Thursday, December 2, 2021

Pacific plume pattern breaks


This weird plume pattern has caused all sorts of effects.  BC was the impact point and they got a lot of floods.  On the other hand, all the US is really warm, and the natgas price has tanked.

This is true 'climate change' for the US, if you define that as 'warmth only'.  The rest of the world freezes, and they explain that as 'extreme weather'.

However, the West Pacific heat engine is under attack, and may soon 'die'.  A huge clairslide is attacking the 'heart of heat'.

The last plume is going straight North, right into the cold.  The BC plumes went east and were pushed down by cold air.  It was all very unusual.  If you have some extra pocket money, put it into natgas, but don't whine to me when you lose everything.

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