Monday, December 13, 2021

Covid evolves to the end of the road - Part 4


Well, here it is.  The 'powers that be', are wallowing in too much of their own importance.  We need to think this out with physics.

The covid virus has evolved in response to our measures against it.  It has proven to be as fast as any other pandemic.  However, this is an airborne bug, and is different from something like Ebola.  That virus spreads in conditions of total misery, and has no push to shed it's payload.  Thus, it kills nearly instantly.

Covid can only be successful if it reproduces, and gets around the stupid masks.  For every molecule it picks up, it has to shed something or it can't fly.  Thus, it follows the trend of being more and more contagious, and less lethal.  In other words, the common cold.

You will ask why we have never made a vaccine for the common cold.  The answer is that the virus is the vaccine.  With omicron, the greatest stupidity is extra booster shots.  Just let the virus go.  

This was said before, with the first variant, but it was too deadly.  The virus will evolve to be totally harmless, and then descend into the noise of all the other past viruses.  There are millions of these attacking us every day, and we fight them off.

The omicron virus is now the vaccine.  If we fight it, then we'll just get a more contagious variant that is more harmless.  A 'Grand Stupidity'.  

I'm not saying anything obvious, like 'don't get the booster'.  That is war against the powerful, and I don't do that, and nobody reads me.  But this is the conclusion from physics, and it will be ignored.  I'm happy with that.

The End.

ps.  omicron took some cold virus stuff.  This will help it resist oxygen damage and thus, a longer flight time.  The next variant will take up more oxygen protection, and more attachment points.  Fluffy, and hardened makes for a happy virus.



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