa deal with this?

If we go back to the murky details of the start of all this, it was Leeds (UK) who presented a correlation between temperatures and carbon dioxide, after going though a million other possible correlations.

But is was the nasa 'Venus Guy' who nailed the concept of 'Greenhouse Gases' in the highly convective Earth atmosphere.  Normally, this would be laughed out of the park, but it stuck.

After that, every satellite experiment assumed 'The Truth' of carbon dioxide, and they only looked for things to confirm their opinion.  The concept of nasa being wrong is inconceivable to them.

Now, with this new 'war', I can't find any of my charts.  It's rather sad that the only 'measure' of it being cold, is to stick your head out the door.  However, that is 'unscientific' and will be ignored.  Now we live in the wonderful situation of it getting colder and colder, while they talk us into thinking it's getting warmer and warmer.  

Enjoy the coming decade.  I think I'll retire --- oh wait, I am retired!

Covid cat out of the bag - everybody wear bonoglasses


As I said before, diddling around with vaccines is like diddling around with antibiotics.  We all need to wear bonoglasses all the time.

Those are tight-fitting wrap-around glasses.  You can forget the mask.

We can now expect variations to dance around the vaccines.  The poor of the world won't even get a vaccine before it is useless.  Then we'll suck up all the new vaccines, and start the circle again.

And I pity the few forests in India.  Where do they get all the firewood?

Friday, May 7, 2021

World password day

 We have a friend of a friend who used the name of her dog, fluffy, for everything.  She is now paying the price for that, in that she can't use any device she owns.  She has a small business, and we shudder to think that there must be some money missing, as well.

Don't be a fluffy!  Use the Google Password Vault, and protect that with a big mixed password and 2-factor authentication.  That gives you some hope.  A super-villain could get through, but his time is like $10K an hour!  You merely must be better than the next guy.

I was involved with a hospital medical system, and I wanted internal encryption.  Naturally, that cost a buck more, and they were 'confident' that their system was secure.  I'm sure that all medical systems are breached, but there's no value in knowing that soandso has herpes.  Thus, the hackers probably protect those systems to stop other hackers, and use them to get into 'deep pockets'.

If you are with a company, I'm sure you think you know what you are doing, with complete confidence.  Otherwise, you couldn't have bluffed your way to that position, and everybody above you lacks any brains. :)  Have fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Continuing Cold


And the Arctic ice volume is staying strong.

Is it really just me looking at this?  None of my other 3 sources are ready yet, they are more inclined not to release news of cold.

ps.  I'm always worried my US gov't sources will shut down.  They went to town with a thousand charts when it was warming, and now, they are harbingers of doom to warmies.  Grets has to shut them down.

pps.  noaa has released new 30 year normals which are only good for anomaly maps.  warmies have gone nuts.  Also Alberta has a wildfire - hot=warming.  So, I don't think noaa is doing the work I want.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Toronto housing hooks down


Most likely the big price surge has ended.  I only know that a friend who was crazy to get a house, but always #10 in the bids.  He suddenly said that a house was entertaining his offer.  Wow! Something has happened. 

ps and if I could tell that friend anything, it would be WOAH!

Peloton Tread Confusion

 We have the Peloton treadmill.  But it's a Canadian version.  Apparently, the US version has an open belt on the bottom that can suck in kids and dogs, and mince them.  Our Canadian version is totally shielded and we have tried to get sucked in and can't do it.

I'm thinking that there was a smart Canadian who said "There's no way we're allowing a meat mincer into this country.'  Yeah!  We have to see what the recall does.

ps just got a Canadian email that said the screen can fall on your toe.  A far cry from mincemeat.  I looked at it and you would need a bomb to loosen that sucker.  Maybe next they'll say don't let your cat use it because coughed up hairballs can cause a fire.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The best of physics, conducted by a loonie

 Throughout history, the best physics breakthroughs were by loonies.


I know through a personal contact about the total loonieness.  He wanted the rocket to resemble tin-tin or buck rogers.  Thus, we have many iterations with stainless steel because it is shiny.  The originals tried to have the tightened end, but that was impossible.  Now we have this horrible thing.  

If we followed rationality, then it would be a straight carbon-fiber wrap.  But no, we have blown up 10 models, and on to SN15.  I love it, and have no complaint.  This is total irrationality that may pan out.  We have enough of irrationality that has no chance of wealth creation, like warmness.

Thank goodness he has rational people that are out of his attention span.  They have the best chance of a moon landing, if that does anything.  Loonyness is better than committees.  

ps.  honestly, stainless steel won't work.  Maybe another 10 failures before he gives up.

pps. Stability Problem - adding reinforcement makes it heavier

Dynamic Problem - landing impact sends compression waves up and down the rocket.  That's why they were talking about snagging it from the top.

Analysis Problem - impossible to analyze welded plates to the degree necessary.

more: lamusk has shown us that the best form of governance is a brilliant benign dictatorship, for a while. Then the dictator drifts.  Maybe this will be successful, and we wait for the next drift.

ps.  THEY LANDED IT!  Took a while.

Origin of the Species

 I write these to untangle thoughts in my head.  I have no desire to convince anybody.  However, I like to think these are contemporary diaries that might be big 100 years from now, when people are in the next warm cycle.

So, this is about Darwin and the scientific 'scene' in those days.  I read all that, and I have read the first geology papers, and it was all tied together.  In those days, there was Physical Science, like electricity, and Philosophical Science, like geology.  And of course, medical science.  Physical science was all the things that could kill you, and philosophical science was all great debate.  Darwin fell into the debate area, since he was making a hypothesis from observations, and no experiments.  There was nothing more vicious than those debates.

Now, I was talking to a true philosopher, who is a professor of the ancient Greek philosophers.  Unlike our recent batch, this person is academic with no desire to control the world.  I was explaining the evolution of covid, following Darwin, and physics.  The physics gives the precise mechanism of evolution.  I was using this story as an explanation.

This is the story of covid.  Names have been changed - yada yada.

For years, the people of the Indian ocean have been eating fruit bats, keeping them in cages, etc.  I saw this on the Seychelles.  Of course, it could be any wild animal anywhere.  I'll go with fruit bats because I saw them.  People would catch fruit bats and keep them under the usual horrible conditions, sell them, butcher them, etc.  

The bat would cough into the face of the handler, as revenge.  The handler would take one million viruses into his eyes (maybe 2 million, come on!).  For years, the human would suck in the particles and nothing would happen.  He would then cough out 2 viruses at the bats.  That's a filter process that yields the strongest little suckers that survive humans.  These things go into a fresh batch of bats.

These are very successful and the bats then cough back a million viruses at the stupid human, all derived from the surviving 2.  This goes on and on.  Eventually, the human starts to cough back a million viruses and gets sick.  Nobody gives a damn about a sick bat-man.  

Until a Chinese visitor comes.  Those guys visit everywhere, especially the deep holes of bat-dom.  They want to conquer Africa, and all the places we, the West, don't care about.  If a horrible disease starts in the Indian Ocean, the Chinese will pick it up.

Now, the bat-men don't have the social contacts of the Chinese.  When the Chinese get home, they have parties in huge restaurants and they are smart enough to type the disease.  Thus, began Covid-19.  They can shut off whole cities and kill off anybody who doesn't wear a mask, or refuses to take their shitty vaccine.

The rest of the world wasn't so lucky.

A precise knowledge of the origin of the disease tells us it did not start from a pure single virus.  It had a full range of variations.  With the Chinese, a certain variation was dominant, and the others just went along with the party.  Everybody stopped at the first classification.

Zoom to now, with idiot doctors.  They make everybody wear masks, but the disease was always through the eyes.  So, we have variations dominant that don't give a hoot about masks.  How about double masks?

Now we have a feeble vaccination effort.  Soon, the 20% vaccinated will like the bat-men, and the rest of the people are fruit bats.  It will start all over again, but with an evolution to get through the vaccine.  Yeah for Darwin!  It's all math and physics.

**note for philosophical purists.  None of this is true, because nobody investigates it.  Please be so good as to dismiss it.

** the term 'idiot doctors' is meaningless, since I think everybody is an idiot.  :)

**I will always use the 'satire' defense, or the standard 'stupidity defense'

** for evolution to work, there always needs to be a new batch of bats or unvaccinated humans, because of resistance.  That's why a slaughterhouse works, but we would have to eat the idiots, who taste bad.

**I realize the young people don't read anything.  OMG I was castigated by the sweet young thing for including her in the census.  No concept at all.

Guns and Butter

 This is my favourite phrase.  It describes government policy:   you can spend money on guns or butter, but there is a limit on how much you can spend.  It was a phrase of the Bismark era, when guns and battleships represented sources of wealth.  You could conquer and oppress colonies and steal their resources.  A great source of wealth.  Butter represents social spending to pacify the populace, like the Roman bread and circuses.

The world always goes into these extreme cycles.  Guns generate wealth with no butter, until people recoil and demand butter.  Butter, by definition, does not generate any wealth, but rational social spending can generate wealth.  The education of minorities and women generated great wealth for the West.  Rational welfare, as a social safety net, generates wealth.  There are endless forms of butter that generate no wealth.

The world has had many cycles.  The Victorians were all guns and no butter, until Dickens came along.  Then everything in Europe was spent in endless, useless wars.  The US generated great wealth by brutalizing the natives, and then it all went into a civil war.

After the wars, there was a great era for cold, hard rationalists -- the 50's!  Eisenhower and interstates, oil and steel.  No butter.  That great era ended with the 60's, JFK and Camelot, hippies, etc.  There was great rationality with the Space Race, but that went along with the Vietnam war, a total waste.

We paid for it in the 70's, no money for anything.  But we came out of it with nuclear power, and world free trade.  All that wealth was attacked by the forces of left, but the wealth kept being generated.

In the western world, guns and butter was represented by having two parties.  The old reps in the US were for guns.  The dems were for butter.

The US generated wealth on the West coast by having no taxes for software and computer people.  If you ever visited there, you know there is no butter.  The computers created a spurt of wealth by increasing productivity, and no butter there.

Now we are in an era of 'all butter all the time'.  The US right wing has gone all for their own form of butter - abortion, protectionism, assault rifles, etc.  The are not the party of wealth creation.  The dems are all butter like they have always been.  Equality, wind mills, etc.

Obviously, in a modern era, we should even out those cycles.  But there is nobody for 'hard rationality' which always involves economics and physics.  Everything is 'philosophy' which has always been a fine academic exercise, but not a wealth generator.

Of course, the butter addicts have no concept of reality, and don't see a problem.  The Albertans just want to kill people.  The right doesn't want to take the vaccine.  This is all philosophy.

What happens is that all the money is spent, and we go into a massive global recession.  We've been there before many times.  The big problem is that I don't see a way out of it, in my lifetime.  We could have an era of cheap fusion, or space could mine asteroids.  They all take a lot of money out of butter.

So in summary, we are now in a big era of Big Butter, spurred by Facebook and Twitter.  The money will run out.  I don't see that Zoom will give us wealth creation, it just encourages verbalizers.  We will go into the 70's along with the cold weather.  We don't give a hoot for our children's children.

I'm okay for my lifetime since I suck off a pension, paid by declining nuclear power plants.  They are all dropping off, one by one.  New York can live off Quebec for a while, and there is some wealth generated in flooding all the land.

However, we've done this many times, and there is always a new technology to dig us out.  As we enter the hole, we never know what will dig us out, but it has always been there.  Good luck!

ps.  China and Russia are still the advocates of Bismark.  :)

pps.  I was thinking that 3d printing would lift us, but that's proving to be a loser.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Spencer shows continued drop in world temperatures

 So, the UK has had the coldest April since 1922, and now the world temperatures continue to drop.

So, we're really going back to about year 2000.  It's funny that Spencer is before my favourite tide gauge.  We should expect the others in another week, but they never differ much from Spencer.  It's neat that this is the cleanest downward line on the chart.  

If you want to warm up, you can see that there is more heat in the climate protests, than in the climate itself.  The philosophers tell you to ignore the man behind the curtain.

Just send India money, not vaccines


Our wonderful cbc-lefties say we should kill our people to send India vaccines.  We don't produce vaccines, and we don't have enough.  India can make it's own, but the more they make, the more huge gatherings they have.  Then the gov't under-reports, so as to not look bad.  He lost that election anyway.

They can also make enough medical oxygen, but in the lull, before the gatherings, they transferred production to industry.

They are not testing, so you can be sure the numbers are many times worse.

If there is money, we can send it, because they can take care of themselves.  What is money these days, when everything is in a big hole?  Canada is certainly not paying it back.  :)

ps.  this article just serves to deflect attention away from the crazy alberts.

Nuclear Waste Reflux

 This should probably be titled 'redux', but it feels like a bit of acid coming up into your throat.


The audience should remember that this is a stone's throw from the old site. You could just look up those reports to see the geology. Not that they release everything, just a nice happy picture. And this site will have a nice happy picture.

That was my comment, and then I got more from people who are worried.

Ha, you will never have to worry about nuclear waste being put here. Remember how Bruce wanted to put a nuclear plant on Lake Erie that has no water in the winter? All those people worried themselves sick, and I kept saying 'Relax'. I used to do this siting stuff.

As with the plant, they'll constantly be worried.  Sad.

Anyway, I have no intention of spending stomach acid on this Grand Stupidity.  It will just be a repeat of the other one, and then our wonderful First Nations will slam it.  Yeah!  I estimate 1 billion wasted on this, a lot less than the Niagara Tunnel.

ps.  sorry, 2 billion if you take into account the other one, and 3 billion if you consider their work elsewhere.

pps.  ha, at the old company I used to get upset with 1 million dollars being wasted, now look at me.  Billions and trillions wasted, and I only need to take drugs.  :)

Arctic air gushes over us

 This was one of the earliest cottage openings, but it was cold.  We had tons of problems with the pump connections which are plastic.  The water was under 10C, and my son had to go in a few times to fiddle with the intake.  He had his full wet suit, but he froze.

The main story is that the Arctic air mass continues to break up and gush over us.

Not too many dark spots left, but look at the power of it coming down and clashing with the warm Gulf air.  The result is rain.

And the UK has finally admitted it's the coldest April since 1922.

And even 'La Commie Guard', chief cheerleader of the warmies, has admitted it, in very fine print, at the bottom of a weather article.  :)

Friday, April 30, 2021

At the cottage

 Had to go, absolutely essential.  Cold and windy.

Everything is great, but the blackflies are out.  darn.

ps.  geez it's cold.

pps.  hilarious physics at zero degrees.  None of my plastic pump attachments worked, because the plastic goes like steel.  Also the freeze blew out both my Sealand toilet valves.  blah.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Solar lights for the cottage

 Okay people, there has never been a bigger scourge on humanity than solar lights.  They don't last squat, and you are always rolling fire logs over them at the cottage.  Yet, I can't stop buying them.

These have great reviews, and I bought them for the cottage, because they are flat on the ground, and less likely to get knocked.  For the summer, I probably won't know how well they work, since I'm always in bed before the solars go on.  Maybe I'll see them when I go for my midnight walk.  :)

All clear to plant tomatoes

 Under a poly-tunnel.  I'm fairly confident it won't be like last year, and we only have frost as a threat to tomatoes.

The Arctic is getting warm, and the Arctic ice volume curve is starting on it's way down.

This year the warmies have embedded 'The Melting Arctic Ice', in everything they write.  All our cold weather is 'due' to this.  Now, they are right, the ice is melting for the summer, as it has done since the beginning of time (human scale).  

I'm going to the cottage, where it will be cold and rainy.  But no bugs!  Yeah!  

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Covid goes for the eyes


Somebody gave me this link, after I made a comment in the Tyee.


I thought this was a rather fatuous article that talked about variants and airborne particles but nothing about the eyes.  I wrote:

You are forgetting that the eyes will take up particles 10 times better than through the nose, or touching. I would recommend safety glasses, that fit tightly.

It's opinion of physics (mine) that in workplaces or choirs, the mask is useless.  That's because everybody has to talk louder and shout, so the mask is counter-productive.  This was confirmed when everybody in the Toronto public health lab got covid.  They should have wrap-around safety glasses on all the time, even when smoking and eating in the lunchroom.  They should ditch the masks.  It wouldn't hurt to try.  I believe the variations increased because of masks, since they could work around them better.

The big trouble is that no workplace could try this.  I think masks and safety glasses won't work because of the greater velocity for particles.  We'll never know because of rigid protocols and inspectors.  Yeah, for another Grand Stupidity, they make the world go around.  :)

ps.  we need this as a new fashion.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear CRA

 Dear CRA, I am sorry that you are so screwed up right now.  The average time to contact you by phone is 3 days, and we are trying.

You have accepted last years rrsp deduction in the downloaded tax information, but in another letter you do not accept it.  I sent you the forms on your fancy system, but you did not receive them.

I'm not paying the outrageous amount you want.  We shall wait to see if anything can get through to you.  Thanks for your attention.  -- not.

ps.  to eat humble pie I now discover there was an issue on my part.  darn.  Anyway, they hang up on you now, they don't want to keep 10,000 calls waiting.  :)

pps. Yeah, after 3 days we got through to the first level, now it's a 3 hour wait to the next level.

more:  she transferred us to the guy she swore would know all about 'Box 67', and we waited 3 hours.  Nope, he was just another 1st level, and said there was nothing he could do.  blah.

Arctic air starts to break up for Spring


Yeah, I want to go to the cottage.  This breakup is caused by tropical plumes.  It will cut off the general pressure for big cold blobs to hit us.  It might mean we don't get -7 temps in May.  Or not.

The UK is still getting cold.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hypothesis -- The Pacific Heat Trapper

 Please note that philosophers will never put out a hypothesis.  That is the Scientific Method, and our warmie debaters have rejected that.  In our modern world, anybody that puts out a hypothesis, and it turns out wrong, is destroyed by twits.  So, nobody does it.

Hypothesis -- That the Pacific equatorial belt goes through cycles of absorbing and distributing heat energy.  These cycles are unstable, and can turn off and on.  A tropical volcano has the ability to trigger an off cycle.


We now have accurate, live satellite streams that show surface temperature and ocean currents.  In the past few years we have observed most of the physics of major cycles, such as an El Nino reversal.  We are now in an 'off' cycle, which is freezing the Northern Hemisphere.

When the Pacific current is in full form, it has a mechanism to absorb more solar energy.  That is because during a northern cold cycle, there appears to be no heat transfer to the south.  We have to suspect there is an 'on/off' mechanism.

I propose that violent thunderstorm action on the belt acts as a heat pipe to funnel solar heat to the ocean.  When the ocean reaches 30C, it spins off tropical plumes which warm the north.  The storms send up water vapour to an excess of 30,000 ft, and then it condenses and rains.  Normally, this would be thought of as a 'blocking agent', but the evidence suggests that it is a net importer of heat.

The western end of the Pacific is always in full action, and this can be examined with balloons, and compared with the cold end.  The hypothesis can be confirmed or dismissed.


You can see that any physics is expensive.  Far better to buy windmills.  Old Rex complains that the warmies are a 'church', but he gives no reason why, or what is necessary for things not to be church.  All the right wing is a bunch of losers.  They could demand 'Direct Measurement' and make Einstein happy.  But they just drink their beer and grouch.  :)

Ocean current report -- April 25, 2021


There is still no heat transport in the Pacific.  The Atlantic belt has started again, but it seems to make no difference whether it is on or off.  The Pacific is 10 times the influence.  And that's the main difference between physics and philosophy.  

The sea surface temperature anomaly shows nothing going on, but the Atlantic is now dumping all the heat in a mid-belt. 

Probably due to a lack of argo floats, you can barely see the current, but it is carrying all the heat energy to just below Spain.  I'm sure they like to throw all their floats into the old Gulf Stream, which now has no influence in the region.

Therefore, it will continue to be cold.  I have no idea as to the specific mechanism for the cold cycles.  When the Pacific turns off, we freeze in the North, but nobody else gets warmer.  Somehow, heat is being rejected at the equator.  Really weird.

ps.  Also, I have to suspect that a big tropical volcano in the Pacific belt does the exact same thing.  It shades the belt and stops a heat-absorbing mechanism.  So, we can assume that we'll have the exact same weather as a big volcano.  The warmies can't use that, though, because they don't do physics.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Air Glacier Stopped By Plume


We are still getting air glaciers or cold blobs.  The Arctic volume is holding steady, which means that warm plumes aren't getting to the ice.  

This battle gives us warm weather one day, and cold the next.  You can see the clear air, ready for another lunge.  Let the warmies dream, but get ready for cold.  Enjoy all the empty promises at the climate summit, which break physics.  I'm going to enjoy my nice firepit today.  :)

Friday, April 23, 2021

An ice-cold May and June

 Prepare yourself!

This is a great little fire pit, 16 inches across.  I have a standard gas one, but it's for drinking white wine on a warm night.  This one is hot, and is good in the sun at 10C.

The wood pellets are expensive, but good, so I'm mixing in some pine waste, like pine cones and dried little branches.  I'm going to try some old cedar pieces.

These are apple wood pellets.  The firepit is designed for these.

You need this firestarter for the pellets.  It's the best I've ever seen.  You just light the packets and it gives a hot, clean flame.

The key to smokelessness is to keep a flame going in the pit.  Then you add small amounts of pellets or waste dry wood.  As long as there is a good flame, there's no smoke.  Don't throw in a big wad of pellets at once, like I did!

Enjoy the ice age and laugh at the warmies who will still be clinging to their faith, as the ice comes rumbling down.  :)

Old brick houses on mush


Back to earthquakes for a minute.  It's a good thing that the philosophers don't worry about earthquakes, they all live in old brick houses on mush.  These houses flood and tilt, so it is obvious which ones they are.  I'm not revealing any secrets, and crashing property values.  

The way to handle this is to take down the house, and use very deep screw piles.  You need poured concrete walls on the side to protect from the other houses collapsing.  Don't put in a chimney.

It's not a top hazard, like a pandemic, but the hazard and risk are at least as good as any house in Los Angeles.  There, they've had so many earthquakes that all the horrible risks are already down.  If the bricks just peel off, and the structure stands, then it is not a hazard to life.

Our odds of a big earthquake is probably 1 in 1000 to one in 10000.  This earthquake takes place along the Hamilton fault and makes a mush of most of Toronto.  It is one of those things that is well below 'climate philosophy' in terms of attention.