Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The last warm spot

 With the whole world freezing, there has to be a last warm spot to go crazy over.


For the last couple of months, all heat production in the world has been in the west Pacific.  That blew warm tropical air right over Canada.  BC was the entry point and they had rain.  The rest of us had mild weather.  The temperature anomaly plot was red all over Canada.

No more.  The US is also getting cold as the warm tap is turning off.  This was my prediction when the west Pacific heat engine was 'eaten' by 'Cold King Kong'.  Now we'll see about natgas prices.

The ice volume chart is through the 'average' roof, and climbing higher.  The ice extent plot will now zoom up, now that Hudson Bay is starting to freeze.

The polar islands will soon be ice-locked, and we look to see how close the ice gets to Norway.  Maybe it will hit next year.

ps.  Yeah, the warmies have dug deep into their bag of semantics tricks and come up with 'Climate Breakdown'

With the last warm spot gone, this offers endless opportunities for philosophy.  'Thames freezing over?  Yep, climate breakdown.'


Brent said...

All your readers have a warm spot for this blog. All 15 of us.

Harold Asmis said...

'Warm spot' was a great thing when we were young in the freezing cottage lake. Somebody would shout out 'found a warm spot', It wasn't any use racing over because the mere act of swimming in the bubble would destroy it. We just enjoyed them for a few seconds.