Sunday, December 5, 2021

'Extreme Weather' is a term hijacked from the Little Ice Age

 The most powerful statement that warmies issue is that something is 'unprecedented'.  Of course, they have blinkered vision.  It's what they do.  All their 'arguments' are selective, and when push comes to shove, they rely on their self-selected opinion poll of 99.9999%

In 1642, Thomas Gorges wrote that between 1637 and 1645, colonists in Maine, then in Massachusetts, had horrendous weather conditions. In June 1637, it was so hot that European newcomers were dying in the heat, and travelers had to travel at night to stay cool enough. Gorges also wrote that the winter of 1641–1642 was “piercingly Intolerable” and that no Englishman or Native American had ever seen anything like it. He also stated that the Massachusetts Bay had frozen as far as one could see and that horse carriages now roamed where ships used to be. He stated that the summers of 1638 and 1639 were very short, cold, and wet, which compounded food scarcity for a few years. To make matters worse, creatures like caterpillars and pigeons fed on crops and devastated harvests. Every year about which Gorges wrote had unusual weather patterns noted, including high precipitation, drought, and extreme cold or extreme heat. All of them were byproducts of the Little Ice Age.

A major ice cycle has no tropical atmospheric plumes.  This will result in killer heat waves and then killer winters.  Yet, when we are starting to have these, the warmies can concentrate on the heat waves and leave the winter alone.  It must be great to have such freedom of expression.  It's what makes social media such a force for humanity.

So, soon the Dutch harbours will be frozen over, and Sweden tourists can walk over the ice to Denmark.  In the summer, the warmies come out to play.  We are going to have such good times...

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