Friday, December 3, 2021

Arctic ice volume pokes up into a new world


This is exciting, the ice volume curve has poked through the average.

There's the magnification, and I'm saying that one pixel has made it out, and is looking around.  Welcome to the New Age!  Now, you ask, why is ice volume so happy, and ice extent so droopy?

That's because the ocean is mostly confined.  If it were totally confined, then the extent line would go flat, and the volume line would zoom.  As it is, the extent can only increase around Greenland, and a bit into the Canadian Arctic.

My official declaration of a major ice cycle will be when the islands are totally encased.  This was a big thing for the Dutch whalers, and heralded the Little Ice Age.

ps. the Spencer plot is down, but the sea levels were up.  A very dynamic situation, and these plots all slide around by a month.  We have two more plots to go.

pps.  clairslide hits Hawaii

Look at that beauty!  This is extreme weather caused by clange.....


Brent said...

As your ice grows and your position has been right it's time for your insights where the housing market is going. It is time for some physics on that.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, there is no physics there. I was assuming a housing crash in 2007. The big problem is that governments don't want a housing crash, since there are so many sob stories. You can only have a crash when there is distress, and the banks foreclose on mass. Might be a while.

Bent said...

I thought clippers came when they hit the armpit of Alaska.