Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tip of a tropical plume is always a big storm

 Weather people just consider highs and lows, and no physics.  This allows them to keep a straight face when saying the Jet Stream is carrying weather.

For example, the UK always goes 'wild' about storms from the Atlantic.

In reality, these are tropical plumes, or 'atmospheric rivers'.

You can see that the physics is clear.  Tremendous heat energy is carried up from the equator.  But the weather people only see the surface winds.

Which are swirling in a classical storm.  This is the tip of the plume hitting the cold air.  

Friday, October 22, 2021

Intense tropical plume activity over the Arctic wobbles both ice indicators

 This is just interesting physics.  I have used both charts to explore the 'cold phase' of carbon warming.  This year, ice has been big.  Antarctica has been extremely cold with the largest ozone hole.  The Arctic ice is setting new records, and, perhaps, the unmeasured Greenland ice sheet is still melting -- ha.

Once the cold weather gets settled in, the Arctic air becomes clear as .. ice.  That's because this chart shows water vapour that can form rain, only if, it meets very cold air.  The plume air all comes from the equator, and carries about 10 times the heat energy of dry air.

Right now, the Arctic is full of this warmer, moist air, and this is wobbling the ice indicators.

The poor Danes have been labelled a 'denier site' by the cbc warmies, but this is good physics.  The end of the curve has bent down a bit.

The Arctic ice extent is more dependent on winds, but it was going up and is now curving down in time for coppy26.  Doesn't really mean much.

The weather in the UK is totally dependent on what the next plume will do.  A direct hit gives them warm weather.  A miss, freezes them.  In the old days, when the Gulf Stream was a factor, you could see the plumes zooming up the low-pressure trench of the warm water, and always hit the UK.  Now, they almost always miss.  The UK is now enjoying their proper latitude weather, which is Labrador.

ps.  to be petty, I'm thinking of the biggest blizzard to hit Glasgow in history.  The physics allows it right now.  And then the 'explanations' would be hilarious.  But, such wonderful things never happen...

pps.  you can also see that the Arctic is unusually warm on the temp anomaly map, while we are cold.  You can expect the cbc warmies to just mention the warmth.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Physics forced into climate philosophy


The last two good physics papers had huge 'apology' endings.  They said that although physics ruled all the previous temperature cycles, this last one was climate change, and please don't kill us.  This worked, since the cbc warmies just read the last bit.

This paper is interesting since they are working with the current cycle.  They correctly identify the huge energy amounts of heat energy, but say that this is stopped by a little Greenland melting.  They go on to say that the melting is causing the cold in Texas, even though Greenland doesn't melt in winter.

Basically, they say that Greenland melting is causing extreme cold in the Northern Hemisphere during winter, and that it has stopped the Gulf Stream.  But why would the melting continue if it is biting the hand that feeds it?

So, all in all, a rather horrible concept.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cold is now climate change

 It is official in the leading climate newspaper.  The Manchester Guardian, left of the lefties, has incorporated cold weather into climate change.


Whereas every other newspaper has danced around this, by only calling 'cold' weather, we now have this statement.

French beekeepers expect their worst harvest in decades as unseasonably cold and wet weather due to climate change has prevented bees from producing honey.

Climate change is now 'all inclusive'. 

I'm still sticking to 'cold is weather' for now.  We really need all the mouthpieces on board with this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Air glaciers fighting plumes

 This is quite dramatic.  The air glacier is a clear zone of very cold, dry air.  It behaves exactly as a descending continental ice sheet, except a million times faster.  The tropical plumes, our only source of heat in the winter, can counter them.

This one is a bit mucky, and I'm cheating by looking at the long-range weather forecast, which is very cold.  All the warm, moist air is being shoved away by the density of cold air.

Europe is a battlefield.  If we are lucky, everyone at cop26 will get stuck in the snow, or all their carbon-spewing flights will be cancelled.  :)  Great headline "Carbon Warming Party Frozen Out".

Cold is weather, and I'm allowed to project a little.  Read about how the Little Ice Age came in to Holland, and started ice skating.  I'm still convinced it ended the Dutch Empire of Rembrandt.  maybe

ps.  In time for the big 'Frozen' party, the poll is now 99.9%, just like an election in Bela-russia

Monday, October 18, 2021

Ontario vaccine site crashing

 It worked for my wife, and now it doesn't work for me.  It can only handle 2000 people per minute.  I had hoped they didn't use MS servers.  The rate for Ontario should be somewhere around 10-100,000 per minute.  Oh well, I suppose it will work some time.

I can't wait for Friday night hockey games, and we need 1 million per minute, or greater.  They got their 'orders of magnitude' wrong.

Now, we're going to get endless finger pointing, and the poor idiot cousin of the premier will never get mentioned.  :)

ps.  I can just imagine -- "Oh, we don't need any new hardware, we got lots of stuff from E-Health hanging around."  :)

pps. please note that it did work at 6 in the morning.

Snowball Earth Doesn't Prove Anything


This is great because there is nothing that can take on climate philosophy.  This article doesn't say what could disprove global warming, because nothing can.

This big Arctic sweep is just cold weather.  Antarctica is very cold, and has the biggest ozone hole on record, but that doesn't prove anything **.  So, we simply must face the fact we are having colder and colder weather, while carbon warming is sacrosanct.  I'm happy with that, because carbon warming is now totally out of the Scientific Method, and sustained by Climate Philosophy.

**the size of the ozone hole is just related to temperature and nothing else.  However, as the holes get bigger and bigger, it doesn't disprove the Freon Philosophy, because nothing can.

ps.  I can think of a neat t-shirt for the big party.  -  Who can disprove?  Noooobody!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Baby nuclear reactor to go up at Darlington


I'm happy for all the enjoyment this will give me.  I expect it to as good as the Bruce Black Hole nuclear waste thingie, and the Niagara Tunnel.  All with billions poured into the ground.

A baby nuclear reactor (bnr) is a dim bulb next to a single Darlington reactor, but has the all the same troubles.  These are meant to be scattered all over the province, and will save on power grid lines.  The main plan has all the rationality of carbon warming.  Without this whole carbon thing, then natural gas power plants would be the order of the day.

A baby needs the same cooling requirements as big sucker.  However, this is molten salt and bit more sensitive on the trigger finger.  I can't wait to see working plans, since none now exist.  Perhaps they can dig up (literally) all the heavyweights of nuclear physics.  I don't think that many bright young ones have gone into it lately.

Those into fantasy, can think that babies can feed electric cars.  Neat.  Those, who sip grim reality, know that it will be methanol fuel cells and graphene super-capacitors.  I'm not predicting anything in a world where bittycoin zooms up to a million dollars.  :)

ps.  I give this my most severe condemnation, which has no weight in the world -- It has no physics.

pps.  I have made no great effort to look into this.  It just strikes me as a scaling problem, and is somewhat similar to throwing windmills all over the place.  I did all the siting for new nuclear plants and this whole thing just hurts my brain.

Arctic ice volume has passed recent times and charging for a new record


I've been waiting for it to cross the final line.  It is now heading for the average, and I think it will go for a new record.  This measurement has only been available fairly recently, with radar satellites that can penetrate the ice.  

Thank goodness this is only due to cold weather, and has nothing to do with warm climate.  The warmies are pretty well out of measurements.  The last great article just focused on continental interior maximum temperatures, which have almost no limit, when the air is stagnant.  

However, next summer they can find a good land-locked heat wave, with fires, and all their money will keep flowing in.  I'd hate to see all those people out on the streets.

ps.  I just turned on the furnace.  Darn cold weather.

pps.  and in a great article, they talk about La Nina 'reviving', instead of being just a lack of heat energy.

but, instead, it is a stone dead corpse.

Toronto Cannabis Harvest Time

 We have had a horrible rainy fall, and the cannabis is a bit weird this year.  Normally, we would get yellow large leaves, but now they are just fading.

But the little curlies are now drying up, so it is time.  We have a big crew coming in because the destemming is a lot of work.  All the big growers have machines for that.  The variety I grow is cbd-rich with some thc, and is an excellent healer.  The old people say it puts them to sleep without aches and pains, and they love it.  Only a quarter teaspoon of the oil is required.

I hardly take it any more.  If I am sick or injured from too much lifting, I take a 'healing dose' of almost a teaspoon.  That stops me from walking, but it works for days and totally heals.  I only planted two plants this year.

My kids don't really like it because it puts them to sleep.  They once had a big drinking party at the cottage, and everyone was asleep at 8 pm.  So, not a party drug.  You want to go all thc for that, and it's great when playing euchre.  

ps.  the time for cleaning is like 5 to 1 in the processing.  

pps.  this is a true miracle drug with everybody who's tried it.  However, it has proven useless in the end.  People are cured of their pain and inflammation, and then go back to what wrecked them in the first pace.  Old guy went back to digging out his garden by hand and laying stones. (80 years old).  Another old guy got a new knee, and this cured him of post-operative pain, and then went back to taking two stairs at a time.  blah.

Linux - New KDE

 This morning, if you do a regular upgrade, then your kde won't work.  You have to go into recovery mode and do a 'full-upgrade'.  Then you get the 25th anniversary kde.  Neat.

ps.  this is the first time kde worked perfectly with a full upgrade.  I've had so many problems doing this.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Europe gets blasted with our first air glacier of the season


So, they think they are cold already?  Lots of warm sweaters needed at Glasgow.  

Our air seems to be pushing the cold blob over.  Soon it will bounce back.

Climate change is real!  Don't tase me, bro!

ps.  now everybody and their dog are talking about the horrendously cold winter coming.  Might even be true, but there is a great liberation to detach 'cold' from climate change.  COLD IS WEATHER.

Our permanent La Nina


La Nina, a cold weather event that normally occurs every three to five years, has surfaced for the second consecutive year over the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated in a news release.

The Pacific is cold and it looks like it will be cold for years.  The weather people have no physics to define El Nino and La Nina, just descriptors, like hot and cold.  We, who are fans of physics, know that cold water has poured in from Antarctica and quenched the Pacific heat engine.  It's like a large tropical volcano.

The UK has had its 'Year without a Summer' and will continue to have these.  This year, the cold is being fobbed off with La Nina, and the Polar Vortex Fairies, and next year will be the same, same, same.  As long as people are willing to pay to confirm their beliefs, we will have this.

'Cold is weather, hot is climate'.  I'm not making any projections, because that would be 'bad thought', and I'd get cut off.  I'm just commenting on the weather.

ps.  according to this chart, 2 years in a row is almost nothing - just weather.  3 years in a row would be something.  Since this sort of thing is chaotic, I can't say anything, but I think a long ice cycle would have a permanent La Nina.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

NOAA world temperature plots are down


I was expecting an uptick because of Spencer and that little bit of heat in the West Pacific, but they are staying down.  This is not a 'denier site'.

This plot is keeping its position.  The warmies are giving up on any plots now.  They are just using 'anomalous cold weather in the context of numerous stories of heat waves'.  They only refer to one cold spell at a time, and count all the heat waves since 1997, the start of the past warm cycle.

ps.  yeah, polar bears are back.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Siberian air for the West


These tropical plumes are very important for our weather, but they are chaotic.  This pattern is new to me.  The plumes are dragging down very cold air from Siberia and the Arctic.  At the same time, the low pressure (warm, rising air) is bringing up the Gulf air for the East.

Unlike our confident friends gathering in Glasgow, I see a lot of uncertainties.  My main prediction of it becoming colder is simply based on historic cycles, and a general lack of heat energy coming from the Pacific.  I hope they have a record cold in Scotland, with lots of snow.  Won't phase them at all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Arctic Ice is Melting -- Not!


This is a well-written article, and was totally valid in 2019.  

The ice volume is now above all the notable curves, and is heading to average.  All the reports they publish are dated.  Nevertheless, ask any cbc fanatic and they believe the Arctic is melting and the polar bears are dying.  I think this can go on for quite a while as they use older and older studies.

Remember that anything cold is 'weather' and anything hot is 'climate'.  I believe that this is believed, and I'm sticking with that.


The UK is going to have fun with no fuel.

Monday, October 11, 2021

China cements Lithium monopoly

 This is a Canadian company, neat.  

For the mobile ion in a battery, lithium is the best.  The old lead-acid batteries used hydrogen, and there might be a use for chlorine.  But, if we are going into a lithium economy, due to the 'overwhelming belief' in climate extrapolations, then China owns the world.

If we embraced physics and the Scientific Method in Canada, then we could start a 'Get the heck out of lithium' movement, but we're all full with movements these days.

Then add in rare earths for solar cells and such, and China is king again.  Oh well, Europe is a dog to Pootine, and we love China, what did they ever do to us?

ps.  Rah, rah China!

Pacific heat engine giving us October warmth

 Another small patch of the heat engine is going full blast.  Doesn't help Europe much.

You can see the interlocked vortexes going full blast.  In the Atlantic, the vortexes are always singular and they spin off.  This type of assembly has some fantastic physics, which will never be measured, since nasa is doubling down on their story.

These cyclones are pinned right now, and casting off tropical plumes that are going over the mountains in NA.  We're getting that in Toronto, along with Gulf air which gets sucked up into the warmth.  Without physics, we can't tell how long it will last.  

You can see that we still have our October heat wave.  This will enforce the story of great warmth, but the global temps coming out soon might not be so high.

ps.  as a mechanism, the current is going from east to west.  The heat engine must be a more efficient way to gather solar flux, or it wouldn't matter.  I'm suspecting a lens effect down the middle.  The physics would be easy to do.

ps.  although this looks like a heat engine, the shallow waters may reduce the world impact.  The sea temp anomaly map has no signal for it.  It's not showing on the Arctic ice volume.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Antarctica very cold



This is a wonderful article on how to dance to the fanatics' tune.  It carefully details how it is weather if it is cold, and climate if it is hot.

Since I do not want to be 'cancelled', I will follow this.  I will simply mention that we are having severe cold in a context of lots of heat waves, and that the peak temperature of static air, is much more important than than the minimum temperature in winter, in static air.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

NOAA posts third warmest September for US


This plot doesn't mean much, since it is US-only, but it's always good PR.  On the world maps, we have had a warm September, and the rainiest.  Great for mushrooms!  The rest of the world has been cold, so we wait for the world charts.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Nobel prize physics paper


I'm glad I found this paper.  It proves that there are greenhouse gases in a one-dimensional atmosphere. I had wondered how the heck they could justify the existence greenhouse gases and here it is.

With this fine example we have proof that carbon can warm the earth.  Some people might think that we live in 3d world, but that is 'wrong think'.  Mr. Googs will cut all that off at the knees.

ps.  they should also give the prize to the 'ultimate vacuum tube' for tv's.

Cottage Report -- A glorious warm fall


We are again living with the only heatwave in the world.  This confirms the science of extrapolating things to a 'baked earth'.  We have tropical plumes from both the Pacific and Atlantic hitting us.  Yeah, Climate Change is Real.  

We have an anomaly with the Arctic ice, as it heads to be the highest volume of our Modern Era.  However the words 'Temporary Anomaly' is redundant in physics, but we have a new language now.

The evil geophysics is pointing towards a 300 year anomaly, but that's simply natural variation taking over for a while.  All the papers are saying that this state of affairs will last until 2060, when carbon dioxide takes over again.  I'll go with that.  

ps.  drone shot with colour

We hiked those woods, and got a lot of great edible mushrooms.  This only comes every 10-20 years with an ice-age wet September.

Those are trumpet mushrooms, extremely rare and delicious.

ps.  last drone picture of the fall.  It's only 1080p, but Photos fixes it up.

This site is not 'bad thought'


This is not a 'denier site' funded by oil companies.  I'm all for climate change.  

My new motto is 'Geophysics in support of climate change.'  All I want is more physics.  That isn't 'bad thought' is it?  I hope my blog stays up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Equality in the Canadian Workplace is Breaking Down

 This is an interesting trend.  The only reason that California zoomed ahead is that they pay people 3 times more if they are 10 times more productive.  They use the infinite number of tax dodges so that these people get the take-home pay.

Mushy does the same with spaceyx.  The opposite are eastern outfits like nasa who pay the same to everybody.  They can't shoot a rocket out of a paper bag.

In Canada, everybody gets paid exactly the same in take-home pay.  A company must have a hundred sub-divided job titles to get a tiny pay differential.  Internal political operatives rise up and get the money.  Brilliant people who bring in 10 times the money aren't paid anything.  And they had no choice.

Until now.  Now, they can say to Mr. Big - Screw This!  Mr Big says, look, we are going to jam you into a cubicle farm and not pay you anything, while you have to suffer 3 hours a day on a broken subway to get here.  Ha, ha.

But, The Brilliant One, can say they'll only work from home.  And while working at home, why do I have to work for Mr. Big?  I'll work for myself.

This only works for the Brilliants.  Average people in the office are out of luck, and these people work very hard and demand 'equal pay' but they are a pile of doo-doo.  I worked with them at the old company, and the ratio is ten to one for the doo-doos.  

The doo-doos can work from home, but they'll be replaced by people working in India, where lunch is less than a buck.  Right now, they can't fill the slave farms in downtown Toronto, and I doubt they ever will.  Sad.  

Can they fix this?  Brilliants are introverts and hate office politics.  Can you design an office to attract them?  Quite a challenge, and maybe some of them are anti-vassers. blah.

ps.  it is funny that the Canadian style of management is that of Stalin, threatening all those below them, and terrified of the people above.  We probably need a new model.

pps.  I have often written of other ways to organize.  It would good to assemble teams like the old mission impossible, Mr. Phelps.  You would need a non-hierarchical organization.  Generally impossible.

more:  I know of one group of brilliants, who bring in a lot of money, have said they are never going back to the dumpy office, and are passionate anti-vassers (or so they say). 

Nobel physics prize goes to climate warmies


As the world is cooling, we have reached 'peak climate' frenzy.  These are physics modellers who never asked for the scientific method to verify mechanisms in the actual sky.  Why should they?  Models that are never tested are perfect - carbon up, temperatures up, sufficient.

These awards will warm the hearts of Europeans who have to burn the furniture to keep warm, and pull their cars with horses.  

And they can sing:

The weather outside is freezin'
And inside, I'm all a sneezin'
Throw Grandma on the fire
We'll have a giant pyre,
Let it snow, let it blow, let it go.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Earthquakes and Global Heat Flow


We're looking at very active heat flow from the Atlantic belt.  That just means the belt will exhaust itself early, and has caused a tiny up-rise in global temps.

In Texas, the big earthquakes just moved down the road.  They'll have to ban a new area now, and the injection will move again.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Spencer global temperature plot is up


Interesting physics.  The sea level is up, and so is the Spencer plot.  The next two plots will be up as well.  This is definitely above noise.  I'm still going with the Atlantic belt and hurricanes, so next month should fall. This has happened before.  The Arctic ice volume is still going up strong.  If that changes, then I need new physics.  

Friday, October 1, 2021

Cottage Report - Oct 1, 2021

 Quite cool but sunny.  Not a speck of fall colour at our end, but it is starting along the road.  Our leaves are all 'seconds' from the 'wandering' moth invasion, and they may not have colour.  I'll try to take a drone shot.

ps.  drone shot of the only colour I could find.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sea levels are a bit up


Oh, I thought I was so smart that I could predict action in a noise field.  There are uncertainties, and this has gone up a bit, despite all other indicators it should be down.  However, the whole thing is sensitive to winds, etc.

We'll see how the global temperatures are doing in another week or two.  They also have a noise field, and I've been playing in it.  But, you can see the general trends.

You can see that the Arctic ice extent is on a strong rise.

And the Arctic ice volume is going up.  I expect it to tear right into the average.

The warmies call anything they don't like 'denier sites'.  Their 'believer sites' cut off at a high point.  

ps.  the Arctic ice extent now has a sag, so this heat event might be real, and probably caused by Atlantic hurricanes which are huge northern hemisphere heat dumps.