Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Large stagnant air masses freeze everybody

 We now have two large stagnant air masses freezing a lot of people.

I've always asked myself questions that nobody else cared about.  One was 'Why is the coldest day shifted to January, instead of Dec 21, when the sun energy is lowest?'  The answer is:  residual heat from large bodies of water.

The season variation of solar input is 10 or 1000 times greater than any sunspot variation.  It should be a huge, ridiculous variation, but we have these tropical plumes, thank god.  Except this year.

This just formed slowly.  It wasn't a rapid 'clairslide' which has dominated earlier times.  Once settled in, it repels weak plumes.  The air inside is still.  This is true 'default' weather, which happens when there are no ocean breezes.  The other extreme is what we had on June 21, in the mountain basins, without breezes --- super hot!

The same thing is happening in Europe.  It is probably a consequence of little energy in the plumes due to the cold water at the equator.  The classic result of our ice cycle.

I won't even mention the 'official' explanation for the cold.  They have dragged out polar vortex fairies again....

ps.  The standard answer is:  "Carbon warming brings extreme weather, hot and cold."  PERIOD.  This is philosophy, or philosophical 'science'.  Yeah, we all love it.  If you ask for the mechanism, as in 'why?', you get dangerously close to physics.

Of course, I am in total agreement with the philosophy.  I am a 'believer'.  Clange is real!

ps.  Yeah, the kids are finally moving out to their own house.  We have liftoff!

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